Shalom Friends,

The response has been awesome from last week’s Part 1 video on The New Special Forces of God!   Great to hear the testimonies coming in on how this fresh message is exactly what the Holy Spirit has been speaking to His warrior Bride in the Earth today! Need direction and encouragement?

Need a little help from your friends here in Israel (the Holtz family :)) to get dusted off and reinvigorated to sprint ahead of the battle that is building here on planet Earth?  Well then, tune in below to Part 2 and let the Holy Spirit search out your heart and mind of any secret embers that may still be burning that you forgot about….

Glory to God!  It is a great pleasure to serve you’all this fresh manna from Abba for your sectors of responsibility He has planted you in!  Keep up the pace in this race and don’t slow down!  Keep Ephesians 3:18-21 constantly before your eyes!  Thank you for your continued joyful giving into this radical fishing hole He has opened here in Israel!!!

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit


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