Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends,

What I was hearing in the stillness of the morning’s glory haze is that,

“A little leaven leavens the whole lump” (Galatians 5:9 NASB)

This is used powerfully three times in the New Covenant in a way which many of you may not fully grasp this dire warnings…

  1. The Lord Jesus used this example during His discourse about signs of the End-Times being recognized by the red fuchsia color of the Early Morning weather patterns, and therefore, to watch out not to be taken in by the yeast in the teachings of the Pharisees and Saudduces. The leaven in their teachings lifted up man and not God! (i.e. think today anything man centered like “seeker-sensitive services”; “self- improvement” seminars; “how to fulfill your destiny” conferences”). Read Matthew 16in this context! However, as I have been shouting it from the housetops to you who read and are subscribed to this digital forum…the message of John the Baptist (The Spirit of Elijah) is to prepare for The Messiah’s second coming and it is directly opposed to this leaven of puffing up man that has secretly been introduced by carnal leaders to grow their corporate $$ kingdoms due to their puffed up worldly goals! This is the bottom line folks….these people are driven by self-gratification because they do not really know Abba! Selah!It is time to wake up and see the red fuchsia color of the sky this morning! It is time to decrease that He may increase!! Watch out for the man-centered leaven of the Pharisees and the Holy Spirit limiting Sadducees -type teachers!!!
  2. The Spirit of Justice and Power as is in Micah 3:8… filled the Apostle Paul to flush out the leaven that was being tolerated by the church at Corinth (Read all of I Cor. 5). A perverse and unclean adultery was allowed in their midst and Paul has to move in the Spirit of Judgment to flush out and deliver one over to the destruction of his flesh that his spirit would be saved in the upcoming Days of Awe! The arrogance and boasting had to be removed so they could be clean and new lumps for the Masters Passover Feast celebration! We are all commanded to not even eat with those who pretend to be brothers in the Messiah and live in a lawless lifestyle! Yet, we have so many church leaders that are sissy and spineless when it comes to dealing with sin in the camp! They love the numbers in attendance on Sunday morning more than Bible absolutes! Oh, they just keep saying to all of us, “…let’s just love them with our (greasy grace message) doctrine mercy…” all the while we put up and eat with the Christian pretenders who are living as immoral, covetous, swindler, idolatrous drunkards! (No wonder there is so much sickness and untimely deaths in the Church! See I Cor. 11)And guess what Old Covenant prophetic text does Paul quote in I Cor. 5:13 to lay forth his Apostolic authority…? Just look at it this morning and it will curl your hair! It is none other than the warning of Deuteronomy chapter 13! This is the oracle where God allows into His camp a dreamer and dream interpreter with signs and wonders to test the hearts of His people if they really fear and love Him with all of their hearts like they say! Watch out for this secret enticement of the false prophetic dream interpreters to seduce us! It is the leaven in our midst and that person must be removed! Read these two chapters in-sync with each other (I Cor. 5 and Deut. 13) and tell me that this is not what exactly is happening in so much of the pathetic prophetic movement today! A false prophetic immorality after another gospel!!! This is very serious leaven that is not being dealt with today! It is time to remove the wicked dreamers and prophets from our midst! This action is the true love of God in this hour!…How about remembering these explicit dire warnings next time you are about to receive again…the rote charismatic (has really become the “sharasimatic”) rendition of the “every 3rd Sunday of the month” is Communion Sunday at your local fellowship!This is the sheer truth! And who out there reading this email is going to today stand with us and help proclaim that we need a new Reformation of returning back to Sheer Obedience of The Scriptures?! (sounds like S.O.S. to me)
  3. And the third use of this illustration of the effects of yeast and leaven is in found in Galatians 5. The Apostle Paul is rebuking the man-pleasing and man-fearing episode that this church and even the Apostle Peter had fallen into! It is the leaven of the lower nature that wants to very strongly serve God by yokes of religious slavery and not the freedom of being guided by a Holy Spirit-led lifestyle! This is the true love walk and it is by running the race of being Spirit-led vs. being carried along by the desires of the flesh (i.e carnality)! I want to write more about this but the Holy Spirit is telling me to stop right now and exhort you’all to read this whole chapter yourself this morning! He wants to speak and impart His Living Word to you!

Remember: Just a little leaven will do you in! So why would you forfeit the race when you are so close to the prize!?

Let’s remove these three levels of leaven the New Covenant reveals to us today! Do not delay! Your Shalom (peace, deliverance, wholeness, prosperity, health) depends on this flushing action of faith!

In His Service for your faith,