Heading Image: A flower crushed into the ground

Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)

Shalom Friends,

Holy Spirit spoke to me during one of our Wednesday night School of The Spirit meetings about a very important watershed prayer that has been repeatedly overlooked in modern Christendom. He spoke to me that the popular book, “The Prayer of Jabez”, commercialized and marketed by Bruce Wilkinson, is not what we should be focusing on in this critical hour! Instead He spoke to me that we should be daily praying (up to 70 x 7) is the prayer of forgiveness for those who are offensive towards us as in Matthew 18 (the author being Jesus the Messiah)!

There is way too much teaching on success and fulfilling your destiny and not enough on the art of Divine forgiveness and release!

Yes, The Word does teach prosperity, safety, and intimate fellowship with Abba, Father…but all of that is voided in our lives if we are walking in unforgivingness! That is the essence of the message of the Cross and the only door to the blessings of Heaven! No prayers are going to work for us unless it is saturated and primed first by the daily prayer of forgiveness and release to those who have done evil towards us! But ooohhhh, this is what the self-assertiveness of the carnal mind does not want to hear!

This is the battle in the gates in this late hour and it is between earthly natural wisdom and Heavenly spiritual wisdom as is outlined in James 3:13-18. One is forgiving and the other is full of selfish ambition. One is understood through the carnal mind and is purpose driven, the other is only understood by those who are Spirit led. This is the battle that is currently waging and The Messiah Jesus warned us in Matthew 24 that offenses would come in greater and greater waves as the end of the age approaches!

So the key to overcoming the offensive maneuvers of the enemy in this hour is to daily (if need be 70 x 7) to vent out of your heart the prayer of forgiveness towards everybody that intersects your path! This is the key to your health, prosperity, longevity, and your witness as disciple of Jesus in this late hour!

Here is a statement that has helped me repeatedly get back into and stay in the atmospherics of love and forgiveness….

“Forgiveness is the fragrance of the flower that clings to the heel that crushed it.” (read that over and over)

I believe that this new emphasis on the power of forgiveness is exactly what strife-riddled Israel and the Middle East needs right now.

In His IV of love and forgiveness,