Heading image: US Navy SEAL in ghillie suit camouflage

Shalom Fellow Warriors,

In a past email update to you we attempted to uncover a secret discipline of the faith walk that has been used by God throughout the pages of Scriptural history (The Discipline of Stealth).   I have coined this tactic as “The Discipline of Stealth” to help introduce you to a very successful asymmetrical tactic for spiritual warfare and hostage rescue (i.e. soul winning).  This discipline is the heart of all that is miraculous and supernatural in fulfilling of the Great Commission and is the most exciting aspect of the faith walk this side of Heaven.

Let us begin by explaining this Discipline of Stealth by dividing it into the two separate categories of 1) Defensive actions, and 2) Offensive actions.  In the category of defensive actions one must be aware that this is a stealth maneuver initiated by the supernatural agency of the Holy Spirit to launch a counter-measure to hide, protect, or transport a believer into a place of safety during an imminent threat from a hostile force.  The accounts in the Scriptures are too numerous to list here but avid reading of the life of Yeshua; the Apostle Peter; The Apostle Paul; David; Elijah or even the whole nation of Israel coming out of Egypt illustrates for us these powerful counter-measures of miraculous deliverance that come to God’s people in sudden episodes.  If we are truly proclaiming the message that God desires then there is going to be plenty of kings/queens, pharaoh’s, religious rulers, Alexander the coppersmith’s, wild beasts at Ephesus, whole population sectors, and a litany of many other demonized peoples also in a uproar and gnashing their teeth against us in this last days because of the full gospel message we are inserted into their area to faithfully proclaim.  So going into a hostile territory for hostage and POW/MIA rescue operations (that many of you are currently now doing) we can be comforted with the fact that we can be readily airlifted out thru the agency of the Holy Spirit in sync with the ministry of angels, if it is not our set time to be martyred and go home!  However, we must give a word of caution here.  Having faith that God will deliver no matter what hostile force is arrayed against us is a simple and elementary promise of the Scriptures.  But if we celebrate and rest only around this promise, then we run the risk of becoming an ingrown community with a habit of comfort that becomes a de-habilitating bomb shelter mentality.  Unfortunately, this is where most believer’s camp out in today and a general survey of the theme songs that are sung in their weekly services points vividly to this fact.  There is way too much time and money being wasted to celebrate around the big “I” and how He delivered “me”, and believers are being way too much reminded of this comfort and not near enough celebration is being fostered and done in spontaneous worship out in the hostile streets to bring about cutting edge deliverance for those who don’t know the comfort of even being forgiven!  We must wrestle ourselves out of the CCC (country club churchianity) mindset that likes the safety net of this bomb shelter mentality.  We must get out of the salt shaker to see the next new category of stealth discipline in manifestation in these last days…and it is the great adventure of offensive stealth insertions in hostile environments that gives God the most glory due to His Name!

Desert Seals
(US Navy SEALs carrying out a special stealth desert night operation)

In this category of offensive actions, I need to recall to your memory a prophetic teaching I have been doing the last 6 years based on I Corinthians 12:1-6.  The Apostle Paul here teaches that after we learn how to celebrate the Passover correctly by removing the leaven of sexual sin from our lives (I Cor. ch. 5-6), we can then rightly judge ourselves and partake of the Lord’s table in a pleasing way and not bring judgment on ourselves (ch. 11).  This then opens up to us the special effects of spiritual blamelessness and we can finally see how not to be ignorant of spiritual manifestations (ch. 12:1)!  This discipline of holiness based on the Passover/Communion model then qualifies us to understand the three premier categories of spiritual stealth manifestations.  1) The gifts of the Spirit, 2) the ministries of the Lord Yeshua, and 3) the operations of God (I Cor. 12:4-6).  The word “operation” here is also used in the Greek language as the “effects or energies” of God and is the realm of Divine Sovereignty wherein God Himself sends an operation/energy that is many times masked in stealth and only revealed to His servants the prophets (see Amos 3:6-8)!  And this is the same exact word used in 2 Thess. 2:11 of the mysterious energy of delusion that God is now sending on the earth in these last days! (Mystery of Lawlessness PDF)

What is really exciting and what I want you’ all to become aware of here in your personal devotions is the amount of stealth offensive actions that are listed in the pages of the Scriptures when God in His Eternal Sovereignty is doing a new thing in the Earth.  Just in studying the ministry of the Messiah Yeshua, you will notice the absolute windward-like episodes of going to seemingly out of the way places to bring deliverance or a word of instruction to those who were humble and desperate.  Examine closely how He would suddenly appear in the Temple complex or travel thru the Samaritan hill country and even dumfound His own disciples about the places and people He would go to!  This is the premier example we are to follow and this pattern fits wonderfully into the spontaneous Spirit-led street witnessing lifestyle, but horribly into the media time-constrained and heavily controlled and unadventurous modern church services of today.  Again the shepherds of today who are very controlling and time conscience have a very difficult time yielding to the offensive actions of stealth discipline.  And sadly, the sheep under their tutelage also remain secluded from the great adventure of moving in the windward ways of His Spirit that always appear outside the box of the religious kingship/monarchy system.

Again, just sit back and ponder what is it you really want in this late hour from those of you who love revival and the fresh moves of the Holy Spirit?  Do you want a nicely programmed community of believers living in a box of man-made control that we think is true accountability and discipleship?  Yes, this model does attract larger gatherings of people but is that what God really wants?  Or do we want to exactly emulate the community of the early Church believers who were very spontaneous and windward in their worship and community fellowship pattern of discipleship? And thus even when they got too comfortable in the blessings and did not go outside with the controversial message of the Cross…that is when God allowed the persecution to come and destroy their comfort level they had settled down into (i.e. Acts ch. 6-8).

I have been noticing a trend develop as of late that is a direct fruit of the seeker-sensitive and highly controlled media loaded ministries right now.  (Even the churches that were experiencing some form of renewal or revival the last 12 years but have now opted to go back to attracting a tithing base of families instead of being a place for radical Spirit-led services also fits in this trend.)  Instead of teaching the believers how to flow in the windward ways of the operations of the Holy Spirit against terrorism of all forms…there has instead been this heavy emphasis on prospering and fulfilling your destiny.  And this is now morphing into a multicultural message for a softer acceptance for all religions.  The reason for this being is that the “leaders” behind this new production of services are taking their consensus polls and thus finding out that many people are tired of war (i.e. Middle East) and want to reach a place of agreement and mutual understanding with the Muslim fanatics (…like this is really going to stop Jihad…).  This desire to bring a co-existence with the Muslims and thus temper their fanaticism of Jihad is totally humanistic at the very core and is the actual preparation message for bringing about a one world order and the antichrist system.  Keep your eyes on these areas of development dear warriors and keep sounding your shofar out there about this delusion that is operating now from those believers who do not want to fight spiritual battles, but rather just retire into their bomb shelter mentality for “peace” on the earth!  They are becoming more lovers of worldly pleasures than they are lovers of God!

The most effective way I have found to get in sync with the windward ways of God and be a person in the discipline of stealth operations is to get up early and wait quietly at His feet in intimacy.  It is in this secret place that faith comes by hearing His spoken word and this is what will be your stealth sword for the next battle you will face.  It is the key to being not just forewarned of what is coming, but also to forearmed and ready to cut down or side step the wiles of the enemy in your sector of responsibility.  Don’t get too busy that you forget this stealthy discipline of one-on-one devotion with Him!  And especially don’t let your lower nature and carnal mind talk you out of spending this seemingly ”downtime” with Him.  It is not a place of downtime or inactivity or unproductiveness but rather the hidden place of stealth humility and bowing down to His sovereign Kingship so you can be lifted up and be used as a warrior’s sword against the sons of Greece in this late hour (see Zech 9and Psalms 110)!

There is also one more area of stealth that I want to open for you that will bring such delight to your life and it is in the area of secret giving.  The Messiah Yeshua communicated about secret giving to us several times during His stealth ministry in Galilee while He was also secretly leaving the large meetings so they would not keep wanting to make Him a “king”.  You see when you are living this lifestyle of secret stealth prayer it will manifest into secret stealth giving because you get more joy in the secret place than you do in the accolades of others knowing what you do or give!  It is a marvelous place of pure delight and is the central theme of the Cross.

It has been great sharing these nuggets with you this morning!  Keep swimming in His secret river of stealth discipline….

In His service for your faith,