Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends and Fellow Asymmetrical Warriors,

The Holy Spirit quickened me this morning to lay down a Scriptural precedent against the barrage of fear that is being produced by the current worldwide economic climate.  For us who have made Him our treasure, there is nothing to be afraid of or paralyzed about as everything that can be shaken is being shaken right now (Hebrews 12:26-29).  Notice that the Holy Spirit inspires the writer of Hebrews to include in this passage (of this end time shakings) the reference to God being a consuming fire (verse 29).  This was done to remind us of the greatest theophany visitation that happened in the OT redemptive history, and that was God appearing to Moses on Mt. Sinai in His Shekinah glory!  An unprecedented event!!!

What is interesting about this reference of the glory of God appearing to Moses and the children of Israel was not the initiation of the giving of the 10 Commandments, but rather the initiation of something so much more important than the written Law.  It was the unprecedented event of God desiring to initiate a self disclosure of Himself on a scale never seen before in human history!  We are talking about not just the communication and localized visitations of God during the times of the patriarchs of faith in Genesis.  Instead we are talking about here the sovereign disclosure of God Himself to His covenant people in a savage and desolate wilderness that was hostile to human survivability.  Why here and not in Egypt for the whole known world to witness?  Because God set the stage for this whole event in a uninhabitable place because He only wanted to self disclose Himself to those who carried the special treasure of graciousness.  He was not going to disclose Himself to the whole tribes of Israel…but rather He would only disclose Himself to those who exercised their free will of generosity to invite Him to leave His mountaintop habitation (Exodus 24:15-25:9)!

I have put together this morning an audio podcast entitled “The Shekinah Glory and Finances” to help stimulate your faith to see whom God reveals Himself to and why He eagerly seeks out this certain classification of believers in redemptive history.  May you be overloaded with ecstatic heavenly joy at the ultimate service we can render to Him whom so many of us truly treasure in these times of the unfolding apocalyptic grand finale!

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit

PS,  We are so privileged to serve and comfort the citizens of Israel with fresh rivers of living waters the last 18 months!  These windward “waterworks” projects of bringing the Shekinah Glory of God to this ancient covenant people has never been done before.  The current immediate provision needed for this is now up to $19,973.00 for the latest ops now beginning and this is such fertile ground to sow your love into!  I will be heading into the same Sinai desert area (mentioned above in Exodus) again this week with a group of IDF soldiers and reservists for three days.  It would thrill me immensely to return from this operation to hear of how this latest audio podcast ignited a new dimension of grace and generosity into your lives.  Time is short dear ones and we need to keep focused on the prize before us all…Yeshua is waiting at the finish line to hug us and say well done!  Looking forward to Phil. 4:13 in your lives!

(Desert Warrior Training)

PSS,  The Muslim Palestinian cities that are entrenched just a few kilometers from where I’m now writing this email need to see His Glory also!  This is the only answer for the Middle East!

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“The Shekinah Glory and Finances”