Shalom Fellow Warriors,

It is all systems go and full out running for the prize for the upward calling in Messiah Jesus!  No time to quit or slow down!  Phil 4:13 is our war cry!

In a recent study of Hebrews 4, I noticed that the admonition is to quake with Godly fear lest we come short of the rest of God as did the children of Israel!  They were afraid of the giants and war in the promised land and only thought of self determination and survival (i.e. food, shelter, and their offspring), and were willing to go back to slavery in Egypt!  Crazy isn’t it!  But wait, is there a foundational pillar to becoming a Caleb/Joshua style end time warrior drafting closely behind our Commander and Chief?  Yes there is and I’m overjoyed to help unveil these secret Scriptural disciplines to achieve victory against the wiles of the underworld!

This morning we have provided Episode 3 in our new video series about the New Special Forces of God and may you take the time to open your Bibles and follow along the references interwoven in this short teaching video.  Be blessed and invigorated in your faith as we let the Spirit’s agape love captivate us in this exciting hour!

Thank you for your love and support as we together follow the new thing happening in Israel and the Middle East where there are multitudes in the valley of decision (Joel 3)!

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit



The Special Forces of God Episode 3:
Our Most Powerful Weapon (Part 3)

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