Shalom Friends,

The signs of the times are all around us as the Matthew 24 prophetic oracle of our Commander and Chief is unveiling before our very eyes!  Don’t you feel the urgency to get ready for Spiritual battle like never before?  If so, then this email update is for you!

Recently, I got off the grid and went into the high desert elevations to pray and wait upon Abba for direction for 2014.  After a few days of this endeavor, suddenly heavy rains flooded my desert campsite and I decided instead to ride out the storm and continue to wait upon Him.  As the thunderstorms increased its intensity the Holy Spirit quickened me to tape several teachings on the new special forces of God and how believers can be a part of His endtime army of harvesters!

The set time has come friends for us to come out of our stealth operations here in the Middle East the last seven years and begin to train you’all in the new ways of stealth operations to reach the harvest in this hour!  Enjoy this new video series below and let us hear from you soon!  We have discovered new locals in Israel to bless and comfort the IDF warriors with act of kindness!  Every offering counts!  Now is the time to arise and comfort Zion!!!

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit


The New Special Forces of God
Episode 1: Our Most Power Weapon (Part 1)