Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends and Fellow Tactical Warriors,

“And the word of Lord came to me saying, ‘What do you see Jeremiah?’  And I said, ‘I see a rod of an almond tree.’  Then the Lord said to me, ‘You have seen well, for I am watching over My word to perform it.” (Jeremiah 1:11-12 NASB)

Let us give you a briefing of the current prophetic new thing that is now blossoming suddenly in the Earth!

  1. Very rare flashfloods and rivers raged thru the desert regions of Israel this past winter.  This is the sign to God’s people that something new has begun in the economy of God.  We must wake up and be aware of it and forge ahead by forgetting the past!(See Isaiah 43:18-21).
  2. Planet Earth continues to descend into the darkness of a Divine shaking and visitation.  This was shown to us Sept. 9th, 2008 during Erev Rosh Hashanah and we have been doing our utmost to warn everyone about this new move of God.  Yes, it is a move of God and not from the enemy.  Ponder these two mysterious texts!(Isaiah 45:7 and Jeremiah 13:16)!
  3. We must move quickly into a new lifestyle of fearing Him and giving up glory and honor like never before!  We must move quickly and find the secret place that is appearing ahead of us!  We cannot be stationary and think we know it all about soaking in His glory realm!  He is acting quickly just like the sudden appearance of the almond blossoms in the hills surrounding Jerusalem!  He is about to fulfill His prophetic promises very quickly in the micro (your life) and the macro (the world) right now!  Surf’s up!  Time to get in the water and paddle out with all haste!  Be quick to stand up and put all fear behind no matter how big this new wave begins to rise in front of you!

So how do we find, catch, position, hang on, and not get dropped by this new thing that is now about to appear?  I do not have a deep outline of systematic study to give you this morning nor do I want to act like I know it all…because I don’t!  I’m just a watchman on the walls here telling you the latest weather report of the new thing that is now happening!  But what I do know is that it is time to get low!  I mean real low and undone in Him!  Let me give you my course of action that I’m now paddling out with to meet this new move of God….  (Remember there have been rivers breaking out in the deserts of Israel this past winter!)

  1. The Scum of the Earth motif is without a doubt the key to apprehending Him in this exciting hour.  To read Part 1 of this message click here and study out the Scriptural references quoted therein.  It will help initiate that heart attitude to get low in this hour!
  2. We must cast aside the accolades, awards, and the recognition of man that every human secretly treasures in their conscience.  We must be exhibited by God to this world as criminals condemned to death because we radically follow only Him!  We must be paraded out into the arena, whether it be at work, home, or in a public place…and be made a spectacle.  Rejection, cursing, misunderstandings, insults, and persecution must increase as we reflect His glorious light to those who are in darkness.  The Western mindset is conditioned to look for a champion type who overcomes and wins and is bitterly opposed to embrace anyone who seemingly is a loser.  This is the mystery we must enter into and God is the one who sets up this spectacle event…not we ourselves.  (See I Cor. 4:9)
  3. God has preordained this event to display His bondservants in all their weaknesses in order to demonstrate His power and strength.  We must be lowered and diminished.  We must decrease that He may increase.  We must be displayed as fools for the Messiah’s sake.  We can no longer market ourselves, our gifting, our talents, our ministries, our personalities…and hope that this will be enough to fulfill the Great Commission.  We must be utterly undone in His desert of His choosing and die!  Those who do not yield to this dismantling process will not have the spiritual endurance and stamina to paddle out and catch this next wave coming!(Read 1 Cor. 4:9-13 and 2 Cor. 12:7-10)
  4. We must be ready for a new wave of persecutors to hunt us down.  Slander, defame, and persecution will be the earthly atmospherics of this arena for God to suddenly show Himself in.  If men continue to speak well of you in this next wave then you are in danger of being disqualified.  (See I Cor. 9:27).  It will be common practice (already is for believers in 3rd world nations) for believers in the West to be abused and insulted by these new wave of hunters in a degree not seen since the days of the book of Acts.  We will soon know those who are truly bondservants of God or just pretenders….
  5. The world will take up a new vengeance of hatred towards believers and will condemn us to the lowest class of criminals.  We will be sacrificed as an offering for the cleansing of their cities.  The idea of becoming a scapegoat bearing His reproaches (Heb 13:12-13) will be more preached about in fellowship and services than the current destiny, self-improvement, and healing messages that now dominate most of Christian TV and popular pulpits of Sunday Churchianity.
  6. We will become the literal scum of the world and the people who love the darkness more than the light will want to rinse us or scrap us off the face of the earth.  Yet right here in this final action of riddance in this arena of God’s choosing is the very word used by the Apostle Paul to highlight the mystery that we are being lowered and humbled into….

You see dear friends, The Apostle Paul leaves us the hidden key of this mystery here in I Cor. 4:13.  The scum of the earth motif he enjoins in this letter with that of calling themselves the “dregs of all things”, is the secret key to what I’m attempting to detail for you this morning.  The same way you would take an ancient potsherd and scrape the bottom of a dirty vessel of the scum therein…is the same Greek word found in the ancient papyri writings centered in Alexandria Egypt of a greeting by a loyal servant to His master and owner!  The ultimate sign of humility and devotion to his master was to infer upon himself the idea of being a potsherd used to scrape the scum out of a dirty vessel!  This is so foreign to us today!  Yet it is the only one whom God will display His glory in!!!Think and ponder deeply upon this word usage inspired by the Holy Spirit in the Pauline Epistles!  It is not about titles and classifications to present our credentials to reach this dying world with the glorious good news!  It is about us humbling ourselves to the point of being bondservants who are so devoted to our Master that we are the scrappers of the dirty latrine vessels!  This is our honor and this is our destiny for Him!!!Instead of quoting Philippians 4:13 all the time why not prepare ourselves for this coming next move of God by quoting I Cor. 4:13 on a daily basis!Stay tuned….

Stay tuned in to what the Spirit is saying in this late hour!

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit