Heading Image: The Israeli Desert Wasteland

Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends,

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be totally free in the liberty of the Holy Spirit?  Have you yearned for true intimacy with Abba free from the control and interferences of carnal man?  Have you become desperate to find that hidden watercourse of your first love once again?  (If you have answered “yes” to any of these three questions then this EMM communiqué is for you!)

You see dear friends, what consumes me is to know Him intimately and then make Him known.  I have no other purpose in life and no other ambition.  I call it the “Post-Gethsemane” lifestyle and it is the result of one’s will drying up in the dry desolate wadi’s of His choosing and the subsequent new life that comes forth amongst the ashes blown away by His wind.  It is the desert trek of going outside of the camp in your hunger quest to know Him and it is simply one of the most basic but also mysterious spiritual disciplines in the Christian walk (i.e. Hebrews 13:12-13).  I have met many believers in my last 25 years of ministry who are on this same desert trek but sadly so few of this same number are actually full time ministers.  So if most of the ministers I have met are not familiar with this Post-Gethsemane existence then now you can see why we have spent so much time and effort to create a new motif at our web site at Flashfloods.com to help bring about this spiritual revolution within the ranks of God’s Special Forces.  This motif can be summed up as the “Desert Shepherd Warrior” paradigm of NT ministry…and in recent years it has worked to change the mentality and thinking process of many believers and ministers worldwide!  Glory be to God!

So what is the key or turning point that brings about this radical circumcision of one’s heart to follow the mysterious desert trek outside the camp and propel one to never return again to the decomposition of “organized” religion?  What are the hidden theophanies that so melt us into an “addiction” (if I may use this word in a good sense) to surrender all and become like the scum of the earth and bear His reproaches (I Corinthians 4)?  Is it money, power, greed, self-absorption, the need for approval, or whatever else that is in the fallen human psyche…?  No, and no again!  The hidden watercourse that is found exclusively in this lifestyle is what I will coin this morning as the “Wasteland Intoxication Effect”.

Welcome to the "Wasteland Intoxication Effect"
Welcome to the “Wasteland Intoxication Effect”

To better explain this terminology of the “Wasteland Intoxication Effect” one must understand these first preliminary prerequisites.

  1. You must daily enjoin death to self and see the purpose of the Cross is the total evaporation of your mind, will, and emotions now in this earthly existence. (see Galatians 2:20 andRomans 7- 8)
  2. You must move past childish pursuits and see that the culmination of all human activity is to be granted the prize of becoming a bond-servant with an ear that has been attached to His door post of His house and not our own (see Exodus 21:5-6 and Psalm 40:6-8).
  3. You must see the absolute hatred Abba has for anything that systematically looks Scriptural (i.e. worship services, teachings, outreach endeavors, prayer meetings) but does not bring the seeker into total death to self in that environment.  (You must read Hebrews 10:1-6 to understand the monumental importance of what is being said here!)
  4. You must enter into His perfect will and none other!  It is in The Book and you must find it alone and one-on-one with Him only!  …Or you will wander in the default desert of His permissive will!
  5. You must be willing to be teachable when Abba sends other seasoned warriors’ to help set you back on the right desert trek if you secretly begin to disobey (Hebrews 13:17).

Frolicking in the Desert
My Daughter Frolicking in the Desert with Abba

Once you have gained the courage to forsake all and let the past be the past at last…then you will begin to notice the fear of self-preservation begin to evaporate from you as you seek this place of absolute Spiritual liberty and freedom in Him.  However, what comes next I cannot write about because it is a mystery.  I can’t explain or hold your hand in this next step because HE is going to hold your hand and He is going to lead you into His new thing you have not experienced before.  But what I can detail for you this morning is what will sustain you during this new and exciting lifelong discipline of living outside the camp.

There are going to be times in this place of absolute freedom and spiritual enjoyment that great persecution and envy will be unleashed at you from within the camp (i.e. friendly fire).  I won’t go into detail about this aspect of your journey since many of you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about here.  But what does need to be repeating here is the “intoxication effect” we are called upon to enjoin and enjoy in these times.  You must stay in the hidden watercourses of intoxication that is found in the preferred state of full Holy Ghost possession (i.e. in Romans 1, God gave them over to full evil spirit possession…so why not also give His bondservants to full Holy Spirit possession?).  When you have emptied your will and yield to His will…then the Holy Spirit will begin to not just fill you but bring repeated baptisms of Himself for Spirit possession!

Frolicking in the Desert
More Frolicking with Abba in the Desert Wasteland

Read Proverbs chapter 8 and notice the state of the pre-Genesis account of the world before creation.  It was in this eternal now realm of no time that Abba, His Spirit, and the Messiah (personified as Wisdom) frolicked, laughed, rejoiced and even played together.  The Hebrew word used here in Proverbs 8:30-31 is the same word used of children playing in the New Jerusalem ofZechariah 8:5!  The Scriptures here are pointing us into a mysterious portal of what true spiritual freedom and liberty is all about and it is the “Wasteland Intoxication Effect”!  It is in the place of nothing (i.e. wasteland) that He meets us and brings us back into His original pattern of creation!  You and I were created out of a joyful frolicking environment of pure freedom, and anything that hinders that process is what God hates!  That is why all of us have found more joy and His intimate glorious presence alone and with the company of others of like precious faith than we have in organized and seemingly “Scriptural” services as of late!  Abba is wooing us outside the camp of the old wineskin and into the new!!!!

A True Sign of the Times
A True Sign of the Times

So be bold and courageous to go outside the camp and surrender totally to Him!  He will sustain you by possessing you with the atmospherics of His Glory realm as is seen here in Proverbs 8!    It is in this wasteland of nothing that actually is the greatest portal to the true Spiritual realm!  I can’t say much more in this communiqué to you dear ones…so close down your computer after reading this and find that desert trek location to get alone with Him and thus be taken up by Him into pure ecstasy of joy and surrender!  He is waiting for you to respond and return back to Him and His original purpose for your life!  Fight anything that would distract or abate your interest in it!!!

It is the “Wasteland Intoxication Effect” He is prescribing for us all in this hour! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

In His service for your faith,