Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Fellow Warriors and God Pleasers,

Mega blessings and updrafts of His tangible presence to you from the center of the Earth…Israel!  The purpose of this update is to impart to you a high voltage experience with God that you may be ecstatically pleasing to Him.  It is not about us or anything else that sits, walks, or crawls on this planet…it is all about pleasing Him and crossing the line into the no-man’s land of being a drilled ear to the door bondservant and bond-maiden of the Lord’s latter glory house (Ex. 21)!  There are many who proclaim their loyalty to serving Him, but it is the walking dead men/women of bondservant-hood who are the true fragrance and enjoyment of God!  He absolutely loves and is totally committed to those who are hot (Is. 65Rev. 3)!  Thus this update is to drive home to you who our fellow warrior friends the need for an absolute attitude change in the course you are choosing for your lives!

One of my duties as a Holy Ghost tactical leader is to drill into you‘all a radical zeal to please Him!  Like it or not…our lower natures are self centered, lazy, procrastinating, rebellious fleshpots of stench that we inherited from Adam’s transgression, and continually want to run opposite from; wanting to cross the line into total Holy Ghost possession!  There are many good teachings out there about the new creation miracle we all have become via the new birth (see Romans chapters 5-8).  But what about the no-man’s land of Romans chapter 9?   This is the missing wavelength that is needed to descramble the signal that our inner man has been sending out about how to enter the hidden door into totally pleasing God!  Why is it so many of us camp out in Romans 8 and do not take the bungee jump into Romans 9?

Why?  It is because today’s believers still want to “feel” something pleasurable and they stay camped out in that zone of suspended blessings and do not understand that we are not called to please ourselves but please Him who died and rose on our behalf (2 Cor. 5)?  OK…let me break it down into simple doses this morning for you.

  1. First read Romans chapters 5-8.
  2. Then pay very close attention to mysterious door that the Apostle Paul reveals in the linkage of Romans chapter 8 to chapter 9.
  3. Paul by the Spirit of God is revealing the mystery of the ultimate way to please God and it is this no-man’s land of hidden “Glory Zone” of death and abandonment for others of a certain ethnic group because of God’s sovereign choice.
  4. The hidden door we all need to enter into, via the post-new birth experience, is to live the crucified lifestyle of a bondservant or bond-handmaiden.  It is to desire to die and lose it all for the salvation of the rebellious Jewish people!  This is God’s choice not ours!  And I’m not saying this because I’m Jewish…it is the predetermined plan of God we must follow and not our own conceptual ideas if we are to totally please Him!
  5. The Jewish people used to be the custodians of the glory realm but veered away into absolute spiritual harlotry and the only way to bring them back is to reach the climax of death to self and stand in this stealth corridor of the mystery of God by this ultimate act of intercession (see Romans ch. 10)!
  6. We must do this by faith or any believer who does not follow thru and thus stays in their own self absorbed arrogance against this mysterious root system of God’s predestined choice will be cut off and the original branches grafted back in (see Romans ch. 11)!
  7. It is this type of “bond-service” unto God that not only brings Him the ultimate pleasure He has been looking for in His creation since the fall of man, but it is also what will cause the remnant of Jewish people to see and receive Yeshua before the great awakening is released!  There are currently hungry Jewish people who want to see normal people that are not religious but are mysteriously dying for something so wonderful and mysterious.  The Jewish people are already pre-wired for the glory realm and they want to be custodians of that realm again but there are not enough believers dying the Romans 9 death to show them the true “HIM”!

Again let me simply recap this hidden no-man’s land for you this morning….  When you are born from above you become a new creature for one purpose and that is to ruthlessly please Him at every juncture and waking moment of your life.  As you grow in His grace, He leads you down the Roman road into the absolute love and predestination He has for you.  All things in your life work together for you to understand that nothing will separate you from His love (see Romans 8).  However, this is exactly where many people want to park at and camp out until the 2nd Coming!  If you camp here and continue to build up a resistance to His promptings to go thru the door of the “no-man’s land”, then you will slowly begin to fossilize into a self serving religion and the stench of luke-warmness shortly ensues.  This will cause God to vomit you out (See the account of Jonah andRev. 3).

So the hidden door of death to self (no-man’s land) that the Apostle Paul talks about is none other than wanting to give up everything, including this wonderful salvation we have, that the Jewish people can be rescued from the regions of the underworld!  The ultimate bungee jump of being a radical bondservant or bond-handmaiden for Him is to give it all up and cross over into the land where you are no longer alive, but have given yourself over to total zealous love that the Jewish people can be saved!  Meditate on this entry point at Romans chapters 9-11 (interesting number sequence here isn’t it…911)!

This is where the Holy Ghost is telling me to take you‘all for the ultimate way to please Him in this hour… and that is for Israel to be saved!  In my first email concerning the Palmach (see the New Palmach part 1), I was able to detail for you the power, in the natural, of a volunteer army that is sold out for the objective to offensively drive out the terrorism forces of their day and establish the modern State of Israel.  Now let us take this Palmach principle to the next hidden level of service and throw ourselves totally into volunteerism; that this State of Israel will see Yeshua high and lifted up through a new “spiritual Palmach” fighting force!

Young Jewish Palmach fighters beforeIsrael became a State

Whatever may be holding you back needs to be vaporized in this hour by your determination to please God…no matter what it costs.  I have mined out the Scriptures this morning; you need to make that final calibration in your heart and give it all up for the Jewish people, our prodigal brothers and sisters of the NT that they may finally come home to Abba’s house!  The Palmach unit example that was detailed in our past email to you’all is sufficient to clarify what the vision is and the key for your personal break thru.

- Now is the time to please Him through a total sacrifice for the Jewish people as did Paul in Romans 9-11.

- In a like manner the Macedonian believers begged Paul, even in their abject poverty, to be a part of the generous offering to help the Jewish believers in 2 Cor. 8-9.

- The Spirit of God in a like way has lead you to this ministry of Rivers in the Desert because your spirit man loves the truth we are not afraid to trumpet out.

- We have a need not for ourselves but for the purpose of raising up a Spiritual Palmach fighting unit of new Jewish believers here in Israel that is on the cutting edge of pleasing God.

- You know what you need to do.  Though it may be fearful and uncomfortable in the natural…in your heart you know it is the right thing to do in this late hour.  So give hilariously!

- It is more blessed to give than receive our Messiah exhorted us….

Now is the time to give it all up to please Him!  Oh, may His rapturous joy and freedom be yours today in the “no-man’s land” of total Bondservant-Hood!

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit