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Shalom Friends,

Mega Shalom to you from Israel!

We pray that this EMM update shakes you up in a Divine way and fires some spiritual faith muscles that have laid dormant due to a self absorbed lifestyle of comfort zones!  Before you blow some head gaskets by reading this brief exhortation, I encourage you first to be open to correction and evasive action just like a pilot would be if he realized he is about to land at the wrong airport!  OK, end-time warriors let’s dig in and break up the fallow ground with all haste!

The last seven years we have been stealthily inserted into the counter terrorism community of this tiny country for the specific mission of disrupting and destroying terror by miraculous exploits against the last enemy (i.e the fear fo death) per Hebrews 2:14.  This is a supernatural outworking of years spent in the Secret Place and being metamorphosized by the Agape of the Spirit.  This secret lifestyle change is totally charged to drive out the fear of death per 1 John 4!

All of the messages we have delivered from the atmospherics of this Secret Place are geared to the end result of hostage rescue and disrupting/destroying the highest caliber weapon the enemy has against humanity (i.e. the fear of death = terrorism).  That is not something we dreamed of wanting to do as a career but it was something we were launched and thrusted into by the Gethsemene lifestyle of death to self in the early hours of the Shahar blackness over many years of only wanting to please Him!

Now coming out of these combat missions recently here in Israel and communicating with believers back in the Western “civilized” lifestyles of social Churchianity has created a putrefying nausea in my spirit man.  I love believers but I’m disgusted in the lazy, lethargic, self absorbed, sissy, coward, hedonistic, material, perpetual fear of money phobia’s of lifestyles that have reached epidemic proportions in this hour. So many believers I know over the last 30 years of ministry have just given up and become zombies to the animal instincts of self indulgence and wantonism to comfort idolatry.  When I listen to many believers conversations it’s all about “I”, “Me”, etc… and it is so nauseating!  Luke warm is pukewarm to Jesus and it all begins with the virus of the ego!  The spirit of stupor has sadly engulfed so many warriors I use to know in the Western congregations and they only see themselves as perpetually needing self help teachings and only want to thus seek out a Biblical diet at a kindergarten level for Sunday Services.  And many of these believers are men who act now like they got some weird sex change secretly because this is exactly how they are acting!  Like a bunch of spineless leaders who refuse to take the spiritual lead and let the sisters do all the work!  It is weird and it is demonic!

The lust of the flesh for secret sexual impulses is more important for them than anything else in their current existence and they are now morphing into what the very book of Jude warns!  The false prophetic clouds and black holes of apostasy!!!   Wake up and shake yourselves you men called by Abba to be warriors and put off the old man before you enter the final stages of luke warmness of this Ladiocean age (Rev. 3)!

The next thing I have been warning believers called to be Holy Ghost warriors has to do with your god being your belly!  I’m shocked by my travels and in those believers that come to visit Israel how many of them are not just overweight, but obese and HUGE!!!  Several years ago we added (in nicety), a new Spirit-Filled Fitness page to kindly get the message to overweight warriors that they needed a serious circumcision of lifestyle/diet and get physically fit for the end time war of attrition that is now raging!  I’m very thankful to Abba for those who have been challenged and made the lifestyle change to honor Him with their physical temples.  But the blame also lies right at the door of the leadership of the Western Church who profit by being a nursery/hospital for these believers who don’t want to change but just stay parked in their pews! And this will attract big crowds and big offerings!  The love of money is the root of ALL evil!

This now brings me to the core exhortation of the Holy Ghost to you who have the courage to read and repent!  Battle fatigue comes to all of us in this last day war we are all in.  We cannot escape it as it is part of the faith walk in these fallen human tabernacles.  However, if you are finding yourself in a long term cloud of fatigue, tiredness, and fearful reluctance to fight the enemy and are always seeking your comfort zone for direction and entertainments, instead of destroying evil….  Then you most likely have been sowing for many moons now into a secret perverted sexual lustful and glutton lifestyle that has imprisoned you into a combat fatigue that you longer recognize.  You have been duped and it is a hole you must dig yourself out of by first placing the blame square on your self for not listening to correction!

Look up the Scriptural texts in the Book of Romans alone about the lower nature (i.e flesh) and you will see that if you do not bridle the lower nature and get your mind metamorphosized to a selfless lifestyle (see Romans chapters 1-8), then you will not be a part of the great end-time Jewish awakening that is outlined next in Romans chapters 9-11!  Read the whole book of Romans in one sitting and see the forest for the trees!

Strong words this morning for all of us but there is no more time to waste….

In His service for your faith,





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