Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Fellow Warriors,

This morning I have some more fresh manna for your faith nourishment in your sector of responsibility and engagement for hostage rescue in this exciting hour.  Let me first begin by pointing out that the absolute perfect atmospheric “still” zone to hear from God is none other than to spend extended time in the southern desert regions of Israel.  This wasteland testing zone of faith, that also provided the backgrounds for the narratives of redemptive history, is also still very relevant for today and I believe is a prerequisite for all believers who want to fully grasp the apocalyptic readings of the Scriptures concerning these last days.  The harshness of this desert climate and the secretive landscapes it harbors, affords the thirsty seeker the unique ability to not only see the supernatural provisions of God in a isolated wasteland, but also experience the robust character refinement process of conforming to the Desert Shepherd Warrior pattern of the Lord Yeshua the Messiah!  This is a stout discipline of stealth fellowship with Abba that is so secretive that even the enemy is unaware of what is really happening in and around you…as you discover His new aquifers of nearness!

In studying the very important theme of the Exodus from Egypt and the corresponding celebration of the Biblical Passover meal, I want believers to expand their hearts to understand that this annual holiday is not just a NT metaphor of deliverance via the new birth from this world’s system (i.e. Egypt) and the devil (i.e. Pharaoh), but also is the upcoming end-time apocalyptic theme for the entire book of Revelation!  The judgments that fell on Egypt are just the micro paradigm of the upcoming huge macro judgments that will also plummet all nations as is outlined in the book of Revelation.  It is a sobering study that I encourage all fellow warriors to become proficient in recognizing!

Now it is in this Exodus/Passover context while in the desert of Israel, that I have received fresh manna from Abba that needs to be heralded internationally in this late hour.  Like in our past 4 EMM’s on the book of Jude and the (not much talked about) stealth insertions of the enemy into our community’s of faith, I again see a another deadly secret precedent that is not being taught much about in the Exodus/Passover event as it directly relates to us and our robust discipleship training needs.  I pray that the following teaching will be used to flush out the hidden stealth sin (i.e. leaven) that may still be plaguing your spiritual growth and desired service for our King and only Supreme Monarch.

(Note: please first read the upcoming Scriptural references to get in sync with the overall context of this very controversial teaching you are about to read.  Be warned…this is a very holy and serious subject that cannot be marginalized to a later date.  Every believer must choose to act now!)

The Macro Correlation:

    1. The Lord not only saved a people for Himself out of Egypt but also subsequently destroyed those who did not believe despite all of the provision and signs/wonders that were being performed in their midst. (See Jude 5; Numbers chs.14-18)
    2. In the NT, we also have the same dire and exact warnings detailed to us via the Exodus/Passover precedent employed by the apostle Paul concerning those who are partaking in the Lord’s Table celebration. (See I Cor. 10)

Furthermore, is there a much more complex and deeper warning issued here by the apostle Paul that we have missed over the last 18 centuries due to the mystical allegorization of the Scriptures; traditions placed on par with the canonized Scriptures; and then the later incorporation of deceptive replacement theology in contemporary Church history?  Has the communion meal celebration of I Cor. 11 evolved away from its original intent of the Exodus/Passover Seder warning?  Is this possibly the stealth leaven that has disastrously caused the contemporary church to be mysteriously plagued with so much disease/sickness, family breakdowns/divorce, and untimely deaths ensuing at an unprecedented rate never seen before in history?  These topical questions need to concern us greatly when so much of a faith community’s resources and time is being spent attempting to get long-time believers counseled out of the dehabilitating Destiny Disfunctionality Syndrome (DDS) and repeatedly healed of the Life Style Diseases (LSD) pattern of a entertainment possessed church culture.  Instead we should see much more resources and time spent to train these same believers in the art of tactical warfare for hostage rescue and follow up occupation stabilization operations to bring healing and victories to those in our sectors of responsibility (see Luke 10)!

Let us now study out these following Scriptural texts and thus identify what is the macro trend that is really happening and thus how we can take evasive action to avoid it!

    1. The Lord’s Supper instructions the apostle Paul issues in I Cor. 11 is directly related to judging ourselves via the two sins of leaven listed demonstratively in chapter 5.
    2. These two sins of leaven that were defiling their celebration of the Exodus/Passover feast was the sin of a) unrepentant pride, and b) sexual immorality (see I Cor. 5).
    3. It was in the midst of this Exodus/Passover celebration that The Lord Yeshua instructed Paul to pronounce irreversible divine judgment on the person in sexual sin and be turned over to Satan for the destruction of his flesh, yet still mysteriously his spirit to be saved.(see I Cor. 5:3-5)
    4. Furthermore, this community of faith in Corinth is being held directly responsible and told also to repent of this leaven of pride in not having Godly sorrow and in removing this leaven (i.e. sexual sin) problem from their midst.  They were puffed up, neutral and thus uncommitted in bringing judgment/justice to this sexual sin and this concession had affected everybody in that local body.
    5. They could not celebrate the Exodus/Passover feast (i.e. Lord’s Supper) in sincerity with this hypocrisy and concession going on.  They are strongly commanded by Paul to deal severely with anybody who is involved in immortally (i.e. sexual sin) and still is a so-called “brother“( this alone blows out of the water the entire premise of the modern day seeker sensitive style Sunday services going on today that generously allow visitors to partake of the Lord’s Table).  Because they did not strongly judge this situation, then even their own celebration was tainted and they were actually going to be eating judgment upon themselves and some were going to die untimely deaths (see I Cor. 11)!
    6. Paul makes reference that the community of faith has been given the high responsibility of judging angels one day…so why can’t they correspondingly remove this sexually immoral man from their midst in a lesser court of judicial precedence?  He commands them that this Exodus/Passover celebration meal is only for true believers and if this prerequisite is broken then the very thing that carried the cup of blessings (see ch. 10:16) becomes a cup of curses instead!(See I Cor. 11:27)
    7. And why does Paul deal so severely with this sexual sin situation in this chapter?  Because look at the reference he quotes about what this leads to from Deut. 13!  This is the very chapter Moses warns about where the false dreamers who do signs and wonders in the camp but are really sent to test our hearts if we truly are going to serve only Him (see I Cor. 5:13 and Deut. 13:1-11)!  When sexual sin is rampant but still hidden in the camp and not dealt with by Scriptural judicial precedent could this be when God allows the false prophets and dreamers to migrate secretly into the camp?  A sobering study here is the direct link in the Scriptures between sexual immoral activity unchecked in the camp by strong leadership and the corresponding visitation of false prophets and false teachers. (I believe this is happening right now!)

Now after realizing the enormity of the consequences of what spiritual deception floods in when sexual sin is allowed into the true camp of God, let us now take some time to rend our hearts and not our garments and purge ourselves of all leaven that is in us secretly and also among us corporately.  It is time dear brothers and sisters, to blow the shofarot in His Holy Mountain!  This issue of sexual immorality is proliferating in the camp like I have never seen it before…and yet also it is not being ruthlessly challenged but allowed for fear of losing people and the all hallowed and idolized tithing base!  It is time to rise up!!!  Who will join me out there?

The next interesting read I began to see out of this Exodus/Passover celebration while along the Egyptian border this week, was the amount of incredible blessings and Divine equipping that comes out once a sincere believer passes thru the gauntlet of robust testing’s in fleeing immortality and sexual sin.  Look at this macro overview of what the apostle Paul brings out in the midst of turning over somebody to judgment for sexual sin.

    1.  The Corinthian church was allowing this sexual sin to go on unchecked and thus they became lifted up in spiritual pride.  Paul therefore comes to them in the seemingly foolishness of the wisdom of God to give them a camouflaged precedent to follow.  This precedent is still very hard for many contemporary believers to follow.  It is the stealth motif of rejoicing to be the scum of the earth and the dreg of all things (see I Cor. chs. 1 and 4).
    2. There were a plentiful manifestation of spiritual gifts in operation in this community of believers in Corinth and they had a lot of teachers…but they had few true Fathers to bring them into the true revelation of Yeshua.  The activity in or concession to the leaven of sexual sin lifted them up to still embrace good teachings and spiritual gifts in their services, but they still missed the mark in knowing how to humble themselves and embrace the scum of the earth bondservant-hood of really knowing the Messiah.  This is the key to understanding how to move in the true wisdom of God and the stealth like ways of His Spirit (see I Cor. chs. 2-3).
    3. Once the sexual sin was exposed and the believers understood the importance of keeping the leaven out of the Exodus/Passover celebration they weekly participated in, then they could be strong enough to not be mastered by anything and thus glorify God with their physical temples (see I Cor. 6).
    4. This victorious living would then overflow beautifully into their marriages and build strong relationships built around serving the Lord and thus not being ruled by sexual burning temptations even in marriage interactions.  True romance and selflessness would ensue and divorces would thus be minimized.  Those who choose to stay single could do so with the beauty of self-mastery and purified consciences based on the pre-election of God (see I Cor. 7).
    5. The removal of sexual immorality (i.e. leaven) would produce a liberality of giving that would not muzzle the true fathers (ministers) financially and would allow them to preach the full council of God unhindered.  The fathers would then be able to guide the unstable, doubting, or weak believers into deep realm of Ps. 23 desert oasis intimacy and not be burdened with the administration of always trying to maintain the overhead of a faculty based on the humanistic Greek /Roman entertainment model instead of the early church model of mobile non-territorial organic fellowships.  This would bring to an end the professional minister model and the resurfacing of faith communities being led by true fathers who know the deep realms of the Spirit realm…fully funded and in need of nothing….(see I Cor. 9).
    6. Once the believers purged the immorality from their midst they could then partake of the Lord’s table in a manner that would bring the blessings of divine health and long life, but also open up their hearts not to be ignorant and thus closed off to the true operations of spiritual gifts (i.e. spirituals or things of the wind).  Why?  Because the true manifestations of the Sprit do not operate in the climate of pride and sexual sin.  Yes, the Corinthian church did have spiritual gifts manifesting but they did not know how to flow with it in the divine order with the love walk.  True and deep manifestations of the Spirit work in sync with love and begin to digress and disappear when strife and division is allowed.  When you see believers who have spiritual gifting in operation but are very carnal and divisive… then look for the hidden stealth leaven of sexual sin in secret operation. (See I Cor.chs. 12-14)
    7. And this type of circumspect lifestyle of walking this highway of holiness is what then brings believers into a much deeper understanding of the mystery of the Resurrection of the dead!  Exciting isn’t it when you read the whole letter of I Corinthians in the macro context of what the apostle Paul is writing by the blessed Holy Spirit concerning the Passover being the key to living victoriously and seeing into the mystery of the resurrection (see I Cor. ch. 15)!

In recap, I want to encourage everybody reading this EMM communiqué to heed the warnings of these above Scriptures that are being properly framed in their original context and intent.  This is not the time to be playing games in the House of God with secret sexual sin and still partaking of the Lord’s Table for habitual forgiveness fix and conscience suppression.  Search out the stealth leaven of sexual sin that may be secretly in your hearts (i.e. adultery, fornication, homosexuality, incest, lesbianism, lust, masturbation, pornography, sodomy, wandering eyes, et cetera…).  Don’t use your body which is the Lord’s Holy Temple to be joined to a harlot of any type.  The sin of immorality is the only sin that is directly (in) and (against) your body and when you take of the Lord’s Table with this leaven then judgment, sickness, and untimely death is the warning of what you will reap.  The unclean harlot Jezebel wants you to drink of the cup of her immoralities and if you do not repent then the Lord will lay you out in a bed of sickness (Rev. 2:18-29)!  Now is the time to repent and return (Acts 3:19).  Not just be convicted and repent for a forgiveness fix and conscience suppression feeling…but totally repent and return to your first love!  Then the very act of taking the Lord’s Table is the prophetic proclamation of the Lord’s return on a greater event than that of the Exodus from Egypt via the Passover!  Take time to meditate on this proclamation and the power of it!

Your sin will find you out and it is in these wasteland testings that you need to have desert concealment if you are going to overcome in this hour what is being released upon this planet.  Remember from our last 2 installments of teachings on this topic of “the Discipline of Stealth” that the wandering stars of darkness have secretly crept into our communities of faith in this late hour and we must be diligent to rout them out through this highway of holiness lifestyle of stealth concealment.

Partake of the Lord’s Table in a holy fearful and reverent new way today!!!!  Finally find your hidden destiny in Him and rest in it!!!!  And finally enjoy that long awaited supernatural road to divine health!!!!!

We love you!!!  Stay tuned there is more….

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In His service for your faith,