Shalom Friends,

Today’s communiqué is geared to encourage and manifest in you more robust faith for exploits in your sectors of responsibility.  It has been a wild weekend here in Israel and so let’s get you’all updated right away!

As I have been diligently pressing into the new thing of “Ground Zero” in my heart to be totally available for the Holy Spirit’s beckoning call, something always manifest like clockwork, yet is so alien to many believers worldwide.  And this alien thing has to do with exploits against the underworld!  If you are a believer and living in compromise then this last sentence will send out signals of fear and trepidation towards self preservation.  But if you are a believer walking the highway of holiness (Is. 35), then just the mentioning of doing exploits against the underworld causes you to salivate like Pablo’s dog!  Glory to God!  Warriors love to war…not just sit around and sing about it!

The last few weeks we have been targeting with the infrared tracking of the Spirit of Justice (according to Is. 11 and Micah 3:8-12), the secret strongmen of the underworld operating in the Land of Israel.  These would include all mafia and black market operators as well as the Jihad terror groups.  Human trafficking, drug smuggling, money laundering, prostitution, auto theft, counterfeit, illegal gambling, murder inc, weapons smuggling, etc… is just the beginning of all the illegal activities that were once prospering, but now starting to be exposed here by the alien exploits of God!  I just love walking this highway of holiness here and then when I enter a city or neighborhood in our recon ops, suddenly like a Geiger counter goes off inside of me that something sinister is in this area.  It is like I can feel and see an opening to the underworld in the Spirit realm that needs to be exposed and neutralized by the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit!  If I’m timid about this then nothing happens…but if I get militant, bold and very aggressive in a zeal for good to overcome evil, then powerful alien works break out that later appear in the local news!  This is the realm of greater works Yeshua mentioned would happen here in this land (John 14:11-18), and He is loving it!  (See Ephesians 5:11-18)

Just this week in Israel, it has been reported all over the news of multiple mafia underworld operators being exposed.  International believers who do not live here but do love the nation of Israel need to wake up and quit idolizing this place.  Wake up and realize that there is here layer upon layer of mafia like corruption that makes the Italian mob in New Jersey look like Boy Scouts!  Where did all of this corruption come from?  Some of it has compliantly come from the black market mentality of the former Soviet immigrants who now number over 1 million.  Some came from the Jewish crime families that immigrated from Arab countries.  But really most of it is a recent phenomena of the rebirth of the days of religious corruption in Jerusalem from the religious leaders just like it was in the days of Jeremiah (Jer. 7)!  The religious system here is so corrupt and deceitful that there is no shame anymore!  This is not the same Israel of 20 years ago many people (lamenting while they say it) tell me nowadays!

Two Arabs from east Jerusalem were arrested for allegedly enlisting in Hamas and gathering intelligence on potential targets for terror attacks inside Israel, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) revealed on Monday. Jerusalem Post Online Edition

When you look at the infrastructure of the underworld there is always the same mafia type families running the show thru demon inspiration in a tribal or clannish style of harmony.  Just take a look at how the main leaders of Hamas or Islamic Jihad operate in the Palestinian areas.  It is really just multiple cells or factions of strongmen who wage control economically and thru terror in their communities.  There really is no central government or head controlling all terror groups since there is so much unreported infighting and gang wars going on amongst the terror groups that it is very similar to the gangster days of Chicago in the 1920’s.  The underworld here in the Middle East (whether it be terror groups or mafia families), all operate in a way secretly that can only be ferreted out by the infrared anointing of the Justice of God.  When a Government agency, police, or any other justice bearer according to Romans 13 themselves go astray and cross the line into injustice and hypocrisy, then the only avenue left to expose the underworld is thru the Spirit filled believers that are walking on the highway of holiness!  And this is exactly what Israel needs in this late hour…more believers in this Biblical modus operandi.

If you have a chance today, just skim thru some of the headlines in the Israeli online news outlets and see the rising tide of corruption via the underworld that is now being exposed here.  Just know that we all are working together (Dalit and I on the tip of the spear, and you’all supporting us as a the solid spear shaft), and are being hurled thru the air by God’s mighty hand to target directly the openings of the underworld He wants to expose here thru mighty alien works per the promise of Isaiah 28:21-22,

For the Lord will rise up as at Mount Perazim,
He will be stirred up as in the valley of Gibeon;
To do His task, His unusual (strange) task,
And to work His work, His extraordinary (alien) work.
And now do not carry on as scoffers,
Lest your fetters be made stronger;
For I have heard from the Lord YHWH of Hosts
Of decisive destruction on all the earth.

It is a mighty fine war we are in here…please pass more ammunition!  The shofar soundings are really shaking up things nicely here!

In His Justice flow,

Scott and Dalit