Heading Image: Israeli IAF desert supply drop

Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)

Shalom Fellow Vertical Warriors,

We at Rivers in the Desert are totally committed to the rapid advancement of the Kingdom of God exclusively on the Scriptural pattern of the Desert Shepherd Warrior (D.S.W.) and not the post-modern model of contemporary “churchianity”. This D.S.W. pattern calls for robust discipleship and not seeker sensitive marketing growth. This D.S.W. pattern calls for bond servants geared for martyrdom and not programs for entertaining the masses. This D.S.W. calls for hot love and not puke-warm commitment. This D.S.W. calls for the true Bride to now immediately wake up and not sleep walk spiritually like the foolish virgins (Matthew 25; James 4).

In studying the Scriptures of the last days apocalyptic grand finale before the Messiah’s return, we see a final confrontation with the enemy which is listed in Hebrews chapter 2 as the “fear of death” (Hebrews 2:14-15; I Cor. 15:25-28). It is therefore the explicit duty of every believer to prepare for this final battle…in a war that has already been won as is evidenced by His empty tomb in Jerusalem! A term that fits this type of vertical warfare we are called to exemplify is what Western military generals call “the projection of power”. This is simply the ability to reach out and touch (i.e. prosecute) the global war on terrorism (i.e. fear of death) with the tactics of stealth warfare anywhere and at anytime. While the Western nations desire to advance towards this goal based on the fear of self-preservation, we as believers have the unique ability and responsibility to wage a type of higher warfare by the Spirit of God…right now through prayer and exploits of special operations as is outlined in John 14 and I Cor. 12:6!

Having been involved with this type of “projection of power” the last decade of ministry for unique exploits for the advancement of the Kingdom of God, I would like to give you, our subscribers to Early Morning Manna, a key briefing this morning on how to “project” the power of God for tactical warfare in this hour against the fear of death. Your delay in implementing this change of lifestyle is really playing spiritual Russian roulette with not only yourself, but also those whom you love.

The key foundation to the projection of God’s power (i.e. military exploits) is a term widely corrupted and thus ignored in today’s circles and it is THE FEAR OF THE LORD.

Here is a brief overview-

  1. The Fear of the Lord is the foundation of all wisdom and conduct (Proverbs 1).
  2. The Fear of the Lord is the foundation of the entire 10 Commandments (Exodus).
  3. The Fear of the Lord is the final move of God on earth (MalachiHebrews 12Revelation).

What is the Fear of the Lord? It simply yet radically explained to us by Solomon in Proverbs 8:13….

  1. The Fear of the Lord is to hate evil.
  2. The Fear of the Lord is to hate pride.
  3. The Fear of the Lord is to hate arrogance.
  4. The Fear of the Lord is to hate the evil way.
  5. The Fear of the Lord is to hate the perverted mouth.

In this forum I do not want to bog you down with a huge dissertation on what is the Fear of the Lord and why it is so lacking in today’s contemporary Christian circles. Instead the Holy Spirit wants me to give you recon on what we all need to be enthusiastically yielding to in this hour, and thus be His instruments to “Project His Power” in this final epic battle of these last days.

The key we all need to cultivate in our souls and lifestyles is a zealous HATRED FOR EVIL! Yes, we need to yield to His holy hatred for evil and the dark realm. We need to yield to His hatred for idolatry, compromise, wordiness, pride, arrogance, and the sin of a perverted mouth (i.e. slander, gossip, unfulfilled vows, using His name in vain, etc…)! This is what it means to yield to the Spirit of God in the context of Ephesians 5:18 and become intoxicated with His Spirit! We are to be intoxicated with a hating soberness against evil and thus be imitators of God and truly walk in love!!! Hatred is not a bad word in the Bible! It is the key to the Love walk!!! It is what separates Agape from Phileo (Read all of Ephesians 5 now to understand this mystery of the purified Bride!).


This really is what the Fear of the Lord is all about. And without this absolute lifestyle and mind set…then we are not ready to be a warrior Joshua generation but rather will again exemplify a stubborn wandering people in the wilderness orbiting in our own projection of power for self-gratification. (Oh Abba, not again!)

It is time for a radical circumcision of heart if we are truly wanting to be the wise and fearing virgins. The hour is late and we must yield to His hatred for evil. It will bring forth a residue or resin of authority that evaporates the works of darkness (see Romans 16:19-20)! There is no other way to submit to God and cause the enemy to run in terror (James 4)!!! He wants to project His power thru you!!!

The shofar (trumpet) of warning is sounding to come up higher with Him….. And the voice of His bond servants is crying out in the wilderness to prepare the way for His 2nd coming!!!!

How will you respond to these alarming sounds in this hour?

In His service for your faith,