Heading image: Thermal night recon training to identify the enemy

Shalom Fellow Warriors,

Mega Shalom to you from the Land of Israel!  This morning we were deluged with a mysterious and powerful thunderstorm at a time of year that is very rare in this arid zone of planet Earth!  Amazing timing as today is also the day of Pentecost (Shavuot)!  Just like the account in Acts chapter 2 of when the day of Pentecost was fully come (just after sunrise), we too were deluged with monstrous thunderstorm activity with sounds of tornado’s (rushing mighty winds) over our area at dawn!  Love the confirmation in the atmospherics that a new thing has begun and these rare rains are again a sign of Heavenly activity of the new thing!  It has already begun! Time to follow the cloud warriors out of the old and into the new River!!!As we have been discussing the last few emails, this new thing is not Joel 2/ Acts 2, but the beginning of Joel 3 and the Judges rising up for battle!  But to do effective spiritual warfare, one must have on the key armor centerpiece that holds everything together.  It is the belt of honesty/truth of God’s armor  (Eph. 6:10-14).  And it is the first thing we must gird ourselves with before withstanding the wiles of our enemy.Ok here we go….

Night Vision training to expose the enemy!

1)  If you do not love (agape) the Truth and live a blameless lifestyle of honesty then you are already in deception and subservient to the devil of whom is the father of all lies.  There are no grey areas here.  Black or white…period!

2)  In my book (The Mystery of Lawlessness), I Scripturally examine the last days deception that God Himself is pouring out on those who do not love (agape) truth and honesty (2 Thess. 2:10-11).  This is the terror of the Lord and if you are being convicted as you read this warning then now is the time to repent and turn around.  You must be brutally honest with God, others, and yourself right now or your stubbornness will catapult you into the way of Esau! There is no waiting around…the warnings of Hebrews ch. 6 are upon us now!  Don’t be like a dog that returns back to its own vomit!  (2 Peter 2:20-22)

3)  The Divine categorization of sin in the Scriptures will reveal the main tap root of dishonesty and lies that most believers continue to secretly enjoy.  It has mastered them and thus has been classified by God as a sin that is not outside the body but inside ones body (Temple).  Read 1 Cor. 6:12-20 right now!

4)  The first sin that moves outside the body and into the body is the sin of adultery and all forms of sexual immorality.  This sin migrates this direction when a believer secretly moves away from their first love (Jesus), and believes the lie of the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  The immediate fruit is the lying cover-up and mind games.  The mystery of lawlessness and rebellion has begun.

5)  According to I Cor. 6, this coverup is to hide what is now mastering the body (Temple) and what is being hidden is none other than sinful sexual perversion.  One can see this falling away at first very subtly by what entertainment packages a believer now secretly watches then later in public.  Or how they respond to the opposite gender around them.  The subtle changes in clothing styles and dress that become more and more provocative as the lie within intensifies like a cesspool.  Casual drinking and dancing with unbelievers eventually begins to manifest and the warning of “fleeing every appearance of evil” lest a younger believer stumbling, is no longer the self control mechanism.   It’s all about the big “I” and the message of self denial is loathed venomously!  The once predominate mind being renewed to the fear of the Lord has been replaced with a hyper grace message of delusion.  The dishonesty and fear of being exposed is now over-riding the conviction of the Holy Spirit within and now the demons bring in their army of possessed unbelievers to become friendly and provide emotional stimulus of social acceptance.  The deceived believer now thinks that they are experiencing more “love” and acceptance among these wolves in sheep’s clothing than with believers in the Church.  And thus begin to berate them and the message of the Bible as being hypocritical, not knowing they have become encircled by intelligent fallen principalities.  The wolves are now circling a lost lamb…..

6)  The whole lie now becomes intensified due to the fear of shame of being found out that one has now become controlled and mastered by a sexual perverted displays of impurity.  Great energy and mental thought is put into action to cover up the life of lies whether it be secret adultery, fornication, porno, idolatry of vain outward beauty, etc….  But once exposed by witnesses, the liar now blames others for their problems and the guiding idea of self accountability for ones own actions has evaporated like the dew in the morning.

7) When this lifestyle of lies begins to be exposed by the light of the Holy Spirit, the light bearers (truth carriers) are demonized and assaulted with hot emotional verbal assaults.  Revenge is now in the works to destroy the light bearers of truth and many times ones worst enemies maybe family or friends that now have become ravenous wolves to destroy your testimony because you have become a Holy Ghost whistleblower!  As the Apostle Paul describes to the bewitched Galatians, “Have I now become your enemy because I tell you the truth?” (Gal. 4:16)

8)  The lie of sexual immorality is the only sin listed in the Scriptures to be that of one against the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  We are thus commandingly told to FLEE from it!  (1 Cor. 6:18)

It is very sad to see so many believers lose their self control in this hour and resort to lies and compounded dishonesty to cover up their sexual sins against the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  God is not mocked, whatever you sow you are going to reap in this hour of Divine justice in the earth.  The sexual perversion that has secretly mastered so many of God’s people did not happen overnight.  It was a slow process of leaving ones first love and secretly enjoying the pleasures of sin rather than enjoying the pleasure of the pure walk of holiness in His Presence.  Out of this deception has been conceived a hyper grace message of  a modern “love everyone” theology to please the masses that has allowed this sexual impurity river to flow unabated in many fellowships today.  It is interesting to note that this immorality perversion is directly related to the false prophetess jezebel in Revelation 2:20.  To tolerate this immorality is to invite the judgment of God per ch. 2:21-23.  This is scary stuff and I for one refuse to back-off proclaiming this message of holiness and purity even when those in this Land say I’m being too radical and prophetic!

The belt of truth (honesty) not only holds together God’s armor to protect you from the fiery missiles of the evil one, but also is what holds up your pants!  As I have said for years, “You cannot be a Levite for God if you can’t keep your levi’s on!”   This again holds so true today!  He who commits adultery and immorality troubles his own house and will inherit the wind!

Do not be deceived dear warriors!  You cannot win the spiritual fight against the terrors of the underworld if you do not walk in truth and honesty!  Open up the Book of Proverbs alone, and study all the references that are made to a lying tongue and adultery!  It is staggering!

Maybe this is why I have met so few in this generation who truly have the adventurous heavenly zeal downloaded from Abba to assault the portals of the underworld of islamic terror and fight modern day terrorism?

Time for the Army of God to arise and shake off the deception of lies in this late hour of the Valley of Jehoshaphat Judges assembling for Jerusalem’s sake!!!!

In His service for your faith,