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Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors,

Boqer Or (Good Morning Light) to you this beautiful day that He has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it! The Holy Spirit, in this Passover and Resurrection season of celebration, has had me meditating on a new series of messages that I’m sure will bless you deeply and profoundly. This series has been entitled by Him as The Invisible Realm and is the real key to walking in the exploits that He has already predestined for you and I to operate in.

In Hebrews 11:27, we see that Moses during the Passover and the Heavenly war on the demonized nation of Egypt, “By faith he left Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king; for he endured, as seeing Him who is unseen”. Notice the phrase here that Moses endured this spiritual conflict by “seeing” Him who is invisible. I believe that this is the key also for you and I today in winning this endurance battle we all are in these last days. So let’s now switch gears and move even deeper past just celebrating our Passover Seder’s again this time of year and instead see this hidden realm that we must move and be experienced in if we are to also deliver and help God’s people in this late hour out of the worldly system!

Here are some contextual signposts to look at concerning this Passover season,

  1. Ancient Egypt is in the Scriptures a model of not only the worldly system but all that is evil and occult-driven. Egypt and its earthly rulers were a society totally given over to worshipping and desiring to cross over into the invisible spirit realm of evil. Magic and sorcery was the staple diet of ambition that was ingrained in the ethnos of this nation. The massive building projects of this time period were for the afterlife in the invisible spiritual realm of darkness and polytheism.
  2. The war that God launched upon this nation was a direct judgment against their religious idolatrous system of belief and was devastating in its collateral damage even to this day. However, the Passover event of war and deliverance from Egypt is just a micro version of the upcoming war that will be unleashed by God upon the antichrist, his demonized followers, and it’s system as is seen in the Book of Revelation. This upcoming macro event will be on a scale never seen before in human history and will be characterized by many of the same plagues and judgments that God previously did upon ancient Egypt…but on a much larger macro scale.
  3. We must recalibrate our thinking process this Passover Season not to fall into a traditional pattern of having another Seder meal (which is fine), but to emphasize the all out war that God unleashed upon Egypt and its demonized culture of death. We must see this Passover event as not only the feast pointing towards Yeshua as being the sacrificed lamb and risen One, but also as the coming forth of the One and Only Commander of the upcoming final war of all time upon the enemies of God per the book of Revelation. We must eat and celebrate this Passover meal in haste this year because God has released another darkness and death angel upon our society. The macro shakings have begun and the darkness is on a scale not seen before in human history!

I greatly encourage you’all to study the Scriptures found in Exodus, Psalms, The Gospels, and the Pauline Epistles that speak of the Exodus event and it’s past, present, and future ramifications as an event of catastrophic fallout. It will put a dire sense of 911 urgency in you to forge ahead and calibrate yourself to defeat the enemy and endure to the end! So how can we do this? Well, simply it is to first be like Moses and the other Hebrews 11 faith champions (see Hebrews 11:13) who were able to see into the invisible realm and gain the strength they needed to endure, not fear, and stay the course no matter what persecutions, turmoil, and bodily harm they encountered! And if there was ever a time that believers needed to learn this secret spiritual discipline…it is now!

The unseen realm of the Holy Spirit is available to every born again believer and is a our real home and place of security. We must be able to see by faith into this realm and follow the directives of the invisible God if we are to partake of all He has already provided for us by the death burial and resurrection of Yeshua. You will notice that in the life of Moses, even though he made several mistakes and critical errors, he was however a man who had developed the ability to see into the invisible realm and receive from God. Where did he learn this secret discipline? It was in the desert of 40 years that God disassembled this man and then raised him up to take on the evil empire of his day. This is why I have been teaching over and over the last several years the concept of the Desert Shepherd Warrior as the title of the process how God raises up mighty warriors for His holy service in this late hour! And once you have a ‘”burning bush” theophany with Him in the desert of His choosing, you will then understand the awesome power that is available to those who know how to walk by faith and not by natural sight.

Quiet your mind by renewing it with God’s word this week.

Let His rivers of intimacy stir you up in the pre-dawn hours to await at His feet.

Be still and know that He is God. He knows what we have need of even before the need arose.

Let the faith that is in your heart be your infrared guidance to receiving the invisible promises of God.

It is not so much about seeing angels or visions or other spectacular theophanies. But rather it is seeing Him thru the faith already planted in our hearts.

Let this Spring be a new season of sensitivity to His invisible windward ways as He prepares us for the final battle of time against the hordes of evil.

We love you and are here to help service your faith…Keep in touch!

In His intoxicating love,


PS,  In this new Spring season upon us I would like to do some housecleaning.  It has been my desire since 2007 for our USA ministry offices property to be paid off in full and to owe nothing to the bank.  This property in Atlanta, GA is key to our ongoing operations in Israel.  The amount owed is $249,768.88 and it would be awesome for the ministry to own this office townhouse outright.  You our partners and friends are the most giving believers I have ever had the privilege to serve with and may Abba fill your hands for this gracious act this Spring season!  There is new stealth projects opening up here in Israel this week but I first want secure our USA base before this month is out!  Glory to God!!!!

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