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Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)! Shalom Friends, Abba has more fresh manna for us this beautiful new day so open up your hearts to this windward word and yield to this nourishing IV!  There is nothing like a fresh hydrating IV of the Holy Ghost early in the morning to set you up for miracles [...]

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Heading image: Slave boat scene from the movie Ben Hur (1959) Shalom Friends, Mega greetings to you from the Promised Land!  I just love the early morning atmospherics of His glory realm here in Israel in how He gives me these sudden transfusions of fresh manna via the Scriptures.  It is in this realm that [...]

Counter Terrorism Update, Operation Imminent Trumpet


Heading image: Lebanese celebrate entering Guinness Book of Records for largest bowl of hummus  Source: (REUTERS/Jamal Saidi) Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors in Arms, Mega Blessings to you from the Promised Land!  A huge testimony just occurred this week on the CT (counter-terrorism front) that just highlights again the unique Rivers in the Desert warfare [...]

Blogroll, Counter Terrorism Update, Reconnaissance, Wake Up Call - 911

CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Are You Overcoming the First-Strike Capability of the Enemy?

Heading image: Iranian missile batteries firing *PROPHETIC WARNING* A few years ago while ministering in Atlanta, GA.  I was taken up in the Spirit of God and saw a major offensive being planned against the Body of Messiah from deep within the enemy’s camp.  It looked like a storm or squall line of dark clouds suddenly [...]

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Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)! Shalom Friends, We have been getting some feedback from this week’s latest counter-terrorism exploit in the Ocean and it is sending seismic waves thru the enemies encampment!  However, there are some questions that need to be answered to set the record straight and encourage those who deeply desire to move [...]

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Heading image: IDF Navy gunboat on patrol Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)! Shalom Friends, Things are really heating up over here in the Middle East with the non Arabic Muslim nations (i.e. Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey) jockeying for leadership vs. the Arabic Muslim nations (Egypt, Saudi, Arabia, Jordan) as the new dark horse of the [...]

Counter Terrorism Update, Operation Imminent Trumpet, Wake Up Call - 911

Urgent News Update From Israel

Heading Image: Gaza freedom flotilla, Hebrew Translation: Soldier (IDF) being beaten with a iron rods Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors, Things are moving very fast towards war here in the Middle East and Israel needs your stop-gap intercession and spiritual authority activated now.  I have been in serious discussions with our military connections and things [...]