Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors,

Mega Shalom to you!  The primary purpose of this ministry is to signal to you the new thing God is doing in the earth.  This is a very exciting and yet sober responsibility He has given to us and may we all have the courage to courageously obey in this late hour.  Time is short!

For several years now we have been syncing with the new and building move of the Spirit of Justice in these last days and thus sounding the shofar with corresponding radical signs and wonders following.  Two unique areas that we have been targeting is sounding the shofar spontaneously at Government capitals for exposure of corruption, and second, to do new counter-terrorism exploits and surgical tactical warfare against Islamic jihad.  This is a new pioneering work that has produced unprecedented fruit for the Master the last decade and a brief scan over our web site and archive pages will testify to this exciting adventure Abba has commissioned us on!

The time has now arrived for us to start to pull back the curtain for you (ever so slowly ) to view just a little of what we have been pioneering here in Israel the last 7 months and encourage your faith in these new exploits you can continue to be a part of.  Dalit and I can now say that after much hard work moving into a new foreign environment, that our family is now finally fully settled into life here in Israel.  We are uniquely a part of the fabric of life here and have been welcomed with open arms by nearly every Israeli Abba sends across our paths.  One unique area of pioneering I have been working diligently on is how to dovetail the counter-terrorism anointing He has given us to work in sync with the natural security forces here on the ground in our combat to stop the serial murders.  Obviously quite a large miracle was needed when one thinks of how critical this security area is for an outsider to be welcomed into.  But, lo and behold, before I could even get the vision fully processed, within a few days sudden doors of supernatural favor opened up for me to learn and take part in stealth security training with several special units.  The long nights and hard physical training has paid off the last seven months and not only resulted in me losing almost 20 pounds, but also witnessing great tactical victories against the serial killers! I have also gained a much greater appreciation of how difficult it is for the young men and women in these special units who are courageously grinding out these special ops on a nightly basis.  This is the without a doubt the epicenter front lines of the most intense spiritual warfare against the Western values of our Judeo-Christian heritage!  And we have found ourselves suddenly right in the middle of it all!  Glory to God!!!

A few months ago, I was invited to a ceremony at one of the key Sayeret Tzanhanim (Paratrooper Reconnaissance Unit) bases for a meeting with its commander.  One of the first things I noticed while there was the dilapidated state of their current exercise/weight room and how the special units were having to do mission specific training of certain muscle group memory without the proper equipment!  Seeing this tremendous need and hearing the Holy Spirit green light of the inner witness to do it, I took the initiative upon myself to inform the commander that the friends of Rivers in the Desert would donate the money to build out this dilapidated room into a modern exercise room for their mission specific night operations against terror!  He was astounded…as was the rest of the officers and the photos below show the current build out.

Outside view of the new rec facility renovations

Old exercise equipment being removed

Inside renovations we are having done to
the new weight room

Things are moving along quickly…

Paratrooper Reconnaissance Unit special ceremony

Group photo after a hard night of CT training

…training continues for any contingency
that may arise

The Ultimate shofar drive-by mobile platform….lol

Recent partners visiting to see the progress

They really need this room finished soon and I’m asking for your help to give financially and complete this project.  The amount needed now is $26,190.00 and this will finish out the construction phase and allow us to move in all the new exercise equipment!  We will then be having a dedication ceremony and we are having a plaque made to hang in this room that will say in Hebrew and English,  “Blessed be The Lord my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle.” (Psalm 144).  Glory to God!  The officers love it and feel that it centrally describes their mission statement for Israel’s secure future.

The second new project is in the North along the volatile mountainous border.  Here we are doing some wonderful projects with the commander of the special Alpine unit whose main responsibility is to protect the snowy mountainous areas of Israel that border Syria and Lebanon.  The current project entails purchasing for entire unit special sweaters before the upcoming winter arrives and various small personal items to make life more bearable as they spend the nights in severe inclement weather.  The current budget that needs to be completed is $12,353.00 and I have just been informed that the factory is ready to deliver the order and now needs to be paid.  So your speedy generosity is greatly appreciated!

The special alpine combat unit in northern Israel

My good friend and commander of this very special and unique Alpine unit.

Dear friends and partners, the vision of coming to Israel and bringing to the forefront the anointing Abba has given to us to do special tactical operations against Islamic terror and governmental corruption is now being realized on a scale that is blowing our minds.  At this time I can only pull back the curtain ever so slightly to give you a peek into what we are doing here due to the security situation.  The glory of God is upon these tactical missions He has supernaturally opened for us to do and there are those here in the IDF who fully understand the power of the shofar and how it is needed for the very dangerous times ahead for this small nation.  Let us do our part to help and comfort them while we have this opportunity.  Dig deeply into your heart of hearts and obey that holy nudge to give hilariously into these two projects.  It is so fertile soil for your love gifts into supporting Israel and time is so short.

Again the project amounts needed now is -

  1. $26,190.00 for the Sayeret Tzanhanim (Paratrooper Reconnaissance Unit) exercise room final build out.
  2. $12,353.00 for the special clothing for the special Alpine unit in Mt. Hermon.

Mega Shalom and Blessings to you guys and do email me if you have any questions concerning the new pioneering work that is before us!!!  Remember…acts of kindness open eyes of blindness! (see Romans 11:25)

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit