Heading image: 2011 Israel National Cycling Time Trial Championship

Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors,

Mega Shalom and blessings to you from the Land of the Final Shalom solution!  The site of the glorious return of Yeshua our Messiah and Champion!  It has been several months since we featured some of our “unusual side” exploits as is seen on our Spirit Filled Fitness page (see this link).  And 48 hours ago another wild fitness exploit took place on the Israeli Golan border with Syria.  Let me briefly fill you’all in on this unusual exploit.

Earlier this week I was up early in the shahar blackness of the pre-dawn secret place and just getting blasted by the presence of Abba while studying Ezekiel 47.  Suddenly the Holy Spirit told me to contact a Israeli I have not seen for several months.  This man is the top cycling coach in Israel/Middle East and needed some encouragement.  In our conversation, the subject of the Israeli National Time Trial Cycling Championship came up and he was curious if I was going to participate.  I quickly said no and started making all the excuses about being tired, too busy with family, not really been training enough, etc.  (You know all the quick to speak carnal and lazy answers our flesh immediately spews forth when discipline, sacrifice, and pain is sensed just around the corner)!

I thanked him for his time and said a definite “no” that I would not be racing this year due to time constraints (which was really my flesh just giving a nice sounding intellectual EXCUSE). He then told me that the race course was going to be held on the Golan Heights not far from the Syrian border at 4:30 in the heat of the afternoon which just happens to be very close to some of our latest shofar drive-by operations against Syrian and Hezbollah terror networks.  He then said it was going to be a brutal race in the heat of the day with very high winds and would just be a brutal day of suffering.  After hanging up the call, suddenly the Holy Spirit told me to a call him back and sign up for the race!  I started resisting His leading and then just slapped myself out of this cc episode (carnal complaining) and realized that God wants to do something and I’d better obey quickly.  I called the coach back and apologized for my double-mindedness and changed my decision and would like to race (while all the time telling myself I have not trained for this event and would be going in cold turkey)!  I then quickly called the race officials and they told me that I had exactly 2 hours to get registered because their office is closing soon.  I asked what race categories were available to me and they said there was only two spots open.  The first was a short 15k loop for amateurs and the second was the 36K Pro category for the fastest riders in the Middle East.  The Holy Spirit then rose up within me and out loud I said, “The Pro Division”.  The federation official was a bit taken back and asked me if I had any experience at this level and I said sheepishly, ”nothing”.  Two hours later I noticed the posted online start list had me listed in the Pro category and starting as the first TT racer (the worst spot to be in)!

The next day I went to the local bike shop to get my bike serviced out and made UCI legal for the regulations for this National Championship event.  I asked some of the pros at the shop if they were racing up in the Golan Heights and they said very loudly “no way’!  They then explained in detail (something Israeli’s like to do), the pain I was going to experience on that particular course and then the added high winds and oven hot temperatures was a recipe for the worst experience in their minds.  I gulped in hesitation and then began to wait for that butterfly feelings to start rising up and making my head recoil at the pain that was only 24 hours away!  But instead of feelings that foreboding worry, the Holy Spirit instead just kept bubbling up such joy and laughter in me as I talked with them and then they began to discuss among themselves that I must be just crazy and naive!

Well, race day came quickly and I traveled with my youngest son to the Golan Heights to the race site and was immediately welcomed by not just the strong winds but hot oven like temperatures.  It was crazy hot and crazy dehydrating!  I told my son to just camp out in the car while I picked up my race packet and set up the bike (of which he did with the AC blasting full force inside)!  I then lined up for the warm up (it took only about a full 30 seconds to get warmed up LOL) and began to notice the other Pros also getting ready to race.  These guys not only looked Professional, but they had been training for this event for the last 8 months!  Yikes!  Several other riders and friends I knew began to come up to me and offer me their “condolences” with a sorrowful look!  It was as though they all expected me to just blow up on this course and come hobbling back a few hours later or in the ambulance with a heat stroke.  Again..the “Yikes” spiked within me ( i.e. YIKE SPIKE, LOL), and just when I thought about tucking tail and heading back home…the WONDERFUL HOLY SPIRIT again rose up within me and I started laughing uncontrollably!  His joy was my supernatural strength and HE was flushing me of all limiting carnal thoughts and phobias!  My name was then called and I approached the starting ramp and the officials looked at me and then double and tripled checked their starting sheets to make sure I was really racing in the Pro category.  Then with 30 seconds to go the head official looked at me and began to try to talk me out of racing because the winds were so violent and dangerous!  He then looked at my racing wheels and said they were the most dangerous to use in these high winds….  I just smiled and started to laugh in the Holy Spirit again and told him “I like adventures”!   His mouth dropped open in stunning amazement and started to forget the clock was ticking and now down to sub 10 seconds!

The white image in the background is me approaching. Notice the emergency paramedics on standby alert.

Five, four, three, two, one…Boom I took off and before I knew it I was up to 74 kph and totally out of control!  I started too fast and my heart rate skyrocketed to maximum (Zone 5) and I was going anaerobic too soon and had only gone 2 kilometers with 34 more to go!  Then the dangerous side winds began to buffet me and things on my bike started to shake loose.  It was absolute confusion and damage control as my water bottle started to eject and then by bike computer started to fall off and with one hand tried to control the bike and with the other tried to jerry rig everything now violently shaking loose.  The winds were pushing me dangerously close to going off road into the ditch and it was all I could do to keep the bike steady.  At that moment I had the sensation of going airborne from a hidden bump in the road and a pic flashed before my mind of me fellowshipping with the hot asphalt…then suddenly I felt the Blessed Holy Spirit take over again!  There was this locomotive power that began to surge within me that I have not experienced in a long time that was opposite to the extreme pain every muscle in my body was experiencing with going anaerobic too soon and the lactic acid building up in the muscles.  At this moment I started laughing again and decided to just yield and let go any self afflicting thoughts of defeat, pain, and the what “if’s” that plague all of the human race in dangerous scenarios.   Instead of slowing down to gain control I instead just dropped it into the biggest gear (55/11 for those who want to know) and soon was approaching 80 kph on a bike that weighs only 9 kilos and there was no turning back!  Then an hour later I crossed the finish line smiling while at 95% maximum heart rate (something that I was at for 60 minutes…unheard of), and still laughing while soaked in sweat, and splattered with black insects peppered all over my white cycling shirt!   I was in the Glory Haze and shouting praises wildly to Him when some of the other Pros around me at the finish line where collapsing on the pavement and looked like they had just came out of war with that shell shocked faraway look!!

Approaching the finish line and placing 14th in the Pro category!

My son Yotam “accidentally” took this photo with my Iphone.  But it accurately describes what I’m feeling…the Holy Ghost dimension of power and wonders beyond human understanding!  The mantle for exploits!

My youngest son snapped these two pics of me at the end of the race with the biggest smile on his face (post pics).  I knew I did not win the race because He told me that this was just another test of my character for the warfare days ahead, but my time would surprise many in Israel.  Sure enough, a few minutes later the Israel National Time Trial Championship times were posted and in my category of a total of 19 Pro riders I had placed number 14!  Glory to God!  I about fainted when I say the results and have been in a Glory haze daze the last 48 hours since!  This 50 year (young) Holy Ghost preacher was not only taken to school by Abba to teach me pain management in the midst of a Glory anointing for signs and wonders, (a sign to get people looking and a wonder to get them wondering in this tough neighborhood..LOL), but this exploit has once again surprised so many Israelite’s we are friends with and avidly been angling for!  They are stunned how this and other unexplainable things keep happening with us here the last 3 years and they want to learn more about the Messiah!  (I’m so glad I obeyed Him and didn’t talk myself out of this uncharacteristic operation when it challenged my comfort zone!)

In conclusion, I share these 2nd tier exploits as a testimony of me being a nobody with no professional sports background or unique athletic ability, to encourage you’all to give your temples to Him for miraculous works of power to wake up our generation!  Study I Cor 9 and how the Apostle Paul buffeted his body and disciplined himself as a Olympic athlete to run this race and complete his calling of service.  Strange and dark days are ahead dear friends and we must use every waking moment to worship Him with our temples and live a controlled life of discipline that is not driven into looking for the exit door when trials, pains, and difficulties arrive.  We are in training now and the best is yet to come per Isaiah 60!  Prepare your temples for war and the long haul until we are helicoptered out of here!  Don’t give in to earthly fears of pain…but go vertical for Him in wild exploits in the market place in this late hour!  And do it in His joy waterfall of spontaneity and not the hot oven dehydration that organized religiosity brings!

Keep in touch and have a great first month of Summer outside yielding to Him!

In His service for your faith,

PS,  In this new Summer season upon us I would like to do some housecleaning.  It has been my desire since 2007 for our USA ministry offices property to be paid off in full and to owe nothing to the bank.  This property in Atlanta, GA is key to our ongoing operations in Israel.  The amount owed is $235,868.88 and it would be awesome for the ministry to own this office townhouse outright.  You our partners and friends are the most giving believers I have ever had the privilege to serve with and may Abba fill your hands for this gracious act this Spring season!  There is new stealth projects opening up here in Israel this week but I first want secure our USA base before this month is out!  Glory to God!!!!

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