Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends,

Greetings to you from the Promised Land!  I have some more gleanings from the fields from the nighttime manna that has fallen for your spiritual endurance package for these last days!  Let’s now shift gears and head into part five of this series entitled by Him Combating Weariness.

The topic we need to address this morning is an arena of mental combat and why it is the key bridge that must be taken if we are to continue to buffet our bodies and make it our slave as we discussed in our last EMM (see Part Four).  As you jump start your life with proper rest, diet, and exercise (all topics we discussed the last several weeks), you will notice that the biggest obstacle still facing you is that our enemy is not so much in trying to hamstring your faith through circumstances, events, or people.  The main combat objective of the enemy is to attack your minds and convince you to give up and throw in the towel concerning what you are believing for.  The very name “devil” in the Greek language brings out the very activity he readily employs against the units of God’s army.  The stratagem is this…to make inroads into your mind by constantly throwing suggestions to thus weaken your resolve to resist.  This is his specialized crafty skill and he has had centuries of human history to hone and sharpen this tactic to bring down the unsuspecting saints.

This is a brief overview of this stratagem of the devil against believers minds….

  1. The enemy’s name shows his clear frontal tactic and that is to make inroads (di) by repeatedly throwing (ballo) thoughts to entice you into his web of worldly maxims.
  2. This is shown very clearly by the word usage by the Apostle Paul in
    2 Cor. 4:4
    .  The god (devil) of this world does not mean ownership of this planet (God owns this planet), however Paul uses instead the word “age” to describe the enemy’s habitat in the earth.  The Greek word age “refers to the floating mass of thoughts, opinions, maxims, speculations, hopes, impulses, aims, aspirations at any time current in the world.” (You need to read this several times and ponder what the implications are of this last sentence).
  3. This very floating mass is what he uses to blind and fog the minds of humanity that he may gain control in his bottom line attempt to keep them from seeing the light of the glory of that is in the face of Jesus. See 2 Cor. 4
  4. This New Covenant glory ministry is one that is under continual pressure not to lose heart or faint in ones mind due to the intensified attack of the enemy to get us out of the transformation power of the liberty of the Spirit, and thus into speculations and aspirations of self per this modes operands of the enemy discussed above.
    See 2 Cor. 3:8-4:18

So we see that the enemy wants to play strategic mind games with your mental thought life and the Apostle Paul warns young Timothy of this very strongly in his final letter to him,.  “And they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil having been held captive by him to do his will” (2 Timothy 2:26).  Let’s now see what the Linguistic Key to the Greek NT (Zondervan) brings out in this verse.

  1. The Lord’s bond-servant must be aware that unless God extends the favor of repentance to lead someone into the knowledge of the truth…then that person will remain unknowingly doing the will of the devil (see 2 Tim.2:26).
  2. This means that there are many believers actually doing the will of Satan and have not come to their senses about this mystery of iniquity.
  3. This is how the enemy works…. First, he enters one’s mind and senses by evil influences (opinions, maxims, speculations, aspirations of self) to dupe into a state of worldly intoxication.  (An inactivity sinkhole that is filled with the quicksand of self importance).
  4. This process is to numb the conscience(This is a slow callusing effect that does not happen overnight…a slow crock-pot that takes weeks to stew in).
  5. Then he strikes to confuse the senses.  (Remember God is not the author of confusion and if you have confusion about something it is the tell-tale signs of Satan’s snake like maneuvers already making inroads into your mind and thus dehabilitating you into a gnawing fear and stress).
  6. Then the final movement is to paralyze the will .  (This is the state of paralysis and fatigue that has now entered a believers mind and they just seemingly are going-thru-the-motions of trying to be faithful to God but unknowingly have been captured into the large game snare of the enemy).
  7. This luke-warm zombie like state can only be broken out of by immediate obedience to the open window of Godly sorrow and conviction that comes from the sovereign move of the Holy Spirit.  (Yet most people do not come to this light experience and respond quick enough out of the fear of God because those who are in the darkness do not want to come to the light (John 3:19-21).  If you do not repent when He moves on you then you stay in this spider web of the enemy).

So now we can readily see this morning that combating weariness is a threefold operation that must be relentlessly pursued if we are to be in this world but not of this world system and do the exploits He has called all of us to do for His glory.  You must address these three areas of 1) Proper diet, 2) Proper exercise, 3) Proper soberness in your thought life.  As your diet improves and you shed those extra pounds of useless fat you will joyfully feel a new energy level as your earthsuit adjusts to an easier workload.  However, you must not stop at this point but continue to press thru to make sure you are only doing His will and not your will which automatically defaults into the devils will as we have seen listed above.  If you are not willing to do the Desert Shepherd Warrior motif of going into your holy place (the desert wilderness) and let Abba wrestle out of you all of those aspirations of self you have allowed to go unchecked in your mind/conscience, then you are going to secretly hate the desert, hate the light/glory, hate correction, hate Fatherly chastisement, and slowly develop a love for this age and it’s maxims (i.e. the devil’s habitat).

No wonder lately so many are weary and giving up because their prayers have not been answered!  The main reason your prayers have not been answered is probably because it is “your” prayers and not His for your life!  Perhaps your thinking and desires are the devils implants because you have not died to those aspiration of self and still secretly enjoy the pleasures of this world system.  Your self aspirations are what colors all of your judgments and decisions and thus your prayers requests are really seeking His hand and not His face!  Answered prayer should not be a struggle that wears you out mentally and make you into a works orientated intercessory mode of trying to make something happen.  You cannot force the hand of God!  Answered prayer is just an outflow of the post Gethsemane experience where you struggled already with self and overcame by His grace and example!  Thus you are only uttering out of your heart what he has already first implanted there.  Your desires are His desires…you are one with Him and just following along His total lead!  You are not following your impulses but His implants that were introduced when you died to your will in that garden of the olive press!!!!

I’m just super concerned this morning dear ones because the reports I have been getting this year of 2008 is that many wonderful believers/leaders I have known who were on fire for God…have now chosen to be disqualified in this race for the fleeting pleasures of sin!!!.  Where is the relentlessness to obey and follow Him no matter what the costs?  If we shrink back He will have no pleasure in us (Hebrews 10:35-39).  I want to please Him!  And I know there are many out there reading this that still want to do the same!

Ok…what are you waiting for…break out of the enemies snare right now and run this race to win!!!

This is fresh manna today for your true destiny in Him to be fulfilled!!!  He is waiting so obey His voice now and do not harden your heart again!!!

In His service for your faith,


PS,  How about a final extra push of love and help us get these two projects finished before 2008 ends.  It is a real joy what is happing here in Israel and it is very fertile soil to plant your love seeds into for tomorrow’s harvest.  Bless you for your joy in giving to help us raise up more mighty warriors on the order of Judges and David’s mighty men!

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