Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)

Shalom Friends,

You have most likely heard a plethora of reports in the last 12 months about “weapons grade” nuclear weapons in the news due to the aggressive quest our enemies here in the Middle East (i.e. Iran) are pursuing.  It is interesting to note that this topic has been slowly played down in the West as of late and diluted to a regimented format instead for discussions on dialogue, talks, and sanctions against Iran.  In the meantime while all this smoke and mirrors have been going on, those who have been called by Abba to protect this tiny Nation of Israel have been training intensively for any contingency that may soon arise.

Yesterday, my youngest son and I had the great privilege to visit a friend whose sole responsibility is to be the guardian over the skies over Israel.  During our drive down to his air wing base, I noticed the roads unusually full, not only of holiday travelers, but also convoy after convoy of military ground units heading to destinations unknown this Passover holiday season.  I could not help but intercede for all these young men and women (including our oldest son), who are willing to sacrifice their lives to keep this Nation safe against a very, very aggressive enemy on all sides.  It is a unique feeling to be here with a holiday period that reminds me a bit of our 4th of July in the States with all the camping and barbeques going on, but to see such military alertness not found anywhere else in the world!  The stakes are so high here that you can just feel Divine Providence everywhere!

As we arrived at the IDF air base I just could not contain my excitement.  Not only because it reminded me of when I was younger and my father being a pilot in the Strategic Air Command (SAC) in the late 1960’s, but also the smell of jet fuel amongst a kibbutz styled pilot community I always read about.  I remember begging my father when I was a kid in the local synagogue that we need to move to Israel and help them but he would keep saying no they don’t need us!  So I kept looking in the back seat to see if my youngest son reaction was anything like mine was almost 40 years ago.  And yes, he was smiling ear to ear with such simcha (joy) that he was entering a zone that few have ever been invited into!  Oh yes!  He is flowing in the family calling (LOL)!  If only his grandfather could see him now!!!!

Our friend perfectly choreographed this visit as we were just in time to see 2 F-16’s taxi out of their protected bunkers and head out on patrol just a few meters next to us.  We followed them closely in the vehicle all the way out to the designated runway and positioned ourselves at the exact point where they would begin to go airborne.  We were then invited to get out of the acoustic safety of the vehicle and stand next to the runway at the spot where these warriors in full afterburners and loaded with heavy poundage of fuel begin to rotate off the ground at 200+ knots.  The noise was overwhelming and the ground shook with power as these guardians of the sky thundered past us and lifted off almost vertical and then banked towards the South of Israel.  I again looked over at my son and as a parent knew what was happening and why we were here….  This youngster one day will be called to follow in the footsteps of his fathers and become another handpicked warrior to guard the Nation of Israel.  I could not hold back the tears….

I thought our VIP style tour would be over at that moment, but to our shock we were invited to see a surprise gift, and we quickly found ourselves within a few minutes standing next to a squadron of aircraft ready for battle.  As our host guided us around the aircraft and explained the weapon systems, avionics, pilot training for the IDF….  My mind kept wandering thinking what these aircraft have been involved in the last 2 decades (Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq nuclear reactor, etc…), and also what these aircraft will be involved doing in the days ahead with the threat of a nuclear Iran and Gog/Magog.  Our host then shook me out of my thoughts and then invited my son to sit in the pilot seat of one of the most illustrious weapons and squadrons in the IDF!  I then looked at his watch as he helped my son into the cockpit and it read 9:11!  It was at this moment I began to feel the Holy Spirit come upon me and I could see the development of what I can coin to you’all this morning as “weapons grade specialists”.  Without a doubt, our children are called in these last days to be specialists in battle for the Commander and Chief of the Lord of the Armies of Heaven!  Take a moment and read this link of Isaiah 8:13-18.  It is the reference given for the last days battle of Hebrews 2:9-15 that will be delivered thru our children!  And the context is the terrorism against Jerusalem of Isaiah 7!

Think of it…weapons grade specialists/ warriors not only in the natural military but also in the upcoming generation of windward believers.  Desert Shepherd Warriors on the pattern of the last days revelation of the Messiah in all His glory to conquer His enemies!  This is where the community of faith is heading and it is towards producing highly refined weapons grade specialists who will do exploits on the order of David’s mighty men!  This is the heart of David being refined in all of us in these last days as we stand for Israel’s survival in this demonized Middle East!   And this is the people we are working with here…..

They say one picture is worth a thousand words and this one is so spot on….

Have a super blessed and refreshing holiday weekend!  Thank you for believing and loving us for such a time as this!

In His love,

The Holtz family