(August 20, 2008)

Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends,

Mega shalom to those of you who are drafting with us as we all pursue His new windward ways in this exciting hour.  As I have been getting up early in the shahar blackness of the pre-dawn, Abba has been downloading more fresh manna for the race of faith you are experiencing in your sector of responsibility.  Let this short exhortation flash you with more of His pure Scriptural truth in this hour to do evasive maneuvers from the energy of delusion that has come on planet earth.

In being wise or may we conclude “wiser” than serpents, there is a base that must be built before we endeavor to run the greater race.  The base that must be built out is a powerful grasp of the Scriptures of the OT and the context of how it interfaces perfectly with the NT.  The Apostle Paul in his 2nd letter to Timothy outlines how to receive wisdom to escape deception in the last days.  Let us examine how to be a lover of the Truth and not a lover of “signs and wonders”. (Some of the linguistic highlights below are from the Linguistic Key to the Greek NT, Rienecker, Zondervan).

  1. Timothy is commanded to find faithful men that were trustworthy for the deposit of NT revelation (2 Tim. 2:2).
  2. Next was the exhortation to suffer hardship as a good soldier; farmer; or Olympic runner (2 Tim. 2:3-6).
  3. Stay away from the war of words, debates, and empty chatter (2 Tim. 2:14-18).
  4. The true worker is one who knows how to handle the Scriptural truths (2 Tim. 2:15).
  5. Purity in thought and deed is the prerequisite to be the Lord’s bondservant
    (2 Tim. 2:19-22).

According to these verses the prerequisite for being a accurate and faithful carrier of the Scriptural truth is to be absolute in two areas.  First, you must be free from the war of words, strife, and the stimulus to debate and always run your mouth off.  Second, you must cleanse yourself and be pure in thought and deed.  Youthful lusts and dishonourable things in your lifestyle are causes for disqualification to teach others.  This is why we have spent so much time “coaching” believers to build the proper base of spiritual fitness before they can run the next level of the race in the flow of the NT warrior judges!  I have seen it over and over…well meaning ministers who have an anointing to preach and move in the gifts of the Spirit that do not live right and thus watch inordinate amounts of TV, movies, and hang out in questionable places, no longer have the spiritual stamina to carry the truth, wage effective warfare assault in demonized places, and always come up with weird new teachings and strange intercessory mystical phenomena.

Now look at the word usage by the Apostle Paul on how believers are lulled into a sensual state of deception away from the truth in the last part of  2 Timothy 2:26.  “And they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil having been held captive by him to do his will.”

(Bird caught in a snare net)
  1. The context shows us that by running your mouth all the time and living a impure lifestyle you actually play into the devils snare and delude your own senses.
  2. The metaphor used here is one of  “sobering” up and returning to repentance and waking up your senses.
  3. The serpent uses evil influences to numb the conscience, confuse the senses, and then paralyze the will!

Wow, this is very, very powerful!  Let us again look at this process so we can take evasive maneuvers and be wiser than the snares of the enemy.  There is a powerful duping or intoxication one can experience in the stimulus of talking and debating too much.  And then when you mix it with living in a questionable lifestyle of compromise and sin…you actually begin to digress into a place of numbness in your conscience (lines become blurred what is right and wrong).  Then your very own senses and intuition becomes skewed and now you are doing the devil’s will!

Do you know how many Bible believing, anointed, gifted, revival loving ministers I know who are living a loose lifestyle of their lips and character.  And that I would have to now conclude by these Scriptural texts above, that they are actually doing the devil’s will!  I know it is tragic, but the reason some cannot wake up out of the stupor and paralysis of a numbed conscience is because they refuse to turn off the Cable/Satellite TV.  They are addicted to the internet and have become more stimulated with entertainments of this age than you could imagine!  That is why we are seeing some of the most strangest winds of doctrine now coming out of the new trend of Apostolic/Prophetic ministries today!  They think that they are actually doing God’s will when in fact they are doing the will of Satan himself!

I have a friend who works for one of the most popular “prophetic” ministers of our generation and he told me that this individual when he is not doing revival meetings and conferences loves to have his bodyguard or staff intercessor go to the local video store and rent out dozens of horror movies.  I’m talking about the most demonized savage flicks ever made…and when he is not doing that, then he is glued to watching WWF demonized championship wrestling!(Is this bizarre or what?!) Then he goes out on the stage at night has “revival meetings”….  And my friends still have stayed working for this ministry because they are amazed by the signs and wonders that happen.  I told those who know about this that just watch what the next season of fruit is going to be on this individual’s tree…it will be strange teachings and frequent mystical visitations from angels.   And also in this mix of “sensory’ excitement will come adultery, fornication, pornography, divorce…and then pathological hype and lying to keep the crowds growing!

Well tragically this has happened and the people I know associated with this ministry are confused and crying out for help.  This is the purpose of this email today is to get you recalibrated to purity and recover yourself form the snare of the devil!  And in this process let Abba put a bridle on your lips so you can shut down the rudder of self from shipwrecking again into the costal rocks along the way!  The strong winds of the doctrines of men are blowing…BEWARE!

As you continue to read into chapter 3 of 2 Timothy, you will again notice the wonderful exhortation by the Apostle Paul to receive wisdom from the God-breathed OT Scriptures (NT was not written yet), so you may be fully equipped for search and rescue.  The Greek word used here by Paul was used of completely outfitted rescue boats to recover sailors whose galley had sunk in war!

Stay tuned dear ones, more fresh nuggets from Abba are on the way to help you run the straight and narrow way for His Glory!!!!

It is His will that we become wiser than serpents!!!

In His service for your faith,