Shalom Fellow Warriors,

Here is a short but encouraging video clip we did one night coming back out of the high desert country.  So much of what is done today in Romans 13 sword ministries (DEVGRU, LE, Security) is at night and the pre-dawn hours.  The cover of darkness or really “lowlight” conditions makes covert operations so much more successful because it grants the Romans 13 sword bearear stealth surprise!  And one thing I have learned here in the Middle East is that our enemies do not like to be surprised in counter-terror operations!   This is exaclty how our Messiah Jesus is going to return for the final defeat our enemies!   Suddenly in the night and we must be ready to move quickly like the 5 wise virgins of Matthew 25!

We must not slumber due to always staying in our comfort zones but be ready in this dark hour.  It is time to throw our full support behind the Romans 13 sword ministries in this late hour!  And this is exactly what the new wave of the Holy Ghost is upon Planet Earth right now!   The Church has moved out of Joel Chapter 2 and now we are in Joel Chapter 3!  Time to raise up the mighty men of war!  GLORY TO GOD!!!!!

Thank you for helping support us in this stealth mission!  Yield spontaneously to effervescent generosity to help us strike out into new territory here in the Israel!

In His service for your Faith,



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PS, Many ask me how I can maintain and thrive in the Middle East with so much glorious exploits, Divine favor, and uncontrollable joy when the wheels are coming off the entire region right now. Well it is real simple…I maintain a very high modus operandi of giving that convicts, shames, and stuns many saved and unsaved. My whole life is a empty purse that is addicted to radical giving! I have been led to stay away from the tight fisted selfish stingy believers here who do not have the abandonment to give with hilarity…wanting nothing in return! It is a great stun gun to neutralize the antichrist spirit here and I will never stop in this stun giving! So we move in stealth and keep a wide berth away from the stingy folks and give radically to those who are truly desperate and being targeted by the Holy Spirit for salvation or emancipation from religious carnality! You really can’t teach people to give expecting nothing back. It can only be learned through osmosis in the secret place of His river soaked IV feed still realms of Glory! And these are the folks that support this ministry and these are the folks that are the real warriors I’m writing to in these communique’s! Bless you’all for your repeated supply drops for the current ops here and may what I have been experiencing the last few weeks in His secret IV endorphin mainline from Heaven be also yours in this exciting hour! It does not matter the economic climate you maybe in…just keep giving hilariously! The vision to build out a stealth center against terror is ready to be implemented. This is a secret project that is very close to the heart of God. Let us labor together and contact me to discuss the budget currently needed. What a time to be alive in the Middle East for the new awakening approaching! New stealth projects have been started this week and funds are needed to implement moving forward. $893,000.00 is needed and feel free to contact me for more operational specifics! Glory to God!

Here is our unit badge for the new team of Judges here in the ME!
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