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Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Fellow Warriors,

I’ve been awoken lately with a continued urgent warning about what is now happening in the worldwide community of faith.  May you find in His presence the resolve and zeal to combat these current infiltrations of the enemy in your sector of responsibility.  Time is short….

In this fourth installment on the new teaching, The Discipline of Stealth, I want to draw your attention again to the Book of Jude, which many scholars believe is the most neglected book in all of the New Covenant.  Yet, in these short twenty-five verses is found the dynamics of an asymmetrical warfare mega trend that I believe is the greatest terrorism threat of our current generation.  It is the threat from within that is so secretive that it will take those who know how to yield to the stealth winds of His Spirit to effectively combat it!

In reading the first four verses alone, this virtually unheralded bond-servant and brother of James (Yaakov) uses the Greek Aor. tense contrasted with the preceding present infinitive to forcefully imply that this letter had to be written at once and could not be prepared at his leisure!  Why?  Because the dire warning had to be issued out now, since a very dangerous secret stealth insertion of the enemy has happened that was threatening the entire community of faith!

What was so dangerous and why is this letter written so briefly and cuts right to the point?  In a deeper examination of the original text we can see that Jude employs the same word usage that is found also in Galatians 2:4 and 2 Peter 2:1, that speaks of a very sinister and secretive operation smuggled in that is the main battle task force group of the enemy here on planet Earth.  We are not talking about just evil workers, apostate believers, or false prophets here.  We are talking about supernatural fallen personalities who are manifesting like hidden reefs in our communities… just like good angels can manifest as strangers per the warning of Hebrews 13:2!  These are wandering stars that work in tandem with the ungodly that even Jude warns by drawing on the ancient prophesy of Enoch to describe these personalities that were punished in the subterranean abyss!  Why would he use this illustration (as also did the Apostle Peter in 2 Peter 2:4) which was borrowed from classical mythology of the Tartarus underworld and later taken over into Hellenistic Judaism to describe the epicenter of all that is the total materialization of evil?  Because we are being warned to wake up and not fall asleep to the magnitude of this epic last day struggle we are now in!  We are in the same days of Noah and Sodom/Gomorrah once again and the incarnation of the ungodly brute beasts today are operating in tandem with the same personalities of the underworld that were also in the exceedingly wicked days of Noah and Sodom/Gomorrah!

You may be asking yourselves why am I going so nuclear about this problem right now?  Let me tell you why….  When this special anointing manifests in my bosom, it is not just of righteous zeal against evil but a prophetic accuracy to bring about a quick tactical strike into the command center (i.e. gate) of the enemy per the Messiah’s directive.  From the past sounding of the trumpet at the false Messiah’s headquarter in NYC, to the various warnings of the past hurricanes/tornadoes in North America, to now the great victories in counter-terrorism exploits and anti-corruption operations in government capitals (and now in Israel).  I know from these past experiences when it is time to warn and sound the shofar that God Himself is suddenly arising from His throne to scatter His enemies once again (Num. 10 and Ps. 68)!

Now with this new cloud of war moving from within God’s throne room, here is the stealth discipline we must now flow into to identify and flush out these smuggled-in entities in our sectors of responsibility.

1) We must know all the Scriptures by heart and memory if we are to get a specific tactical read on the undercover false teachers now among us. They have been brought in under the cover of the hyper-grace and self-improvement destiny messages and do not mirror the message of the Hebrew prophets of the 8th and 7th Century BC.  By knowing these prophetic writings of the OT we can have the true morning star light and thus have the infrared capability to discern the false light of the counterfeit morning star called Lucifer.  Some of these false teachers were at one time good teachers but the shift in their character due to the delusion sent by God must now be diligently looked for in this late hour.  These are the Balaam’s in our midst that switch due to the love of gain.  It is time to do an inventory of what you are reading and listening to in this hour (see 2 Peter 1:16-2:22).

2) We must be on guard against the false brothers/sisters that are secretly smuggled-in to our fellowships.  In stealth they spy out our liberty to again enslave and try to bring back the unsuspecting into the bondage of the traditions of men.  Notice that Paul not only exposed and refused to submit for even one hour to these false brethren, but also had to forcefully rebuke Peter to wake him up to the alien witchcraft force that had even deceived him!  Our problem in the West is that we are just too nice towards people and do not want to cause waves and offend them.  I think it is high time to quit being so polite and naive and start being demonstrative and zealous in our follow up when Abba gives us the read on these false doctrines and false brethren that are now in our midst!  (See Gal. 2:4-)

3) Though we are saved by grace and have been predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son.  This does not give us the freedom to live like a bunch of unclean and carnal believers full of debauchery, immorality, and strife!  You must live holy and pure in the light of God if you are going to see and flush out these stealth implants of the enemy in this hour.  If you do not walk in a pure conscience, then do not be surprised that what you are secretly doing behind closed doors will not quickly manifest and these fallen evil personalities eat your lunch and take you down.  This is not a game or an entertainment package to some extreme adventure outing….  This is a way of life that demands total submission to the Master and His commanding directives.  We also are not doing these tactical exploits against evil to gain some type of favor with God.  We are solid in the grace of His election and do not earn any more acceptance through works.  The reason we walk blameless and circumspect is so we can maintain a spiritual and tactical edge over the supernatural intelligence of these wandering stars of blackness and thus we can maintain hyper-stealth configurations and rapid operational capacity in the enemy’s sector without his knowledge of infiltration.  Once you have learned the simple lifestyle of Gethsemane’s amputation of your will, then you will be inserted into situations like Yeshua, where the dogs will try to hang you out to die, but it is in this camouflaged mode that the very powers of darkness suffer their greatest defeats!  When we are weak then we are strong!!  Read this stealth discipline in 2 Cor. 12!!!

In closing this morning, I want to reiterate with the strongest language possible….  I have been warned lately of major stealth infiltrations of the false teachers and elite forces of evil within the community of faith like has never been seen before on planet earth.  The enemy knows that his time is short and the wandering stars of blackness are amassing themselves not just against believers but also the nation of Israel and its capital of Jerusalem.  They want this high ground very badly in this late hour and the amount of Spirit-filled ministries and ministers going A-wall also in this hour is enough proof to all of us that a major counter offensive is needed by the seasoned ranks of the desert shepherd warriors to strategically occupy until He comes!

This is our finest hour of bringing great glory to our heavenly Abba!  Stay tuned there is more to come….

In His service for your faith,