Shalom Fellow Warriors,

The last several years interfacing and serving the Special Forces community in Israel and the USA has been so amazing.  Massive doors of favor have opened for us that allows tight comradery and fellowship with these stealth warriors and their families.  The set time has dawned upon this ministry to pick up the pace as new doors are opening like never before as Israel faces the building of the Gog/Magog forces on our Northern border.

Outside of the demands of stealth counter-terror operations and physical fitness training/racing is the need for “downtime” to recover and recharge our physical temples.  The majority of the Special Forces warriors I know who are not saved yet, like to escape into activities that bring carnal “happiness” and thus try to forget the stress of battle.   And this is where we as a ministry come in to unveil to them yet another secret weapon –  The Pre-Genesis Mystery of Frolicking!  It was written about by Solomon and is a great fishing lure for those who are battle weary!
Proverbs 8 is one of the most amazing portals into the Pre-Genesis world before God created the heavens and the earth.  In this chapter we see amazing imagery of what was the activity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit by the Hebrew word usage for rejoicing in vs 30-31.  The word is the root of Issac (laughter) and actually does not mean to just rejoice but to laugh, frolic and PLAY!  Revolutionary if you can open your heart to this!!!

We are comforting His people with these frolicking streams in stealth security places few are allowed to go!  Thank you for helping us with fresh supply drops of provision in this crucial time!  The best way to fight terror here is to get the warriors so intoxicated in His joy and frolicking that they become supernatural warriors like David’s mighty men!

Enjoy this short teaching video and may you too discover the Mystery of Heavenly frolicking and playing with Abba!

In His service for your faith,