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Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)! Shalom Friends, There is a really, really, really big separation going on right now that we all must take very, very, very seriously.  God, who is the Master of the threshing floor is using circumstantial shakings and desert dryness to sift His people right now!  I’m not talking about the [...]

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Heading image: The first to cross the finish line of Ironman Germany Shalom Friends, Abba has given me this fresh word today for not only our personal spiritual nourishment, but also its follow through equipping effect it will have as you help others in your sphere of responsibilities (2 Cor. 1:1-16).  A few days ago [...]

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Healing Miracle At Ironman Germany European Championship

Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors, It has come to our attention today that many people did not know that there was a video testimony included in our last email communique to you’all. So take a few minutes to view this video link below of a supernatural healing miracle that embedded inside of me representing Israel [...]

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Reaching The Israeli Warrior Anew

Shalom Friends, It has been a wild week and may this communiqué update you’all with great refreshment in the Holy Spirit!  My morale is so pumped up and the river of God is so strongly flowing in my belly in this late hour to serve you’all and do whatever we can to help you become [...]