Heading Image: Dalit is ready for action in the Desert!

Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors,

Several years ago I was commanded by the Commander and Chief to initiate a operation to wake up His end-time army that is scattered throughout the earth.  The message I was to deliver would be a “judgment” not of catastrophic destruction as some have wrongly defaulted into thinking, but rather a summarizing verdict would be released like when a governing judicial system sentences a person thru a legal judgment that cannot be appealed.  The corresponding tool that was to be employed once this judgment word was delivered was the unique shofar anointing God had commissioned us with.  Many times as I would deliver this warning message I knew in my spirit that I was one of the last voices warning that person, leader, ministry, or government office was to hear before judgment came.  It has been a very sobering experience to see firsthand the justice system of God in operation especially in His house in this late hour.

Another facet of this justice outreach of OPERATION IMMINENT TRUMPET has been the successful stealth ops of bringing God’s justice to those who are vessels of the underworld of Terrorism.  Time does not permit in this communiqué the awesome displays of God’s power, signs, angelic visitations, and rare surges of power God uses to bring justice to His enemies.  It is a very high caliber calling that can only operate when one totally is dismantled in the desert wilderness of His choosing and remains in the motif of being the scum of the earth per I Cor. 4.  This is the zone where no man, woman, or ministry can in any way get the glory, honor, or press advertisements of what He is spectacularly doing for His own Namesake in defeating His enemies on the order of the Judges.  Thus the reason the kingship monarchy message is utterly detested by the Commander and Chief.  This zone is very stealth and windward due to the surprise nature God likes to upend His enemies whether they be serial terrorists or those who think they are wise in this age (I Cor. 1:18-31; 2:1-16).

One very grieving hindrance that stands in the way of raising up other believers into being these same weapons of righteousness has been the perversion of the true gospel message by the curse of our generation which is acute narcissism. This deeply rebellious root of self and its drive to please only oneself is the number one hindrance I see today in finding warriors who are weapons grade clay for the Masters special forces.  The blame for this perverted self help or destiny messages that rule the modern pulpits of today is not with the leaders only.  Most of them are just not strong enough due to being castrated by Jezebel to say what needs to be said, because they are deluded into thinking that they must please the people and give them what they want.  Therefore, the blame really falls directly on the inability of believers today to embrace the Gethsemane lifestyle and get their minds finally off themselves.  This stronghold is also furiously reinforced by the god of this world as is seen by the Linguistic Key to the Greek NT examination of 2 Cor. 4:4.  Satan is not the god of this planet but rather he is the ruler of this age.  Age is defined here as the “floating mass of thoughts, opinions, maxims, speculations, hopes, aims, and aspirations of SELF anytime current in the world”!  Thus the tap root of this acute narcissism is the fallen lower nature that grows in the fertile soil of this age.  Take the message of the cross, Gethsemane, death to self, and martyrdom out of the gospel message then you have what we see today across all sectors of the modern contemporary church.  It is a luke warm mass of people who desperately need to get truly born again or get revived and a return to their first love.  They have been blinded by the god of this age and this delusion is getting stronger by the day per 2 Thess. 2:1-12.  This is the forerunner spirit preparing the way for the antichrist!

Currently here in Israel OPERATION IMMINNET TRUMPET is now in the stage of fruit production that simply is beyond explanation.  Not only have we seen many believers come out of this perversion of a narcissism gospel message but also have seen many join with us to bring justice to the underworld terror system.  This is exciting to see so many others drafting with us to fulfill this directive by the Commander and Chief to wake up His sleeping army that is in the earth.  While this has been going on with many believers we know the last several years since we moved to Israel, there has also been ongoing other specialized operations that very few have known about.  Every once in a while in our communiqués to you’all I drop a few hints here and there of what the Commander has us pioneering here in stealth radio silence.  It is just so awesome the doors He has opened for us to run thru to proclaim the good news to those who have never heard.  Just scroll below and see the few pics we have been allowed to post of just one of the many, many units we are working with in this hour.  These units are the very front line of our nation’s defense here and they absolutely love us beyond description.  Some of these warriors will be the next leaders of Israel or the next Shepherds of His harvest that is now upon this land.  When war breaks out these are the very units who are our first line of defense to protect this nation.  I do not say this in any untruthful hyped up way…these are the very warriors Israel depends on for our survival and many of them have become closer than friends…more like family.  We feel a deep responsibility to provide for them and protect them with the anointing of justice God has endowed this ministry with.

Dalit and I want to alert you’all who support us with your love and supply drops that we are now this week at the crossroads of the greatest opportunity for the good news about the Messiah I have ever seen in over 30 years of service to His Name.  We may be the only ones who can deliver this message to them before war comes again.  We feel a heavy responsibility to proclaim, warn, encourage, love, and also meet the physical needs these warriors share confidentially with us.  It’s kind of like a catch 22 situation we are in because we really can’t share what is going on due to security restrictions but we do need to say something to our partners so they can get excited to give into this unprecedented opportunity that is before us all.  That’s why we trust the Sprit of God so utterly in all we do here…..  It has been quite a wild adventure so far living here and it is really only the beginning!

The final commission of OPERATION IMMINNET TRUMPET is to proclaim the new thing that God is doing in the earth per Isaiah 43:18-21.  Just recently in January 2010 the literal Isaiah 43 river system of the Yishimon and Aravah deserts was deluged with historic floods not seen before in Israel’s modern history!  Many have asked us what does this specifically mean and what is the new thing that He has begun in the earth?  I too have been a bit baffled because I have been seeking Him for a definitive word on what is the new thing He is suddenly alerting us all to per the above Isaiah 43 text….

Well finally yesterday morning on the eve of Holocaust remembrance day, I was heavily downloaded with the enormous and informative word of what this new thing is for the Body of Messiah.  It is so radical and life changing for all of us that I have decided to do a audio podcast very soon for you’all to listen to.  I hope to have it done soon and if there is any delay it is due to more downloads coming from the Commander and Chief!  Stay tuned!!!

In His love,

Scott and Dalit