Shalom Fellow Warriors,

Big events here in Israel this late Spring with Holocaust Rememberance Day and then Independence Day.  While the Holocaust deniers (majority of the Muslim world), keep ranting and raving against Zionism, we are getting ready for a major Gog/Magog war right out of the Book of Ezekiel!  No time to waste with lazy binges of apathy and worldliness like what blanketed Pre-WW2 European societies!  Must keep training and getting fine tuned to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit leading us into protection and amazing exploits!  Big harvest is building out here!

We have put together another video for you mighty warriors that will keep you focused on not getting any callous blindness in your hearts and minds!  Must keep running this race of faith and not grow weary in well doing!

Enjoy the teaching and remember us when you desire to send supply drops for Israel in this late hour!  We have very exciting doors opened and ready to begin new outreaches!   GLORY TO GOD!!!  I just love fighting here in Israel for Yeshua!!!

In His service for your faith,



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