Heading Image: Israel Long Distance Championship Haifa 70.3

Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends,

The war drums against the Islamic terror machine of Iran and its surrogates is at a high feverish pitch like never before here in Israel!  This is such perfect timing to be living in the Middle East and taking advantage of this climate of nuclear paranoia to bring the hope of the gospel to those paralyzed by the things coming on planet Earth per Matthew 24!  So as we have been energized by the Holy Ghost the last several years to help the security elements here in Israel, I have also noticed a dramatic increase in the populous of Israel now being awakened to get in some form of physical cardiovascular shape due to the nuclear terror uncertainty that lies ahead.  It is unprecedented how many people here are not just getting on the fitness bandwagon for cosmetic exterior change, but instead want to go deeper and be primed for mission readiness against the greatest terror threat ever to face this tiny nation!  And this new endurance sport surge finds its greatest impetus in this hour in none other than with the Israeli special forces community of the modern day mighty asymmetrical warriors…just like of old who followed King David into battle (see I Chronicles 11)!  These modern day warriors are just wild for adventure that is being fueled by the Divine Spirit of Justice found in Romans 13 and Isaiah 2!

For our friends and partners reading these Holy Ghost updates, this is a perfect time also for all of us to get off the carnal fitness bandwagon of cosmetic exterior change that has deluged the Western nations the last 40 years, and instead calibrate our temples towards not just exterior modifications, but rather disciplined controlled obedience like Olympic athletes per Paul’s admonishment in1 Cor. 9:24-27.  It is amazing how Paul uses the phrases for disciplining his body in the same context of beating and bruising it as one would do to a rebellious slave of the ancient world! Now I’m not condoning beating people!  But I do understand what Paul is saying needs to be done to likewise beat his body (lower fallen nature) into slavery so he will not be disqualified in this race!  I have seen so many ministries the past 25 years who could preach and conduct Holy Ghost revival meetings but behind the scenes they did not buffet and bruise their bodies into submission.  They lived a undisciplined lifestyle of slavery instead to their passions, senses, lusts, ego, and stomach and thus were disqualified from leading God’s warriors into the battle line! It is so tragic to see how many mighty leaders have fallen in this late hour!

The Holy Spirit told me several years ago to get off the excess weight and get in cardiovascular shape for the spiritual war that is ahead.  He commanded me that this training camp experience was going to get me more well tuned to hearing His secret voice in this dark hour and it would be an example to many other Gideon warriors He was gathering back to Himself!  He then told me to get involved in long distance endurance events of which I resisted greatly for a few days since my body was so trained for comfort and recreational North American pastimes instead (LOL).  But once I obeyed this Gethsemane call of His will and not my own…a whole new spiritual discipline door opened unto me that has been hard, but oh so rewarding in spiritual growth, maturity, and stamina in the battle here in the dark Middle East!  And now I have become a sign and wonder to the endurance community here as we continue to chalk up more podium wins and power performances in endurance competitions that favor smaller racers and not someone like me who weighs in close to 100 kilos!  I know it is wild, but the Holy Spirit’s power keeps coming upon me to run this race and it is amazing my Israeli friends and peers into google-eyed astonishment!  Even last week here during the Israeli Long Distance Championship 70.3 in Haifa, He enabled me to post the 3rd fastest swim and 3rd fastest bike in my age category with a 6th place overall top 10 finish!  I did not know how to swim and ride a TT bike a few years ago and now overall I placed 13th in the swim and 21st on the bike out of 153 racers, most of whom are young enough to be my children!  It is just amazing how many SF competitors have come up to me trying to figure out what my secret is!  They look at my head full of grey hair in amazement and I have to tell them that its not grey hair but platinum (LOL)! So we have become like a rock star to some and hated with envy by other!  Did not Paul say the glory of God has come on the believers to provoke the Jews to jealousy. Who says we are suppose to only see one way to get people redeemed in this hour?  Did not Paul prophesy that jealousy is a great Divine tool to provoke unsaved Jewish people to Divine humility (Romans 11:11)!  GLORY TO GOD for His indescribable and unfathomable ways (Ephesians 3:20)!

Pre-Race warm up at waters edge for intel gathering for Israeli long distance championship course (I’m in the black swim cap)


IDF warriors in the dawn of the morning start the Israel Long Distance Championship 70.3 in Haifa! (I’m slighlty delayed by the red tape on my arm :) )


So it’s been great to get so much positive feedback from our readership base recently about how the Holy Spirit has been leading so many friends and partners to also discipline their physical bodies for spiritual readiness in this late hour.  In our modern culture, it is a war to live healthy with so many temptations that quickly lead to obesity and a lazy entertainment driven lifestyle that dooms the participant into bad health and overlapping spiritual laziness and procrastination.  So in regards to the overwhelming response you Holy Ghost warriors out there have signaled back, we have provided for you’all again the teaching video produced last year at Ironman Germany 2011 European Championship.

The purpose of this video teaching again is:

  1. To encourage you to find the secret of how to maximize the mortification of our temples for war.
  2. To provide for you scriptural references to keep your desire redlined to run this race with endurance.
  3. To give you ideas on how you too can go into the market place and reach the future leaders of this current generation.
  4. To receive a fresh impartation from the Holy Spirit for supernatural weight loss and healing.

Training you for Godliness in this late hour! See below for the latest new desert RIVER ministry operational needs for transversing this dry land with the good news operations!

In His service for your faith,

Scott Holtz