Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends,

I received quite a strong word to give you’all and this communiqué is meant to be spread out there to those who you know who love the Jewish people and the Nation of Israel.  Yes, it is controversial, but it must be brought out and exposed lest we keep wasting our time doing nice things thinking we are actually obeying the Scriptures, when the bottom line is we have fallen prey to doctrines of devils and the cunning craftiness of the winds of doctrines birthed by the shrewd marketing of man.

Case in point-  There has been a wonderful surge of support for the Nation of Israel coming from large sectors of the evangelical Protestant community in the Latin America, USA and Canada.  This support has surged to an all time high the last decade and has begun to influence the politicians of Israel in a unique way as they see a new “friendship” being forged especially from within the ranks of Christian Zionists.  It is a very common site today to see a plethora of churches and gatherings display the Israeli flag and promote prayer for Israel/Jerusalem.  Many ministries have been started to help pray and supply humanitarian relief for projects in Israel as a goodwill gesture of friendship and reconciliation.  However, those who have ears to hear what the Spirit of God has been saying have begun to have reservations about these zealous contemporary support vehicles for Israel via these ministries termed as Christian Zionists.

So what can be so inherently wrong with blessing Israel with humanitarian aid packages and convening prayer rallies for Israel?  Well here are the simple facts that cannot be avoided after a decade of personal inspection.

  1. The glorious Name of Jesus (Yeshua) has not been proclaimed but purposely omitted.
  2. There have been secret agreements with the unsaved Rabbi’s to not only exclude the mention of Jesus (Yeshua), but also have no types of evangelization whatsoever.
  3. All of the believers involved in leadership or intercession for these multifaceted pro-Israel gatherings believe that some type of “prophetic” event occurred in these meetings that changes the destiny of their city or country based on Gen. 12:3.
  4. Unsaved Politicians, Rabbi’s, and Jewish community leaders are subsequently allowed prime time exposure on different Christian media outlets to express their views (whether it be secular or from the oral law), without any cross examination from the Scriptures.
  5. Many of these Christian Zionist organizations believe these spokespeople mentioned above are actually “brothers or sisters” in the Lord even though they reject the message of the Cross and the atoning blood of Jesus (Yeshua).
  6. The Christian Zionistic movement has reached a saturation point in their theology and now must be termed “Israel Idolatry”.
  7. Many well meaning leaders who have nobly come to bless Israel and work in high profile public meetings with Israeli government officials have secretly compromised their stand with proclaiming the message of Jesus (Yeshua), lest they be marginalized, rejected, or asked to leave the country.
  8. A new viral strain of false doctrine has thus been released from these same ministries to justify their lack of evangelization with their enthusiastic pro Israel support base.  It is a new hybrid form of the old heresy of dual covenant theology.  Basically they view the orthodox rabbis they work with as being “righteous” and do not need to be saved to go to heaven when they die.  Apparently that will happen later with the 2nd coming of Jesus. (I know it’s crazy!)
  9. A rabid dogmatism has continued to evolve from the Christian Zionists camp against those believers who would point out their lack of adherence to the Great Commission.  We are rejected, shunned, and dis-fellowshipped from their midst because they do not want the message of the Cross to offend their unsaved Jewish connections.
  10. A rapid betrayal has thus been seen of Jewish born again believers here in the Land and elsewhere.  The small Messianic community has become the “black sheep” and the “joker” in the deck to the Christian Zionistic leaders that must be avoided at all cost if the coveted relationship with the unsaved Jewish community is to continue (the show must stay on schedule).

Let me just add here that I fully embrace all types of humanitarian aid for Israel, as well as all pro-Israel prayer meetings or rallies in public venues worldwide.  I’m not throwing the baby with the bathwater out in today’s EMM communiqué.  However, it is high time to change the bath water and take a careful look at how the current Christian Zionist community has evolved into a betrayal of the very brother and sisters (of Jewish descent), and has tragically supported the very unsaved rabbi’s and Jewish anti-missionary groups hindering us!  It would be like the Apostle Paul taking up offerings from the believers throughout the Roman Empire only to not give it to the Jewish believers first in Israel…but to the very leaders who are the main persecutors of the Church!  And this is exactly what is happening today and it is time that believers wake up to this form of anti-Christ (anti-Messiah) organizations who are the wolves in sheep clothing!  Don’t be deceived and so naive!  Get on the phone and ask the ministry for verification of where your hard earned $$$ are going here in Israel!

I have given you some things to pray and ponder about today and I want you’all to immediately not self justify yourself and your past good motivation and works in blessing Israel.  Now is not the time to send me a knee jerk reactionary email either…but to instead find a quiet place to wait upon Abba with your Bible open.  It is time to break open your hearts to Him and ask these simple questions.

  1. Have I been idolizing Israel and the Jewish people?  When in fact they are unsaved and have fallen short of the glory of God like every other race?
  2. Have I been guilty of the fear of man and thus have not been boldly lifting up the Name of Jesus (Yeshua) when in the presence of unsaved Jewish people?
  3. Have I made the Great Commission actually the Great Omission in my zeal to be accepted at all cost by the unsaved Jewish community?
  4. In my Bible study times, do I see the Apostle Paul espousing a Christian Zionist message absent of the Cross in His writing in the NT?
  5. Have I been supporting financially ministries or Jewish organizations that secretly attack and persecute the Jewish believers in Israel?
  6. Has my end time prophetic eschatology been diluted concerning Israel and the last days by popular Christian Zionistic teachers and popular trends?
  7. Do I have the courage to now take evasive maneuvers and change mid-stream my ministry or pro- Israel endeavors and thus get back to a solid Scriptural NT message in my current connections with the unsaved Jewish community?
  8. Am I guilty of the “end justifies the means” in my current outlook of why we have strongly maintained a political ministry face to the Jewish people and hope our good intentions will be accepted by God on judgment day?

I know there is a great passion and love for Israel and the Jewish people that has been poured out in millions of born again believers hearts.  I’m very aware of the great personal sacrifices many have endured to stay pro-Israel centered.  Abba knows the secret hours of intercession and weeping many have done for the Peace of Jerusalem.  But we must return to the message of Jesus (Yeshua) and proclaim Him to the Jewish people no matter what the cost or fall out!  Just look at the love and gracious Spirit the believers in Macedonia had for the believers in Israel/Jerusalem.  They begged Paul (see part 1 and 2 of this teaching) to participate in the offerings despite their rock bottom poverty and near starvation (2 Cor. 8).  Yet, nowhere in the text does the Scriptures indicate they were giving to Jewish unbelievers or a political/secular humanitarian Jewish cause….   They were only giving to the BELIEVERS in Israel!  They begged to give only to the SAINTS!  They gave themselves for the work of the GOSPEL in Israel….

My heart is saddened that I have to send out this EMM this morning, but I must be obedient to the Messiah Jesus (Yeshua).  I love Him and His Body and it is time to blow the whistle (shofar) and wake up the precious supporters of Israel.  Don’t betray us your Jewish brothers and Sisters here in the Land…in favor of some end-time eschatological idea about “blessing” Israel.  We will use your gifts to proclaim the Name of Jesus (Yeshua) boldly (Romans 1:16)!  So what have we done to garner such betrayal and rejection from you who should be supporting your very Brothers and Sisters first?  Why, why are you unequally yoked together with unbelievers?

In His service for your faith,

Scott Holtz