(IAF F16i formation flying overhead during Israel’s independence day)

Shalom Fellow Warriors,

Greetings to you from the Land of Israel!  There is tons of terror activity from the underworld that has been keeping us busy to stomp out lately (per Rom. 16:19-20) here in the so called “Arab Spring”, which really has become the “jihadists winter”.  We have been in full battle mode as we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but the terrorizing demons layered in the waves of the phobia of death, as this whole region accelerates towards an upcoming Ezekiel war!

In Part 1 of this new series, I wrote that the latest prophetic word I have received from Heaven is that we all are no longer in Joel 2 but Joel chapter 3 of war preparations!  All resources are to be turned towards the great Valley of Jehoshaphat battle for Jerusalem that is rapidly approaching.  Therefore this morning I want to exhort you’all on Joel 3:10.

“Beat your plowshares into swords
And your pruning hooks into spears;
Let the weak say, “I am a mighty man.”

Notice the prophetic oracle here exhorts us to turn the tools of daily food for survival (farming equipment) into weapons of war!  And that the weak are to say they are mighty!  Let me expound on the weakness we must turn into mighty strength in this late hour.

Last week I was in a training exercise with my CT unit in the area of Northern Jerusalem and the ancient Benjamin tribal area plateau.  The discussions that dominated my time with the other IDF officers was not only the Boston Marathon terrorists, but rather their modus of operation that is the base of all terror strikes worldwide.  The terrorists of islamic deception know very well how to profile us in the West.  Though they may not be the most organized units and have breathtaking intel or stratagems, what they do and do very well is knowing how to IDENTIFY OUR WEAKNESSES!   They go to great lengths on studying not our strengths, but where and when we are weak and vulnerable.  Like the demons that inhabit them, they go about like a roaring lion seeking whom they may devour (I Peter 5:8).  Therefore we must be sober in this hour and not drunken in the cares/pleasures of this world system and continue to offer them soft targets of massacre!  (When is the West going to wake up?)!

This soberness is not to be rooted in a defensive posture waiting for them to suddenly attack.  This only breeds fear/phobia and stressed out waste of productive time .  Instead this soberness to be ready against these packs of hunting predators (i.e. sleeper cells of terror) needs to be offensive in nature!  And this is what we must shore-up in this late hour!  Our job as NT Judges in the Romans 13 anointing is to get real time intel from the Holy Ghost, and then strike suddenly and ruthlessly to intercept these terror packs of the enemy!  Isn’t this the modus of operation that God throughout the annals of Biblical history used to destroy and scatter the foreign terror armies arrayed against His people!?  Of course!  But we must be operating out of a mindset of not the fear of self preservation but rather the offensive adventure of pure justice against evil!!!

(Last week CT training near Jerusalem in battle mode for Zion’s sake!  See Psalms 144!)

Here is some ways to shore up your weaknesses in this hour and become mighty in offensive operations for Abba.

1)  Live pure and holy and this will trigger the Shalom of God to crush satan underfoot (Romans 16:19-20)!

2)  Do a ruthless self audit and identify any areas of character weakness that has its roots in fear.  Where you find these roots of fear, you will also find the weakness and cowardliness to fight the enemy.  I usually identify these areas as directly tied to the carnal tunnel vision of self preservation that I may have not have bled out on the rock of Gethsemane (Luke 22).

 3)  Cancel out friendships with people who are gluttonous, lazy, fearful, and refuse to rise up out of their self imposed bunker mentality.  You will be amazed how fast you can run when you are with those of like precious faith and are offensive arrows for Abba and not bench warmers not wanting to get in the game (2 Peter 2:22).

 4)  Turn up your alert level to red in this hour!  Practice profiling people and places you go as potential carriers or sinkholes of the underworld.  This is good practice and this is what we due here in Israel all the time in our CT units.  Always paying attention to small details and never letting our guard down!

 5)  Just like you would prepare for an upcoming hurricane if you lived in the Eastern seaboard of the USA in September, likewise have a plan of evacuation/action if surprised by terror of any form.  God always provides the way of escape from underworld activity…you just have to be focused to see it!

 6)  Be on the alert to dreams, visions, and prophetic inclinations the Holy Spirit maybe signaling to you right now.  Move in offensive wisdom and not paralyzing fear.  Know how to follow the green light or red light mysterious witness of the Holy Spirit.  This will make you metamorphosize from a weak believer into a strong warrior for God in this late hour!

 7)  Stop feeding your mind with current fictional Hollywood entertainment movie addiction!  It will dull your prophetic discernment and evaporate your walk of faith in moving in the power works of signs and wonders per the “energia” of God found in I Cor. 12:1-11!  Want to know why there is not much Holy Ghost signs and wonders against terrorism in the fellowships today?  It’s because they enjoy their movie addiction more than the move of the alien works of God (see Isaiah 28:21-22)!

We love you’all and don’t be afraid of the terror coming on the world in these last days!  Perfect love drives out all fear (I John 4) and marinate in His secret place for offensive exploits against terror in these last days!

In His service for your faith,