Shalom Fellow Warriors,

In training for Special Forces units, one of the main determining factors in developing a qualified candidate is their ability to become self sufficient and survive when operations are compromised by a sudden change of events.  The purpose of this intense training selection process (and dropout rate is very high) is to see how a candidate is able to endure when all forms of communication, defense, and comforts suddenly evaporate and one must become creative and display high levels of intestinal fortitude to make it back from behind enemy lines.

In a parallel vein, once a person is born-again God begins the selection of what tests and trials will be allowed to refine the character and mold the new lump of clay.  The Potters wheel begins to spin and If one can keep this long range outlook, then the ability to endure the fiery trials of character prunnings can be more readily passed and thus one can become pure gold for the Masters use.  One must keep focused on this end result or you could become shipwrecked in your faith walk and enter the unbelief zone of confusion and despair.

For over 30 years of Holy Ghost ministry, the #1 urgent request I receive from developing warriors is the prayer request for DIRECTION!  I really enjoy encouraging believers and strengthening their faith as the Holy Spirit lifts them above the twilight zones of confusion/fear.  But lately, I have seen a pattern of confusion grip many warriors who should by now be not feeding on milk, but rather on the strong meat of God’s Word!  They should be teaching and training others instead of perpetually being so co-dependent on a person, pulpit, place, fellowship, channel, etc…   The time has come for His Bride to get off the consumer diet of self help “improvement” teachings and learn to go off the grid and find His Personal Feeding Zone!  ALONE!!!

So what is so scary about going SOLO with the Holy Ghost for a season and seek His Face until He metamorphosies your 5 senses into hibernation and instead you see with new thermal/night vision spectrum of Hebrews 11 Faith!?  Why is it when things go “bad” that one has to run to a “prophetic” ministry for a word of direction when you can go direct to the source of all direction and council in your own private secret feeding zone?!  He has been investing alot of time into your Special Forces diet of knowing how to go SOLO with Him when all others around you stay on the carnal binge of worldliness!

If you are facing a huge major mega life altering decision in your life please understand that everything you have gone thru up until now has been training you to hear and obey His Perfect will!  If you have been doing your DD (due diligence) and homework then you are prepared to go solo behind enemy lines and endure this test…and thrive!    You will hear His perfect will and so don’t be so fearful of missing Him!   He is with you more than your 5 senses can comprehend!  Don’t go by feelings but rather His wisdom of Proverbs 8/ James 3!   Glory to God!!!

So to encourage your faith, we have put together a short video to get you into the sweet spot of His perfect will!   Enjoy!!!

In His service for your faith,



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