Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends,

My mind is overwhelmed in the Glory haze of His secret place since going after the race of faith into the no-man’s land of Gethsemane (see Phil. 3).  Thus, I will try my best to articulate in the English vocabulary this morning, the fruit I have been picking up around the hidden tree of life of wanting to be nothing but the scum of the earth per 1 Cor. 4:13.  I will call this theme today “The Lost Discipline of Begging” and may it cause a revolution of God’s pleasure to be poured out from within you!

Here is the centrifuge of this whole discipline and it is found highly detailed for us by the Holy Spirit thru the writings of Paul in 2 Cor. 8-9.  It is here in these chapters a discipline is found so extreme and so rare among the “self-absorbed” trends of the world that has taken deep root inside so many contemporary believers.  I want out (and I know you do too) of this cultural morass of carnality and desperately return to the Messiah centered message of His authentic grace.  However, I must warn you that once you embark on this quest to know Him in this absolute state, you can no longer turn back to your current ways, as it will be akin of a dog returning back to its own vomit and a pig returning to its filth bath.  Once you see this hidden treasure that awaits you then you will give up all to buy this field and can never again be satisfied with anything this world system has to offer.  It is so extreme and yet so heavenly that it is no wonder so many people criticize and scoff at the very mention of it in their secret self absorbed pursuits of religious “devotion”.  It is a dimension of character that is almost impossible for a heavily laden materialistic believer to grasp unless God suddenly shines the light into the chambers of the great “Me” and thus brings us to ruin as is found in Is. 6:5.  Unless you are ruined in this light of His true Glory then what has been referred to as “glory” meetings you maybe attending somewhere is really nothing other than religious entertainment to appeal to our carnal senses.  You must be ruined.  You must be undone.  You must be taken outside the camp and suffer His inglorious reproach…to even have the fresh faith impartation to understand this amazing grace that is so enthusiastically sung about every Sunday morning throughout planet earth!

Let’s first begin by a introductory motif that needs to be slowly digested and pondered over before we can go further this week.  This is not a topic that can be quickly read about but it must become the very transmission and crankshaft that moves our lives in these last days.  I do not know how long it will take you’all to grasp what is being said and if you have the fortitude to stay the course and discipline yourself for this Godly lifestyle of “begging”.  It is my earnest heart driven prayer that Abba will open up to you this unfathomable realm that we have just embarked on and know so few who have risked themselves to do the same.

In 2 Cor. 8:1-9, we can see that a special endowment of grace was given by God to the believers in Macedonia.  These believers were in the areas of Philippi, Thessalonica, and Beroea, and had begun to manifest a character discipline of generous giving that was unheard of in the Book of Acts narrative.  But before we can understand why they were such magnanimous givers, we must understand their current economic plight.  This area of Macedonia was once a thriving commercial capital yet when the Roman Legions had taken over they totally engulfed the wealthy gold and silver mines.  The imagery that Paul uses here of their ongoing deep poverty since being under Roman rule was that of “rock bottom poverty”.  Their poverty had already reached the lowest stage and they were in imminent danger of real starvation (see page 479 of the Linguistic Key to the Greek NT).  Their poverty was abject and their economic situation could not be any more desperate and thus they were like a lacerated and disjointed animal.

Yet, in this unprecedented test of affliction in the deepest part of human suffering known to mankind, there overflowed a new well of generosity that was single-minded and truly open hearted with no duplicity of motive.  It was in this place of imminent starvation, they were not giving with a hidden motive of gain for self-preservation, but rather spontaneously and voluntarily out of their own initiative, without coercion or request, they were begging Paul to be given the opportunity to give to the Jewish believers in Israel!  They had received a supernatural impartation of the true grace of God to give on a level of request that exemplified begging on the most uncanny level!  They were not begging to receive but begging for the opportunity to give!  They needed an outlet for their actions to mirror what was happening in their hearts thru their current financial dilemma…and it was for the believers in Israel to be taken care of thru Paul’s mobile collection visit!

…I’m sorry dear friends but I cannot write anymore this morning….  I’m really so messed up in Godly sorrow and joy over this lost discipline of Begging that my keyboard is getting foggy before me and filled with tears of joy.  I want to know this place of selfless generosity and I’m so pleased Abba has given me a track to now run on into this area that is so precious to Him!  I’m really messed up right now and I can see so clearly now in the Spirit what the grace of God is in this late hour.  Our family has poured out so much for the salvation of the Jewish people and I feel it is such an honor and privilege to be placed here in the Land to receive your offerings and disperse it to comfort His people in the Land of Israel.  I’m begging to give more here and I feel a new surge of strength to complete this gracious work.  Join with us in this gracious work with all expedience of begging…it is the only way to truly live amongst this self-absorbed generation and thus not be deceived in this late hour by the popular self-help destiny messages that have flooded many pulpits world-wide!

I will attempt to write more about this discipline of begging later, but first must let this new river flow out of my belly and look for more ways to give of ourselves and your donations to the believers here in the Land.  We have identified by His sonar some real wonderful ways we can bless and comfort His people here so please contact us for more info on these Glory Projects!  We are here to take your precious seed and truly comfort His people with the message of the gospel and projects of love!

May this true grace of the Lord Yeshua the Messiah be with your spirits!

In His love,

Scott Holtz