Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends and Fellow Special Ops,

May the glory of His nearness be your strength in this late hour! Abba has given me some fresh manna for the race of faith that you are in that undoubtedly will encourage you and then propel you forward into a new fearless atmospherics of living. We must not be people who try to respond to the suddenly’s… after things have already arisen against us, but we must train ourselves to be people who have already pre-prepared a tactical response for what is coming on the earth in these last days. We must be pre-warned to pre-position ourselves to a pre-condition of pre-emptive response whenever the things predicted by Yeshua in the New Covenant…not after, but before they begin to take place!

As we have already written extensively about in our EMM’s to you’all the last 12 years, that in these last days many believers will be deceived by a message from teachers who twist the Scriptures to promise a large girth of luxurious comforts for a utopia-styled existence of blessings in this life. This message does not contain a built in pre-emptive warning mechanism to pre-condition you to what is coming because this message’s thesis is that anything that is “bad” in your life is only from the devil and must be abhorred because God only wants us to have comfort (i.e. the good life). And because this message is so popular with the carnal lower nature of believers today many think that we are called to walk in a garden of ease; living in a so called faith-fantasy-land and are not supposed to be buffeted with the compounded issues of life. It is very simple, Yeshua said many multiple times in His discourses that there would be trials, tribulations, martyrdom, difficulties, testing’s, and betrayal if we truly follow Him. So why isn’t this message being heard more today on the primetime religious networks? Again it is very simple…this message is not what brings in the $$$ to pay for the overhead for these corporate run businesses they call “church”!

So when these compounded issues of living in this fallen world buffets believers that are brainwashed to respond to fight to stay in the hyper-comfort message of the unScriptural “reigning as Kings” mentality (because they are under such fear of being labeled as being in “sin” because they shouldn’t be encountering trials), usually what we hear repeated over and over is a fear produced worry tongues kick in to ward off these seemingly great “attacks” of the enemy. When actually these are nothing more than the anticipated chaos waves of the last days already predicted by our Commander and Chief! I’m getting fed up hearing so many believers blaming that their car won’t start because the devil is attacking them…when in all truth when was the last time they checked their oil and other fluid levels in their engine! I could go on and on here with the list of these panic induced examples of fear believers get into when they encounter living in this life and then blame everything on the devil. It is time for us all to grow up and quit giving the enemy so much credit for all the things going seemingly “wrong” in your life. It is time to flush ourselves of the popular primetime TV “life coaches” and their hyper-grace teachings in this hour and instead robustly pre-condition ourselves for the true struggle of faith and the true victory Yeshua paid for us to walk in! It is the message of the war-like champions (i.e. Judges) we are to emulate in this hour! (See THE WORD OF TRUTH AND THE JUDGES and JUDGES: THE ONLY TRUE SHEPHERDS for teachings on this exciting subject.)

I’m not going to go into a detailed listing of all the things that you need to be aware of in this late hour because this is what drives the self-help section of the religious bookstore outlets and their product sales. People today want the detailed explanations of how to fix their lives and love learning about this over and over instead of simply coming to the acknowledgment of the Truth! Stop reading so many books and get back into the Bible!!!! And the simple truth is we are called to take up our execution stake (i.e. cross) and die! When was the last time you heard that preached as a prelude before major ministries’ announce their sudden divorce of their spouse and life partner?

So instead, I’m going to detail the one big root problem that everything is connected to and thus make it very simple for you this morning on how to overcome what is coming in these last days! Let us start out with the big bertha of all fears and it is the fear or terror of death (Hebrews 2:14-15). This chapter of Hebrews 2 is great EMM nourishment for our hearts and minds this morning and reveals to us the epicenter or tap root of all fear is simply the terror of death (i.e. terrorism). This is what drives mankind into slavery and this is our main enemy in this late hour. Now as we have approached the last days cycle of what Yeshua prophesied would deluge upon planet earth, He is quick to point out to us that things will get so chaotic in these last days that even peoples hearts will fail them because of the things coming on the earth (Luke 21). So our recourse should be to prepare ourselves with a pre-conditioned response that will preempt this shock wave…instead of just procrastinating and hoping things will just work out!

Read and study Hebrews 2 this morning and then link it together with I John 4. Be quick to notice that being perfected or matured in Abba’s love (i.e. Romans 8 mindset) will drive out all fear. And this word to drive out is the same word used to drive out demons in the NT! Abba’s love will flush out this fear of death with a forceful entry into your soulish realm, that if you are not renewed to this lifestyle, it will hold you prisoner to a slavery of fear-induced paralysis at every corner! As you understand and get matured in His great love you will know how to conquer terror because you have entered into the no-man’s land of Romans chapter 9! It is not about your life but rather giving up your life and salvation if need be…for the awakening among the Jewish people!!!! And it is when you have crossed over into this post-Gethsemane realm of living you are now pre-conditioned and pre-prepared to take on terrorism of all forms in this late hour!

May you be encouraged to overcome this spirit of terror that is not going to diminish in these last days but just get more compounded… And it is for this hour we have been pre-destined by Him to win! Your response of death will determine your destiny!!!

In His service for your faith,