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Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors, One of the main purposes the Lord of the Armies of Heaven has raised up this digital ministry of Early Morning Manna is to give you accurate and precise reconnaissance to serve and please Him in the combat sector you have been planted in. Let us make no mistake about [...]

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Heading image: Time to catch the latest wave of the Holy Ghost! Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors, Been having some glorious times in His secret place the last few days and the level of expectancy for miraculous breakthroughs is heavy in the air. This is what is so cool about being in Israel…all of the [...]

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Bodily Exercise Profits Little? What Did The Apostle Paul Actually Mean By This Statement?

Heading image: Macabiah Olympic Triathlon 2009, The Sea of Galilee, Israel How would you’all like to do some house cleaning and expose some religiosity that may have taken root in our consciences and minds concerning a very important aspect of maintaining our health in these last days?  If I have your permission, then let me [...]