Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends,

This series of EMM’s on recovering the lost discipline of begging sure has been rich hasn’t it!  There is so much God pleasing material here that it just excites me to no end how together we can dive into the unfathomable depths of His grace as is seen in this mystery unveiled in 2 Cor. 8 and 9.  My sole ambition is to please Him and not others…or even myself.  I’m consumed to please Him and if God has given over people to unclean spiritual filth, as is seen in Romans 1:24-32, then why can’t He also give people over to full possession of the Holy Ghost?  This has been my prayer and I think He is answering it!  Oh, I feel taken over by His invisible realm of glory and there is no looking back!

So this is the new move of God that has been going on with me in Israel and I can trace the beginnings of this new move of God to several key watershed events.  (Follow along closely with me now….)

  1. The circumcision of Gethsemane wherein I find out what I do not want to do (that area of secret defiance), yet fuse my will to be His will out of total self denial (Luke 22:39-46).
  2. Accepting that the desert wilderness is our holy place.  This is the Spirit’s first windward meeting place for the genesis new episodes in our lives (Mark 1:11-13).
  3. Willingness to embrace the scum of the earth motif rather than the accolades and reception of man.  We have many teachers yet few fathers really know this secret discipline today (1 Cor. 4:9-16).
  4. Being very careful not to build upon another man’s work or foundation.  To be a fisher of men and not a keeper of the aquarium.  Bringing the gospel to those who have never heard is the key to a new pioneering work (I Cor. 3:10-15).  It is a much slower building project, but so much more stable and permanent.
  5. Dedication of one’s physical temple to be on call for mobile and quick response exploits that requires a healthy and fit physical temple thru aerobic conditioning and strong diet (Rom. 6:11-13).
  6. Letting the Commander and Chief sift all friendships in one’s life to fall into four categories of His choosing.
    1. The Multitudes
    2. The Seventy
    3. The Twelve
    4. The Three.
  7. Giving up everything so that Israel may be saved (Romans 9:1-5).

Many have asked me how do I do it?  How can you go after Abba with such an abandonment and be so joyful?  How can you endure all the persecutions and friendly-fire incidents due to the ruthless zeal you have for righteousness and justice?  How can you be so fearless in the face of terror and jihad?  How is it you can go from being a overweight and middle-aged to winning an Olympic medal in such a short time?

Well I must sum it up to the decision to be a generous believer not based on anything more than following the example of Jesus (Yeshua).  I have found the joy of self abandonment as did also the Macedonian believers in 2 Cor. 8!  It is called the generosity (grace) of God and Paul even sent the Apostle Titus to shore up this work that was lacking with the believers at Corinth.  There is this realm of generosity that believers can enter into out of their own free volition that is spontaneous, voluntarily, and not subject to coercion or pressure from man.  It is a place that manifests itself in begging and pleading to give to God’s work in Israel that is traced to this Divine impulse grace (generosity) that is poured out when one truly wants to be a follower of Jesus (Yeshua).

I just love what the Linguistic Key to the Greek NT brings out in 2 Cor. 8:8 as the overshadowing principle of this sincere generosity was due to an event “born in wedlock”!  The believers in Macedonian despite their abject poverty and horrible circumstances were giving themselves and whatever else they could find to give due to a secret genesis of grace that was due to Holy wedlock!  They had entered into a bridal fire covenant with the Master and this plunged them into the unfathomable depths of His generosity and love per the supreme example of the Messiah Himself (2 Cor. 8:9)!  No wonder they were begging to give…it is the manifestation of full Holy Ghost possession!  Glory to God!!!  Demons manifest evil and believers in wedlock manifest Divine generosity!  And anything in between is plain ole’ luke-warmness (Rev. 3:14-21)!  Religious expressions and traditions are born out of this luke warm environment!  That is why so many people in religion are so stingy!

So this is the adventure we find ourselves on here in the Promised Land and we have enthusiastically given up it all to keep manifesting Him to those in darkness!  The glory projects we have begun here are exciting and so adventurous in how we are fishing for men that it must remain in stealth due to security concerns.  We are seeing such wonderful fruit and Abba is so pleased with it all!!!  The owner of the property that is for sale recently came to us again asking if we are ready to buy.  We told him we want to pay cash for this rare private land in Israel but do not yet have the full amount in the bank.  He graciously told us he cannot wait any longer and now is going public with the property sale.  So dear friends, we are again excited about stepping out of the boat and trusting Abba to provide this provision thru your gracious and love possessed generosity!  It is really beautiful to see the wondrous things Abba is doing here behind the scenes and it is such a privilege to funnel your precious gifts towards that end!  Need to know more?  Then give me a call or come on over and see!!!

May His unspeakable grace be yours today!

In His service for your faith,

Scott Holtz