Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends,

There is a really, really, really big separation going on right now that we all must take very, very, very seriously.  God, who is the Master of the threshing floor is using circumstantial shakings and desert dryness to sift His people right now!  I’m not talking about the unbelievers but the believers’.  God is throwing all of us up into His windward invisible jet stream to separate those of us who are secretly warriors or phobia driven pretenders.  Winners or whiners’.  Champions or complainers.  Prophetic or pathetic.  Eagles or turkeys.  Bond servants or just believers.  Yet, even the demons BELIEVE and shudder with fear (see James 2:19)!

It is so complex what is happening right now but also very simple.  Let me help you this morning.  The great dividing plumb line is simply Gethsemane.  The place where the Master first encountered the deepest and most difficult decision of His earthly ministry.  He was the Logos of God tabernacled in human flesh.  He was the one who walked on the water, stilled the storm, healed the multitudes, and was all knowing about everyone and everything.  Yet, in the garden of Gethsemane He did not want to drink the Passover cup He was predestined to fulfill.  He even asked for it to be taken away in the midst of the moist blood droplets forming and dripping from the sweet glands of His body.  But He finally agreed to the cup and fulfilled the ultimate death to self to secure Abba’s will and secondarily our reconciliation.  This is what we must know and yield ourselves to if we are to win this race of faith….  It is not about knowing the prophetic mysteries of God or moving in the powers of the age to come.  It is only about winning this race when everything in you does not want to do Abba’s will.  This is the sweet spot of knowing you are in Abba’s perfect will…it is when you know what He wants you to do and everything in you does not want to go that direction.  It is in this military campaign and war of the lower nature that you and I must win and catapult ourselves into only obeying His will.  Not my will Thy will be done (Mark 14:32-42).  Please re-read this episode in the Gospel of Mark until you become transfixed by it and you too enter that place…the no-man’s land of faith that so few have chosen.

Once you cross this great dividing plumb line, the race will have already been won for you and what remains of your time here on this planet is helping others find this secret location of becoming a bondservant (i.e. this is what it means to make disciples).  In my years of ministering to millions of believers the last 25 years, I simply categorize them not by their education, gender, theology, friendship or aggression they display.  I categorize believers by either they are in the Pre-Gethsemane death march arena or in the Post-Gethsemane course of a victory sprint.  Why?  Because until a believer, no matter what their beliefs, gifting, anointing, or even leadership fruit has been displayed…until deep fire has resulted in destroying the root of self, ego, preservation, etc… they are not to be fully trusted when the hour of darkens comes.  Do they know that place of death (i.e. blood stained boulder of that Garden outside the Temple gate)?  Then I do not know them, trust or believe them.  Yes, maybe they are sweet wonderful and gifted people with great aspirations to serve God and help people, but until they really know Abba in that execution experience of Gethsemane, then they are not to be fully trusted.  They do not know how yet to navigate the hour of darkness, betrayal, and most of all the mysterious forces that destroy a man or woman and then resurrect them to newness of service.

I have for years laid hands on multitudes of people, and preached to the masses and spent countless hours counseling and encouraging even leaders.  But all that is peripheral if I cannot get that believer/leader into the secret sweet spot of death in Gethsemane where their will evaporates and His will takes over completely. I call it full possession…why, because if the Gadarene demoniac could have a legion of evil spirits, then why cannot we also have a “legion” magnitude of singular possession of the Holy Spirit?   Let us just face the facts this morning and don’t blow head gaskets if your toes get stepped on about our your favorite ministry getting highlighted here.  Recently they brought into Israel Daystar TV alongside the already present METV inspirational network.  I have maybe viewed a few hours of this programming that last few months and really cannot view anymore.  It is very simple…all I hear is messages gearing believers on how they can be supposedly blessed, encouraged, comforted, prospered, and entertained in the Pre-Gethsemane plumb line zone.   But there is no message of Gethsemane even though I’m really looking hard for it in a positive loving attitude.  There is no message of death before the cross there among the well known prime time pulpits featured (who also strongly support Israel by the way)!  There is sometimes good preaching about all the sins and problems in the Church but nobody is bringing the people into the place of death to ones will which is the only viable solution.  The messages are earthly and humanistic with Scriptures taken out of context to tickle the ears.  I wonder what Dietrich Bonhoeffer would say if he came back from the dead and would be invited to preach on these programs?  Read his book on the Cost of Discipleship and then try to find that same message on Sunday morning Christian programming!  You won’t became it is not there!  Thus, all this simply is Pre-Gethsemane ministry activity that does not bring the believer into the maturation and maturity of becoming a bondservant.  Listen folks, I’m not blind, stupid, or naive…I know very well the churchianity game, the politics, the personalities that lead today’s Charismatic world view.  Some are rotten to the core with self preservation and others are really good people.  But until they radically volunteer to the death zone of Gethsemane, their cries for revival will just be that…rapidly fading echo’s in the corridors of God’s threshing floor quickly drowned out by the howling new trade winds of separation that are now blowing thru His Church!  I know so many ministers who have correct theology and really want to serve God and speak of the Fathers love so intimately…but they do not know Him as Abba (Daddy) because they have not been totally pressed out and killed in Gethsemane.  Because once one enters this secret zone you no longer have a life or ministry. Your only reward is found in Galatians 2:20 and 2 Cor. 4 and in this lot is the place the transitory race of faith quickly speeds up with zealous acts of obedience geared like a war campaign only for His Glory and Namesake!

My task on this glory side of Post-Gethsemane is to bring others to this place of desert mystery so we can serve together in this Great Commission.  In this hour He has told me only trust and yield to those who are displaying the fruits of Gethsemane’s vaporizing experience.  It is very easy to find these bondservants and handmaidens because we all speak the same language and have the same look in our eyes.  It is the look of complete lack of self-preservation and only that of robust zealousness for a holy war to be waged against the evil underworld.  It is the look of a identity that has been transferred only by Him and those who do not bear this reflection, even though they may have gifting, anointing, and signs/wonders readily evident, are seen to be still stained with the spirit of this world’s system (i.e. The Pre-Gethsemane plumb line waiting area of wilderness wanderings and disobedience even though the cloud, pillar, manna, water, and tabernacle is amongst them).   Think and ponder this deeply….

Lately, we have many new comers to our subscription list and thus, many our emailing me of their love of our website and the messages we bring concerning the adventures here in the Land of Israel.  Let me use this moment to welcome you but also warn you…the messages and trumpet sound we are issuing forth in our communiqués here will do only two things for you in this late hour.  It will either awaken you to the desert testing’s that He has placed you in and thus you must find that blood stained boulder outside the gate to enter that sweet spot of Abba’s will by a completed death to self.  Or these messages and last day anointing evident here on this ministry will soon offend you and cause deep sorrow to come upon you…even to the point of slumber and not being able to tarry even for one hour, because your secret carnal hopes in following Him are not manifesting in the time table you desired.  This is what happened to the disciples and this is what will happen to you if you do not run this race to win by tarrying in Gethsemane’s zone and never reappear as you once were.

You and I are called to seek His face…yet no man can see His face and live.

He is calling you to the other side.  He is calling you to join yourselves only to those who have successfully crossed over.  Time is short and listen to the Holy winds of separation that are now blowing thru His threshing floor.  Don’t return back to the city but follow it (Him) to the Is. 35 and 43 rivers east of Jerusalem.  The same word to go Eastward in ancient Hebrew is the same word also to go FORWARD!   Selah….

Lose yourself and truly find Him!

Waiting for you on the other side to welcome you home outside the camp,


PS, A new consignment of windward operations to woo Israeli warriors to Him are now ready to be launched.  These are unique and never done before in the Land of Israel.  We await our supply drop of provision from Abba and may He give you the seed to sow to complete this gracious work per 2 Cor. 8-9!  The supply drop now stands at $16,559.00.  Keep give’n them heaven!