Heading Image: Treading water shortly before the start of IM Germany 2011

Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends,

We have put together some footage of the most difficult Ironman endurance race I have ever done in Germany last month to help encourage you’all to run the race of faith in this late hour. We are here to service your faith and give you real time practical ideas on how you too can learn the mystery of I Cor. 9 wherein the Apostle Paul speaks about running this race to win! In this race the weather conditions in July were not hot but cold…like January cold and really tested our resolve to not give up but finish the grueling marathon!

Enjoy this new video and let us hear from you on how you are being encouraged by these latest video clips! It is really the last days on planet Earth right now and it is time to get conditioned to suffer and endure hardship….with great hilarious and intoxicating joy (James 1)! He is coming soon!

Click here for this Part 2 video on our Spirit Filled Fitness page

In His service for your faith,