Shalom Fellow Warriors,

The most exciting time in the Scriptures to rendezvous with the Spirit of God is found early in the pre-dawn (shahar) blackness.  It is  the time of the brightness of the Morning Star and His resurrection power!  So many Scriptural references to this secret zone of mysterious communion time!  We must dig out these references and change our daily habits as one of the signs of the last days is SLUMBER!  In our ministry travels over the last 3 decades, I always ask the seekers in the meetings, “How many of you does the Holy Spirit wake up super early in the morning to communion with Him?  And you begin to pray and fall right back to sleep? ”  And ususally 95% of the hands are raised!

So just wanted to give you warriors a practical video tip on how I maintain focus/discipline for getting up early when it is cold and the tempation to hit the snooze button and stay under the warm covers is so strong (LOL)!

Be blessed as He rendezvous with you in that secret predawn place (Psalm 63)!

In His service for your faith,


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