Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends,

The Spirit of God spoke this AM and said, “It is trash removal time”.  It is time to get all the compacted and hidden junk out of our lives.  It is time to break open the fallow ground of our hearts because the rains have now arrived (Hosea 10:12), (Jer. 4:3)!  Let us take this rare event to plow ourselves as a newly plowed field like can be seen today scattered all over the fertile Sharon range of modern Israel!  It is time to put the plow blade deep and uncover the hidden trash we have unwisely left to decompose in our hearts!

What is it we are making room for and what is it we are seeking for Him to rain upon us in this fresh new hour of service to please Him?  From our last communiqué to you’all, we are endeavoring to move into the territory of a Gethsemane lifestyle of His will…not our will being accomplished in this 911 hour.  To do that we must move past the elementary teaching about the Messiah and press on to maturity (per Hebrews 6).  We must move past all the soulish stimulating speculative teachings about the last days.  We must move past all the conspiracy theories of government takeovers.  We must move past all the mystical manifestations that have sprung up in the modern “Frankenstein” type prophetic ministries.  We must move past all the self-centered destiny messages that dominate most religious media outlets.  And we must with all haste move quickly into the no-man’s land of the scum of the earth motif (1 Cor. 4) of life outside the camp and thus return back to His true message of grace.  Not only grace of what He has done for us (that is foundational milk), but rather the strong diet of what we cannot “do” but only yield to of a new outpouring of grace that is unlimited in its generosity.  It is a service of pleasure to Him that contains no duplicity of motive…which is so rare to hear about these days.

Case in point-  We all have heard taught over and over the principle of sowing and reaping.  I have no problem with the Biblical basis of this teaching.  However, there is way too much duplicity of motive built into this contemporary message of what you can get back from planting your seeds of love and generosity, rather than giving with the sheer joy and pleasure of giving with no motivation for return.  Abba knows everything we need to live in godliness in this present evil age, so why do we hear so much about the “return” on our seed planting?  It is because this is what appeals to the carnal nature of believers to give..and thus get!  This is the duplicity of motive that runs inherently against the very message of grace!  He wants us to give with a motivation germinated from within our hearts of a free will offering that is spontaneous, voluntary, and on one’s own initiative!  We are yielding to His Spirit wind of grace that triggers our hearts to be imitators of the Messiah and freely give ourselves as He freely gave Himself…without a duplicity of motive knowing full well that He in His all knowing sovereignty will choose the timing and provision amount to be harvested!

I have seen so many believers fall away into depression, anger, frustration, and even back to sinful lifestyles in the world system because their giving cycle was based on their own pre-determined calendar of expectation and not on a Divine grace of generosity (grace) that lets Abba freely choose the location, quantity, and time of His commanded blessings!  I’m not writing these things lightly this morning…I have personally witnessed so many believers joy and zeal for God based on finances and “investment” returns they supposedly were hoping for based on past episodes of sacrificial giving.  This is part of the symptoms of the cancerous falling away we are now seeing in our generation…and it is not the pattern of Divine grace seen in the Early Church.  Believers have been so conditioned to give to get…that they have lost sight of the true message of generosity based on the sacrificial Gethsemane transformation of our will becoming His will!  Are we giving because we need something?  Or are we giving out of a splendid Heavenly borne wind of generosity that is triggered as we live the lifestyle of a bondservant endued with Gethsemane’s ebbs and flows of daily self denial?

In our last email on this subject, I wrote about the abject and deep rock bottom poverty that was the circumstances befallen the believers in Macedonia (2 Cor. 8).  They were in a place of such low poverty that they were in imminent danger of real starvation.  Yet, in this rock bottom condition they did not give to the mobile offering for the believers in Jerusalem based on a duplicity of motive or need for self-preservation.  They instead yielded to a Divine river; a Heavenly atmospheric, a place of true knowledge of the Messiah Himself that was not of this planet.  It was a Divine grace that produced a Divine discipline of zealous begging to give to help the Jewish believers in Israel!  Please try to fathom today with me the radical begging and pleading they bombarded Paul with to give into that offering for Israel!  It is so uncanny and mysterious yet is the foundational example of a life transformed by the Cross of Calvary that we are to emulate!

Yet what stops this river of grace from flowing thru our every thought is this smoldering garbage bin of self-centered thinking that is based on a plethora of worldly aspirations!  That is why He is saying it is “time to take the trash out”!  It is time to break open the fallow grounds of our hearts and return to the true grace of the Lord Messiah Yeshua per 2 Cor. 8 and 9!  The key to identifying these decomposing hidden trash piles in the fabric of our thinking is to reverse engineer everything we are now doing into one radical denominator.  Are we seeking His hand or are we seeking His face?  …Thus, as we let this sharp two-edged sword of absolute truth pierce our hearts as a truth serum of 100% infallibility, we can then remove the fox heaps of selfish ambitions and aspirations that have triggered a “hand seeking” devotion in our lives rather than a “Face seeking” devotion that is pre-ordained to kill us.  Why, because no man can see His face and live (Ex. 33:20)!

Do not let this message bring you into fear, but rather let your heart take over and yield to this unfathomable grace of generosity that causes sheer joy to erupt in our lives based not on what we have or what we know…but Who we know!  Then you too will enter this zone of sheer delight that by default will produce a begging and pleading to give in a all consuming discipline of generosity!  It will wonderfully take possession of your mind, will, and emotions!  It is the discipline of sacrificial giving that will be used to build out His latter Glory house of Haggai 2!  The gold and silver belongs to Him, yet your eyes are not on it but rather on Him and Him alone!

Oh, the sheer delight of begging/pleading to give!!!!  There is no other discipline in this life worthy of comparison!

In His service for your faith,

Scott Holtz