Heading image: Time to catch the latest wave of the Holy Ghost!

Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors,

Been having some glorious times in His secret place the last few days and the level of expectancy for miraculous breakthroughs is heavy in the air. This is what is so cool about being in Israel…all of the underworld can be moved against you, but there is always a secret place He provides amongst the wiles of the enemy and the false brethren! This secret place is endowed with the thick fog of His glory rain and invigorates one’s soul with fresh endorphins from His river IV’s mainlined into the seat of our emotions! It is joy unspeakable that humbles oneself into prostrated delirious joy cycles of laughing/rejoicing that is not accessible to the carnal/un-renewed bean counting mind. Herein lies the camouflaged entrance to the secret place of the Most High that I never want to depart from and this is the great terror our enemy here in the Middle East has presently. That believers here can be fully functional in a stealth combat mobility in a environment that is ruled by the toxic birthplace of religious Churchianity, Judaism’ and Islam overlordship! All and every false religious spirit, prophet, and false messianic figure was birthed from this region’s religious abyss of harlotry. And if one is able to maintain disciplined residence in the secret river of His delights while living here and not just survive but thrive in this environment, then there is hope for all you our friends facing trials of many manifold types in your sectors of responsibility! There is supreme victory in His Blood!!! Do not give up!!!

So dear friends, I’m compelled this morning to raise up more warriors who hate evil and fear nothing and I pray that this Early Morning Manna will inspire you to rise up and do courageous exploits in this hour!

First, let us review our mission and that is the Gideon 300 Tactical Surgical Warfare Unit (TSWU) which is based on the Scriptural principles of –

  1. Stealth Warfare
  2. Surprise Attacks
  3. Spontaneous Evangelism

The theme of this type of spiritual warfare can be coined by this statement from an Israeli Brigadier General who said,

“…Small units with ample intelligence can be most effective. The idea is to create a dilemma for the enemy (terrorist) and try to disrupt its activity. We call this tactic Surgical Warfare.”

Thus to achieve this tactical advantage against the gates of the enemy no matter what your situation now is, we must follow the Holy Spirit’s communicates from the secret place to not enjoy a recreational diversion (T.G.I.F. Thank God It Is Friday attitude), but to be mobile to disrupt, confuse, and then plunder the enemy’s encampments. Those who understand the true sound of the trumpet (shofar) that is sounding in this hour are being downloaded with a desire to be more mobile and unrestrained in this late hour!

The missing ingredient to your successive breakthroughs is a simple, yet a hated status, to the carnal nature and that is the idea of MOBILITY…. Let me explain it from this historical precedent. When the church lost her Hebraic roots in the 2nd-3rd Century she lost her attitude of a profound AWE of God. To the Jewish believer, the person of God was treated with great respect and reverence. They understood that our little minds would never fully understand God. The only true corresponding action was to thus love and please Him. The Greek (Western) mentality on the other hand deified the human intellect. They assumed the human mind could ultimately understand God, and believed if you could understand something, you could control it. Their goal was to “figure out” God logically. So as the church lost its Hebrew roots, it embraced this intellectual Greek preoccupation to analyze God. And thus is why the church was launched into many centuries of intellectual debate. Another thing that started to occur at this time (known as the dark ages), was the control mechanism of the Western church became (thanks to Constantine) centered around a building structure and priesthood (papal authority) rather than freedom being enjoined to movingly spread the good news outside a sacred altar area (hint, hint).

I could go on and on here with these key historical precedents…but I think you know where I’m going O’ Mighty warriors!

  1. The carnal mind wants everything figured out and open to analysis.
  2. The carnal mind loves everything planned out and entered into it’s 5 year planner.
  3. The carnal nature does not like to be mobile and spontaneous.
  4. Thus the carnal mind views the things of the Holy Spirit wind as folly and ridiculous(I Cor. 2)!
  5. I call this the paralysis of analysis!

So let’s connect the dots and see where most local churches are in their attempt to please Abba….

  1. They are tied to a elaborate building or complex facility that millions of $$$ are poured into to build and upkeep.
  2. The services are usually very predictable and very timed. (In all my years of revivals, I have never seen the glory cloud manifest in multiple Sunday morning services. It has always been on the days like Monday night etc….)
  3. Visual stimulus is used for appealing to the intellect and five senses (i.e. power point screen shots, concerts called “worship”, illustrated sermons, etc…)
  4. The managing pastors are usually “control freaks” and train their ushers to shut down anything that interferes with the “holy hour” of the delivery of their sermons. Which is really just the natural fruit of the Kingship Monarchy pattern of leadership that the people want….
  5. Mobility and Spontaneity is very difficult to achieve when everything is so centered in this model!!!

When the leaders/shepherds are not spontaneous and mobile to the winds of the Spirit then the sheep suffer! And boy there is so much suffering stagnation out there! God needs His people to rise up and get going and let’s not let the problems mentioned above be our motivation but the Scriptural precedent listed below!!!

Now the Scriptural precedent to pleasing God by faith is directly correlated to MOBILITY also!

  1. Abram was called out to get mobile and leave everyone when God said in Hebrew (Lec Lachah) or literally “Get out of here!” (Genesis 12).
  2. All the Patriarchs of Faith lived a mobile and transit lifestyle (Read the rest of Genesis)!
  3. The design, weight, and materials used in the Tent of Meeting and the Ark of the Covenant was for MOBILITY!
  4. The early Church grew and flourished when she was mobile and spontaneous and not tied up to a building (Read the Book of Acts)!
  5. In the Hall of Fame of faith heroes (Hebrews 11) the whole account is based on the believers of old who were mobile, transit, and pilgrims on this planet!
  6. Whenever the Glory of God appeared in the Biblical account there always came a commissioning to get out and go (see Exodus 25; Isaiah 6; Ezekiel 1; Acts 2; Acts 9 & 10).
  7. And 2/3rd’s of God’s name in English is “GO”!°

OK mighty warriors let’s review and then give you some practical corresponding actions to imitate and thus release your faith for new exploits and breakthroughs!

  1. Since the faith walk is not by sight but always going to a place we do not know….then what hinders us is what we KNOW! (that is deep)…..
  2. So this predicates a humility and constant searching to stay close to Abba! And all other knowledge is thus dung!
  3. You must ask the question today, “If God called me out today…how long would it take me to get un-entangled and go?”
  4. Look thru your apartment or house and start cleaning out the stuff that hinders you from being mobile and ready to go!
  5. Do not let family, friends, or even your pets keep you from launching out! You will be surprised how many folks can’t go anywhere for fear of their cats not being taken care of!!!! (please don’t email me on that statement…yes I do like cats and dogs and fish, etc…..lol).
  6. Start paying down those high interest credit cards and get out of debt!
  7. Learn to be content no matter where you are…sleeping in a ditch or sleeping at the Ritz Carleton! Watch out for the nesting instinct of having a joy in comfortable furniture, things and entertainments! This will hinder you from wanting to be mobile at His windward directives!

Glory to God! Don’t you feel lightened up after reading this Manna this morning!?

OK Fellow Warriors, Let’s get busy and lighten up our lives so we can be mobile and GO….

It is the key to your breakthrough!!!!! FAITH IS MOBILE!!!!

In His service for your faith,