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Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom from Israel O’mighty warriors and may your inner man be more discerning in this hour than ever before! In this 3rd installment of the teaching “The Discipline of Stealth”, the Holy Spirit wants me to point out some hidden mine fields that come par-with-the-course, when you endeavor to serve Abba with all of your heart and be one of those bondservants who have the ability to endure to the end in this last days race of faith. So get ready for some very nourishing spiritual food this morning!

In Matthew 24, the Messiah Yeshua points out with extreme clarity the breakdown of the civilized world before His sudden return. In the midst of all the wars and rumors of wars, there is an evil stealth operation that He warns us about several times during this prophetic discourse. Notice here that His first words were not directed towards the stunning signs of the times and the cataclysmic displays that will even shake the very space and heavens. But rather He warns us to beware that we be not deceived by men whom He lists as antichrists, false prophets, and apostate believers who will have the mysterious ability to mislead many in these last days by the delusion of the mystery of lawlessness.

I have written and warned extensively about this last days delusion and error released upon the earth in our last book The Mystery of Lawlessness, and do not need to go into great detail to explain this in today’s EMM. Now the next area of discipline I want to bring out is your spiritual ability to understand that the greatest conflict in contending for the faith in these last days is going to be in searching, identifying, and thus neutralizing the hidden “creepers” that are in our midst. In the book of Jude, we can see that we are commanded to contend earnestly for the faith and that this language employed by Jude is the same as was used by naval commanders to encourage hesitant sailors about to go into battle in the ancient Greek wars. Notice in your reading of these verses that Jude repeatedly points out the need for us to be on guard against those who have already crept in among us unaware to destabilize the precious faith that has been already handed down to us. Just look at the urgency and the illustrations employed by Jude to warn us that even God Himself has to intervene in this climate of stealth insertion by the enemy to expose and destroy the hidden reefs among us! Why? Because these stealth insertions of the enemy into our community of faith are not just evil men who are like brute beasts…. Or because these ungodly men are going the rebellious way of Cain, Balaam, and the sons of Korah…. But rather these are the very intrusions (i.e. gates) of the fallen angles themselves that supernaturally are the wandering stars of darkness that left their proper abode and service in heaven! They are in stealth diligently working to inhabit the community of faith!

Read the book of Jude again and then soberly think on this warning. You and I do not wrestle with flesh and blood (i.e. people), but rather with spiritual wickedness on the order of fallen angelic beings per Ephesians 6:12. But how do these dark spiritual entities make inroads into our community of faith? We may not fully know how they creep in unaware…but what we do know is that we must be on guard against them with a discipline of spiritual discernment that Jude warns us with in a very imperative Greek word usage reserved for war! Notice that these evil men/women eat among us at our love feasts but are actually hidden reefs just below the surface that will take out your ship quicker than you can imagine. And where does their stealth camouflage come from for this insertion? From the supernatural abilities of these dark angels working in sync directly with the sleeper cells of so called “ministers of righteousness”. Hebrews 13 speaks of us needing to be very careful about entertaining strangers because we could be having good angels appearing to us and we are unaware of it. But what about not strangers, but “friends” who eat and fellowship with us but are really hidden stealth implants of the enemy! This secretive work of the enemy is so dangerous that we must not be naive to it in this late hour! The sleeper cells of the “angels of light” are among us even now (2 Cor. 11:13-15) and we must be warriors of the Messiah that can expose and rout them in tactical stealth warfare!

The first sign we must be looking for to expose not just false brethren, antichrists, and false prophets…but the very wandering stars (angels) of diabolical evil in our midst is by their first fruits they exhibit before the later harvest comes (Matthew 7:13-23). According to the warnings of Jude, we need to discipline ourselves to stealthy move in sync with the execution of the Spirit of Justice that Lord Himself is now moving in by these first entailing signs that give away the location of these evil angelic powers…and it is thru the agency of dreams they exhibit! Yes, before you blow your top, I know intimately that God speaks thru dreams and look at the stealth communicative dreams that God gives to warn men (i.e. Job 4:13-16; 33:14-18). But this is usually in the Scriptures employed to warn believers of the error they are heading into or in warning them of the tactics of the enemy arrayed secretly against them. That is why we base our theology and service on the Scriptures alone and not on dreams/interpretations. The reason being is that Jude lists that the first sign of a supernatural stealth worker of iniquity among us is by the dreams they communicate to lead people astray (i.e. Jude 8; Deut. 13:1-11). The next progression of these dreamers is then to span out into fleshly indulgence, worldliness, immorality, rejection of authority, and even the reviling of true angelic glories.

However, even before these blasphemous acts are revealed among us there is yet still another secretive vein of character we need to be looking at. Because no matter if these hidden reefs that eat with us are wandering evil stars manifesting through a human body or are just believers who choose secretly to fall away into rebellion and let their love wax cold. Both of these groups of rebel dreamers (angelic or human) will always have this distinctive character trait. They are lust-driven grumblers who flatter for the sake of gain and are worldly-minded (Jude 16-19). It is in this mindset of being worldly or naturally minded that they cause divisions within the Spirit-filled community of believers due to their core motivation for personal gain. They may feign that they are humble and teach the motif of the scum of the earth charactership of fathering others in the faith (see I Cor. 4), but in the core of their being they are self-centered and only live for their own gain! …Just like their father the Devil!

Now let us look at one of the most widely used Scriptures on speaking in tongues in the past Pentecostal/Charismatic movement and place it back into its rightful context. In Jude 20, we are commanded to build up our most holy faith by praying in the Holy Spirit. However, this is not directly for our own personal supplications and prayer requests. Rather it is a commandment to keep us strong in the faith for stealth discipline to discern and thus stand against these workers of lawlessness who are either angelic wandering stars of evil or are in the category of Cain, Balaam, and the sons of Korah! Do you see now where we have missed it and have listened to the teachings that take this wonderful and familiar text out of context and selfishly apply it to our own independent pursuit of destiny and answered prayer? Rather we should be correctly applying it in warfare and exposure of those among us that are devoid of the Spirit…clouds without water! This is how the enemy has cunningly been hamstringing the believers in these last days and so many of our dear brothers and sisters have become so tired and worn out spiritually. The false teachers have crept in with a cross-less message of self-help and fulfilling your destiny themes and have twisted the Scriptures out of their original context to entertain people = (enter-to-attain) is what really wears people down! Why? Seeker-sensitive instead of true Spirit-sensitive services attract the carnality in people who are selfishly looking for their own dreams to fulfill instead of the Gethsemane dream of the Son of Man of dying totally to self. And these are the biggest crowd gathering places right now. But if you will start praying in tongues and the groaning of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:26), then you will find that God will use you to expose these hidden reefs and wandering stars of evil in your sector of responsibility! But be forewarned…these peoples will hate and persecute you for shining the light into their secret sins!

And this now brings us to the last portion of today’s EMM meal…and that is how to handle betrayal. Now, I don’t need to go into great detail about betrayal and why it mysteriously happens to all of us who love and serve the Messiah Yeshua. But I do need to give you some guiding principles in how to continually discipline yourselves to get better and not bitter when you experience the Judas’s in your sector of responsibility. And I have to say that this area is the most dangerous of all secretive implants that the enemy has in this hour. In Psalms 55, we see some of the most profound spiritual stealth warfare that the enemy arrays against believers and the corresponding prayers we are called on to utter forth for a violent victory. Notice that the psalmist writes that it was not an outward enemy that he couldn’t withstand and defeat, but rather it was his personal friend of whom he had sweet communion within the glory atmospherics of the house of God. The Hebrew word employed here is the idea of a very close friend whom you have given secret counsel and shared very intimate and personal things with. But later this good friend becomes a Judas and rises against you in such betrayal that it stupefies belief and all that entails the love walk that Christians are supposed to walk in!

Dear brothers and sisters, there is no escaping this supernatural betrayal while here on planet earth. If the Messiah Yeshua went thru it in His earthly ministry then we shall too. In the last 22 years of ministry, I have seen some of the most anointed people whom were very intimate with me suddenly listen to the devil and exhibit betrayal to the extent that our family would sit back and just wonder how “believers” could do such dastardly actions that have been in a revival setting for so many years! Perhaps I have seen it more than most because the anointing upon this ministry is to sound the shofar and expose the hidden evil endearments of people’s hearts. And I also know that many of you’ all that draft with us and sound the shofar yourselves are also experiencing new levels of betrayal that may have bewildered you for a season. Why is this? The best explanation I have is in the realms of judicial sentencing and judgments. It is like when the shofar is sounded under this special anointing that God Himself is sending a direct and irreversible judgment/sentencing that cannot be appealed. Thus, with no other recourse of appeal left for the person in question, the truth serum of God now brings to the surface the true endearments of a person’s heart and what drives their seat of emotions. When the rains of heaven fall on a person’s heart…whatever has been sown secretly (good or bad) will come forth and this divine germination process is in itself the very reasons God in His sovereignty sends the revival rains in the first place (Hebrews 6:1-8). Look at it this way, the reason God sent a revival/renewal this last decade was to actually germinate and thus expose all the lukewarmness in His professing body. And now the next order of Divine Judgment in His house is to now expose the wandering stars of evil and their hideous secret stealth places of division they are causing amongst God’s faith contending generation of warriors! Glory to God!!!

We may not understand why the Lord allows the Judas’s to be in our midst and do so much seemingly spoilage in our lives. But it is this trial of affliction we all suffer that brings us deeper into His glory realm and likeness (2 Cor. 4). Don’t get bitter but get better and count it all joy that you have been predestined for this pruning and refinement process! But I do want to warn you this morning with the utmost sounding of a shofar blast…. Start taking inventory of the intimate friendships you now have and see if there are any small red flags coming up in their character and actions. Remember, the greatest weapon the enemy has is to plant imposters who pose as caring friends in your life as is stated in Psalms 55. Look at what Jeremiah even states in the temple complex about his trusted friends (Jer. 20:7-11)! Even the Messiah Yeshua warned us that family and friends have the potential of being our most hurtful enemies (Matthew 10:34-39). But where did he quote this controversial text from? It is in Micah 7:5-10, which is the very precedent of Jezebel (vs.10) being exposed and finally trampled down in the streets (2 Kings 9:33-37)! Glory to God! Once we endure the betrayal by the hidden plants of the enemy in our midst then we are on course to take out the very Jezebel false prophetic infrastructure in our sectors of responsibility! The wandering stars and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places will fall like lightning (Luke 10:17-22)!

This is very deep and powerful Scriptural texts for us to feed on dear warriors and I also encourage you to read the past email teaching about betrayal and offensives I sent out six years ago titledConflict Resolution: Are you overcoming the first-strike capacity of the Enemy?. It is very important to understand the evasive and offensive action one must take thru confrontation to have the judicial precedent of God behind you when in this type of warfare!

Mega Shalom and blessings to you and do not forget why we are here in the Middle East and the land of bitter violence and embedded wandering stars amassed for this final frontier of spiritual warfare…. We are here to teach these warfare principles and we need more mobile multi-purpose stealth equipment to do it! Give generously as you have purposed in your hearts! He loves a cheerful giver!!!

In His service for your faith,