Shalom Friends,

It is a winter white-out here in Northern Israel this weekend with a large storm coating the mountain’s ridges of the Hermon with beautiful frozen precipitation!  This is another excellent addition of water for this drought stricken country while at the same time our national joy is being buffeted by the renewed rhetoric of war coming from our Northern enemies.  Therefore it is time for a tactical examination of what the strongman of the Prince of Persia (Iran) is cunningly crafting with his Islamic antichrist armies against our tiny country and inhabitants!

In this latest Audio Podcast Update, I discuss this sophisticated warfare front developing against us here as well as several other vital alerts for this late hour.  Some of the questions I will help answer in this latest podcast are:

  1. What is the most effective way to comfort God’s chosen people per the command of Isaiah 40:1-3?  And is this now being done by the plethora of pro-Israel efforts by believers?
  2. What is the key strongman needing to be plundered behind Iran’s quest for tactical nuclear weapons?
  3. What will the next war against tiny Israel look like that is different than past Islamic campaigns?
  4. Is Iran planning to capture Northern Galilee towns with the newly armed/trained brigades of Hezbollah commando’s?
  5. Do most Israeli’s believe in Gog/Magog per Ezekiel’s prophetic oracle of ominous implications?
  6. Will there be a successful missile attack upon Israel in the near future?
  7. Has the liberal “Tel Aviv” establishment become so desperate for peace that it has critically negated the founding ethnos of this country?
  8. How can Spirit filled believers step up into this vacuum and effectively war this conflict into a resounding victory?  …And not another UN bartered standoff.
  9. What are the urgent needs facing our family here in Israel?  And how you can help.

We have included below some recently de-classified photos of one of our many special ops in the Mt. Hermon region that is buttressed up against Lebanon and Syria.  This highly sensitive alpine area is a key to Israel’s early warning capabilities for survival against our enemies.  We are working with leaders in the North who not only believe, but also have seen the power of the shofar soundings that have flushed out many who are demonized serial terrorists!  The regions of the underworld are being exposed and plundered thru this ministry’s boldness and tactical prophetic ambushments!  Glory to God!

Enjoy the fresh spiritual feedings this latest audio podcast has to offer and know that your support for these tactical prophetic ambushments is producing fruit that is beyond current description.  We love you’all and are standing with you for God’s best in your sectors of responsibility!

(Listen to “Israel Tactical Update (Winter 2010)” Podcast)

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit