Heading Image: Waterfall in the desert of Israel, Ein Gedi, Israel  (Src: LOI)

Shalom Fellow Warriors,

The days for refreshment are again upon us all!  There has been a noticeable shift in the Spirit realm and Abba wants to reflash His children!  This week while having our staff meeting I suddenly saw The Lord Jesus appear!  He had the look of such pleasure in His face of where this unique ministry is heading!  The afterglow, draftings, and repercussions of this brief visitation has been strong waves of glory and refreshment!  It has been so wonderful to be re-flashed and recalibrated to a higher faith level of who He is and how awesome really He is!  Now He wants us to help you’ll get behind this draft and get metamorphosized also by flowing with this Shigionoth music of Habakkuk 3Psalm 7, and Ephesians 5:14-21!

May this spontaneous music that was birthed while at Riverwalk Fellowship with Steve Solomon during 9/11 bring up a fresh a new encounter with Him!

In His service for your faith,


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