WARNING: The Following Subject Content is for Mature God Fearing Believers Only!

Shalom Fellow Warriors,

This EMM is again a trumpet warning to all who read to take head and follow the written Scriptures and not feelings when it pertains to properly discerning the times we live in. The bottom line is this…we are in a massive apostasy in our “churchianity” culture of North America and there are many false shepherds and hirelings ravaging God’s flock (Ezekiel 34). We may get excited about hearing that God is doing a “new thing” in the earth, but are we ready to accept the fact that the new thing God is doing is something which does not fit our vocabulary of the “God is good” message we have repeatedly heard the major media pulpits working overtime have tried to instill in us. Why is it we hear so much about self-improvement messages on one side and on the other side we hear about prophetic signs, mystical dreams, and talking to angels on the other? Has the undercurrent of a self-centered mysticism taken hold of God’s Spirit filled believers that is similar to the 400 years of silence between Malachi and Matthew known as the Intertestamental period which produced the Pseudographical (false) Literature. If you do a study on this tragic dark period of Jewish history you will notice a zeal for mysticism that was way out of bounds of the Scriptural precedent as we are commanded to live by! Why do we allow such untested mysticism to again creep in the current Prophetic movement of our days and left unchecked? Could it be we love to listen to the promises of the utopia of a prosperity message and are enthralled in the aspect that we can even talk to our “angels” since our “God” loves me and wants me to enjoy my life to the fullest…..

Let us now examine another series of texts this morning to show that what we may think is “good” could be in fact a lying spirit sent from God Himself to initiate an Anti-Revival falling away!



  1. Elijah the prophet has already called fire down from heaven on the sacrifices and had the 400 prophets of Baal exterminated (I Kings 18).
  2. Jezebel rises up and Elijah runs away into hiding at Mt. Horeb (Sinai). God visits him in the gentle whisper of the secret place and receives God’s rebuke that there are still 7,000 in Israel (not including Judah) that have not bowed their knees to Baal worship (I Kings 19). (Remember from our past EMM’s that Baal worship is pursuing a self made concept of “God” that promises to bring the rains=the crops grow=prosperity ensues, but minus the Mosaic stipulations of the Law=equals a mystical false religion. Baal worship today is wanting prosperity and the good life without the message of dying to self and the stipulations of carrying your cross daily. This is where Jezebel gets her deception and upper hand on God’s people and it is by the deception of the feel-good-message of convenience for MY LIFE.)
  3. King Ahab becomes victorious in major wars with the heathen nation of Aram but still disobeys the command of the God to devote all to destruction (I Kings 20).
  4. His resulting disobedience and post-depression cycle provokes Jezebel to fulfill his desire to covet Naboth’s vineyard by wickedly creating a plot. Elijah the prophet catches up with Ahab and pronounces judgment on him and Jezebel. Ahab humbles himself and is spared the full force of the prophetic judgment. (I Kings 21).
  5. Three years later Ahab negotiates an agreement with King Jehoshaphat of Judah to retake some of the tribal territory of the Trans-Jordan area. In their strategic planning session Ahab brings in another 400 prophets who were not the prophets of Baal that Elijah had killed. (Who are they and where did they come from is something we need to be asking ourselves (I Kings 22)? We do not know all the facts but obviously they were the “Court Prophets” that Ahab had in reserve that were not the special Baal prophets that served his wife Jezebel.)

So now we must continue to ask ourselves…. “Why did not these Israelite prophets speak out against the Baal worship that Jezebel brought into the courtyard of the King of Israel? Who are these mysterious prophetic sect of people?”

Without getting into a in-depth historical paper here…let me just say that this is a well documented mystical/cultic part of the ancient Monarchy pattern of Israel/Judah. Whenever you have a witchcraft system based on rebellion against God (i.e. the people demanding a Monarchy/King) it breeds a class of mystical people that are known as “Court Prophets”. This has been well documented throughout the Ancient Near East archeological digs and these groups of peoples are actually brought up into this system through a “school of the prophets” (sounds familiar today). These mystical people are called prophets because they have had some degree of accuracy in their soothsaying but this divination is disguised under the camouflage of the Mosaic Law and/or Temple worship. They are called “Court Prophets” because they prophesy and foretell what the King or Vice Regent wants to hear…because they are motivated by the fear of man and do not want to lose their status and entitlement programs of luxury that come with working for the King (i.e. mystical intercessors working with senior pastors in some churches today). The place where these “Court Prophets” gathered with King Ahab and King Jehoshaphat was at the threshing floor to the entrance to the gate of Samaria. This was the seat of all social and economic activity in the ancient Israelite community and while studying this a while back the Holy Sprit whispered to me that many Kings or pastors/leaders will gather around the message of revival and separation (i.e. the threshing floor) because that is where the money is exchanged or the most bountiful offerings have been given in times past. They love the $$$ but do not ever enter into the threshing floor themselves and get totally sifted by the wind of God! For if they did they would have to give up their titles and kingdom…. Revival is a big draw word now for what really is just hyped up “worship” music and the large numbers it attracts (Selah)!

It is also interesting to note that the Prophet Elijah drops out of the historical narrative here and one of the 7000 in hiding appears named Micaiah whom Ahab hates.

Let us pick up the narrative here in I Kings 22:13-28….

  1. The first thing we notice about this true prophet named Micaiah is that he is anything but a “Court Prophet”! He actually has total disdain for Ahab and even mocks him in front of all those assembled in the court with a conforming prophesy. Which throws Ahab into a temper flare up! (That is what true prophets do…they assay and expose the hidden buttons in the control freaks and church overlords).
  2. The second thing we notice here is absolutely revolutionary! The prophet/seer sees the condition of the sheep of Israel as scattered because they have no true shepherd (verse 17)! Did you know that the only true shepherds in the Bible that were commanded to lead God’s people were the Judges (see I Chron. 17:6)! No kings ever could do this properly…just look at what happened to David when he left being a Judge (deliverer) on the battlefield and stayed at home in his palace. He committed adultery with Bathsheba and then had her husband murdered! Did you know what the name of her husband, “Uriah”, means in Hebrew? It means the Light or Glory of the Lord! Then read the following rebuke by the Prophet Nathan woven into the context of a lamb being oppressed unjustly (II Samuel 12)! Now we can see why God hates the monarchy system (Hosea 9:15) and so loves His sheep (John 20:15)!!! It is impossible for the monarchy/king system to guide the sheep into the Glory of God! They instead crush and dominate the sheep! (When are people out there reading this going to wake up and start to have a mass exodus from these control centers of Papal authority whether it by Catholic or Protestant? Do you like being scattered and oppressed just because you need the “worship experience” in spite of it being known as a controlling place run by control freaks. Or do you go to get your children in a youth service for fear that their life is “waning” if they don’t have programs! Whatever happened to the concept of the parent being the priest at home and raising the children? The one-stop-solve-all-youth-programs are a recent creation of this modern seeker-sensitive church age!)
  3. This is why the prophet Micaiah prophesies to the people to return to their house in peace (I Kings 22:17)! The only true shalom you are going to have is to get out of the confusing cycle of following the man-made Monarch system that will control and thus scatter you from the unity with other believers and thus isolate you on the mountains of co-dependency with their “Court Prophet” system! Return to your home and get back into fellowship with your family and those warriors who are not in a time wasting building program for their own kingdom and serfdom. Too many lives and $$$ have been sacrificed and poured into buildings and monuments for a king’s ego (i.e pastors)!
  4. Now here comes the Anti-Revival Message….. God Himself commissions and empowers a spirit to become a deceiving spirit in the mouth of all of Ahab’s “Court Prophets”! This is not the work of the devil but God Himself to deceive Ahab to go into battle and be thus killed (I Kings 22:18-28)! Let us remember that this event is in sync with the former word of God via Elijah to bring down judgment on the house of Ahab/Jezebel (chapter 21). Also worth mentioning that this true prophet Micaiah was also subsequently put in prison and fed very sparingly until Ahab was supposing to come back….he never came back so what happened to Micaiah?

So let us also ponder this QUESTION….. “How does God bring down the Jezebel system? If we follow the Biblical precedent then He first does it by bringing down the Ahab first. And how did He do this?”

ANSWER- By Divine deception and the commission of a lying spirit to be in the mouth of all his “Court Prophets”!

Thus, to bring down the Jezebel system as is outlined in Revelation 2:20, we can expect God Himself to send a lying spirit of deception into the mouth of the NT “Court Prophets” that are now in the Church today who promise all the nice-feel-good-prophetic-words of personal destiny to please the pastor (i.e. king) so they can be invited back and get a bigger offering! Just look at the track record of presumption that has been developing Dear Warriors…. The flowery words about Y2K. The flowery words about Saddam Hussein. The flowery words about Bill Clinton. The flowery words about Katrina and New Orleans. The flowery words about the movie Passion and Mel Gibson being used to bring the “awakening” to America. The flowery words about the different States and their Capitals in divine destiny. (I could go on and on here and but it just makes me nauseated to think of all these prophetic words that have gone out that have never come to past.)


(….I think you already know our prophetic recon that we have been signaling the last 15 years…. So get out of your procrastination and let no man steal your crown! Wake Up and surge ahead into sheer obedience!!!)

In His service for your faith,