Shalom Fellow Warriors,

Hag Semach (Happy Holidays) to you from Israel this Passover/Resurrection week!

Mega things happening in the Earth so far in 2014 and I hope everybody has been studying the Prophet Joel and his oracle about the Last Days!  We have got so much going on here in the Middle East that time does not suffice a detailed description in this digital format.  Why?  Because we must instead fine tune our ears and move with haste out of this generations worldly/idolatry secularized system (i.e. Egypt), and into the new desert winds that have been blowing all night to give us dry land to pass over on thru the Red Sea!  Abba is calling us out for a new thing!

I desire everyone who reads this update and sees this embedded video will be shocked-wired for mobility for QUICK TRANSITIONS!  When I think of Passover, I do not think about matzah, Pharoah and Red Sea deliverance, Seder meals, etc….  What immediately comes to my mind is that we must eat in haste and get out of Egypt into the NEW THING God is doing!  The whole meaning of this season is to get out of the old and sprint into the new resurrection power!  The blood of The Lamb of God is on our doorposts so let’s get out of what we have been doing for the last 400 years and get into the desert to meet the God of our Fathers!   Eat the Lamb meal, get your bags packed, and get ready to run out under the stealth cover of the pre-dawn blackness of Goshen Eastward!   We must eat with our shoes on because this is not the time to recline and enjoy a family sit-down but rather a family EXODUS out of the devils darkness and into a new mysterious Shekinah Glory visitation/habitation in the wilderness as He purges the “wild” out of us!  HE WANTS TO MEET HIS BRIDE STARTING IN KADESH-BARNEA IN A NEW SHEKINAH GLORY MOBILE TABERNACLE!

So don’t get all bogged down and try to over-analyze all the symbols in the elements of the Passover Seder!  Yes, Yeshua is the middle matzah broken for us!  But that is all elementary milk teachings of the Messiah (Hebrews 6)!  Instead glean from those symbols to give you spiritual energy/encouragement to launch into the race to run out of Egypt with your family ASAP so God can destroy your/His enemies!  But again don’t focus on that too much, but keep going Eastward (same word for going East is also to go forward in Hebrew), because this whole Passover out of Egypt is funneling you and I into the resurrection power of the Messiah Yeshua and His new visitation in the desert to His Mobile Bridal Shekinah Glory chambers (Isaiah 4)!

There is an invisible crosswalk into the doorway of this Highway of Holiness that will open to you in the early morning pre-dawn hours.  If I can find this secret place so can you!  May this Spring become your crossover point into the secret realms of faith!  Enjoy the video!

In His service for your faith,



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