Heading image: The first to cross the finish line of Ironman Germany

Shalom Friends,

Abba has given me this fresh word today for not only our personal spiritual nourishment, but also its follow through equipping effect it will have as you help others in your sphere of responsibilities (2 Cor. 1:1-16).  A few days ago I was experiencing the natural sentence of death (2 Cor. 1:8-10) in an Ironman competition in Frankfurt, Germany.  While I have been very accustomed to enduring pain, affliction, persecution, backstabbing, betrayal, and the host of other things that we who are in the ministry experience in our desire to spread His glory (2_Cor. 4:1-18), this pain however, was something I have never encountered before at this mysterious level.  It was both physical as well as mental and has direct applications for those of us in this “outside the camp” lifestyle of suffering His shame per (Hebrews 13:12-14).

First let me brief you what happened on July 4th in Frankfurt, Germany for the European Championship of Ironman.  If you have not yet seen the video we put together please click here or here for HD YouTube version.  I was with the best and fastest athletes from the Nation of Israel and we had trained hard the last several months for this Championship event.  There were high expectations for all of us in this group because our racing times in practice where spot on!  However, during the race I had a major mechanical malfunction on the bike course and then became either dehydrated and/or afflicted with severe food poisoning from bad energy gels.  I was not a happy camper when I finished the 185 kilometer bike course and began to run the Marathon in the tormenting heat.  So in the midst of severe cramps, fainting, and semi-delusional thinking [some folks think we are crazy/delusional already just doing an Ironman…but that is another topic (LOL)], I checked myself immediately into the hospital tent for observation.  After 30-40 minutes of checking me out, the German doctor could not find anything wrong with me and began to frown at my Israeli flag that was painted on my right shoulder.  Whatever was going on with me was not good and laying in a hospital tent stretcher starting to lose consciousness was not a way to represent Jesus and Israel in Germany!  It was at this moment I heard the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit telling me to get up and run the race and FINISH!  So I did everything in my power to get up, pull my wet racing shirt and number back on, put on those Nike Elite lunar racing shoes, and get back out in the packed Marathon course full of  people!  The Doctor looked at me like I just came from planet Mars as I left the tent and slowly picked up the pace by faith and shuffled forward into a eventual strong stride.

What happened?  Well somewhere between lifting my head off that stretcher and getting back on those wet Nike Lunar racers…the supernatural resurrection power of Jesus flooded my earth suit and activated a strong healing miracle!  I felt like I was dying and losing consciousness…to suddenly being empowered by moving my legs with ecstatic joy!  I realized a Divine intervention was happening in this brutal Ironman event and as I looked around at the rest of the 2000 competitors I was the only one smiling!  It was so cool and I’m so glad I got out of that hospital tent and away from that Dr. Frankenstein attitude of the medical staff when they saw I was a “Jude” or “Jew”!   (Now let me say that this was a rare event of anti-Semitism while in Germany and most of the people we meet there were absolutely beautiful hosts)! My grandfather was a German Jew from Berlin and he left Europe quickly and immigrated into NYC when he saw what happened after WWI and the beginning of the Hitler years, so I knew I could not lie down in that hospital tent but had to rise up just like in the macro God rose up the Nation of Israel out of the ashes of the Holocaust in 1948!  Glory to God!

Now let’s talk about this phantom pain topic….

It was in this race I was preparing for the so called “wall” that the coaching staff told us was going to hit us around Kilometer 35.  Supposedly this wall was going to rear its ugly head and try to shut us down to quit the race.  I still do not know what there are talking about because I did not hit any wall at Kilometer 35+!  I hit a wall of at Kilometer 1.5 (LOL)!!!  Anyway, I was looking for this mysterious wall to appear in this run and it never appeared.  But something did appear that has spiritual connections big time for us this morning!  I remember in this Marathon portion after getting that supernatural healing in Dr. Frankenstein’s tent, that my spirit man was so alive and active and full of intoxicating joy, but yet my body/mind was beginning to act weird.  Now I don’t know all that was going on inside of me but I do know when I smell devils trying to nest in my hair!  Suddenly I began to have all these phantom pains!  I had a family member who is now in Heaven, but before they left their earthsuit for their reward, they had both of their legs amputated.  I remember sitting and speaking with this family member and they would suddenly try to scratch their legs and would cry out about this phantom pain they had even though it was years since they lost their legs!  So we know that our nervous system makeup can play tricks on us and this was exactly what began to happen to me!  I was starting to get all these phantom pains in my body from past football injuries that I suffered over 30 years ago and were already absolutely healed!  It was crazy…suddenly different parts of my legs started to hurt and I was not injured but fully healthy!  The pain was so strong that I was being not just tempted, but literally hijacked by my mind to stop running and just lie down and call for my Mommy (LOL)!  So I would just flat out ignore these phantom pains and they would leave and never come back…but in the next Kilometer suddenly a new phantom pain would appear even more tormenting!  Now I don’t know when the mental neuron activity aspect quits and the spiritual aspect of demonic temptations kick in, but I do know that I was now under a stronger terror attack from the underworld and it was time for some devil casting out maneuvers!  I love it!!!

At one of the 10K race course turnarounds, I took note of the battle situation I was in….   “OK, I know what physical pain and torment is because I have been going thru that the last 9 hours of this brutal Ironman race in July heat.  I know what the miracle joy healing power is because that is flowing thru my body and dispelling all this pain and lactic acid buildup.  And I know my mind is moving aggressively against me  in the pursuit of self preservation because it has a safety valve being pushed  because it does not want to run a 12 hour Ironman.  Ok…I understand these dynamics happening in me and even some of this phantom pain/scar tissue of old injuries is just some old cobwebs being blown out of my system…fine.  But now I’m encountering some really ugly and evil spirits of the underworld here in Frankfurt and I need to blow my shofar but it is back in Israel!  Why a atmospheric change in this race?  Because all these hundreds of thousands of spectators partying along the running course have not stopped drinking beer for the last 8 hours!  That means we got some really drunk Germans here during this evening (yes, it was getting dark now) and they are starting to do some really immoral stuff here in this park area along the river!  And now we got the hybrid Gothic’s and Zombies movement starting to show up here with all the wanna-be vampires. That is why so many demons are now here and because they are manifesting big time in this debased atmosphere”!

(Photos of the zombies and vampires movement in Frankfurt, Germany)

So here I am at the end of the Ironman Marathon portion having successfully fought thru dehydration, sickness, and food poisoning.  Now having successfully overcome and cast down the thoughts of phantom pain that my mind was releasing as it tried to hit the default button and restart the program because it did not like this situation and only thinks…”self-preservation”!  And now I’ve got to literally fight thru the demons manifesting in all these drunken German spectators on this sidewalk with all kinds of weird young people dressed up like zombies and vampires doing insane things in front of me with a Israeli flag on my shoulder and no police protection!  …While also we got boatloads of Muslims now in this park area looking for the prostitutes and they do not like seeing the Israeli flag on my shoulder!  And many of these Muslims were from Turkey and are looking for Jewish blood!  I kid you not!   Even one of the special forces officers on the Israeli team refused to have a similar Israeli flag painted on his shoulder for fear of being shot by someone in the crowd of 500,000 spectators and some are from the huge Turkish population in Germany!

Anyway, I finally got myself gathered together and started audibly rebuking the demons that were manifesting around me and let them know that their feeble attempt to gain entrance into my mind with fear of physical attack, terror attempt, phantom pains, and suggestions of defeat was useless.  I may be running my first Ironman and being a rookie at this long distance stuff, but I’m a Titanium Holy Ghost Man in the Spirit realm and because of the Blood of Jesus I have come to make war against you and WIN!  Hallelujah!!!!  You should have seen those demons run for cover as I lifted up my voice as a shofar!  I love witnessing and sharing Jesus to those about to fall into the underworld for eternity!  I was really tired but there was nothing like the smell of Heavenly napalm as His truth was marching right thru that demented drunken Zombie infestested German crowd in Frankfurt Germany this July 4th evening!

OK, I hope this little testimony helps you identify the tactics of the enemy….  There are natural and physical pain.  There is mental pain and operations of imaginations against us.  And there is of course the fallen spirit world trying to gain access to us if we yield to these phantom pains or suggestions.  The enemy is the father of all lies and though there are real phantom pains for those who suffer terrible physical handicaps in the natural…there are also real phantom pains that the enemy uses to stop you in this race of faith!!!!  Don’t let him trick you with his cunning schemes!  Pull down those vain imaginations (2 Cor. 10:3-6)!  Don’t let the strongholds of fear and doubt be built out in your minds!  There is a three dimensional war going on and Abba has given you and I by the Holy Ghost and His Holy Word the ability to put on the full amour of God and speak His Rhema Word/Sword for victory (Ephesians 6:12-19)!

Keep Give’n Them Heaven!

In His service for your faith,


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