Heading Image: Hungry lions stalking prey

Shalom Fellow Warriors,

Mega Blessings and Shalom to you!

As I sit here in the glory haze of His presence in the shahar blackness of the predawn hour I’m just overwhelmed at the wisdom of ABBA!  For more than two decades, we have been sounding the shofar (trumpet) throughout the Western secular nations to acquire His battle plan of wisdom and therefore be ready for momentous conflicts to be unfolding in these last days.  Well these days are now upon us and the casualty rate (due to indifference/stupidity) among those who call themselves believers has been very high.   And the most alarming aspect of this current battle we all are in is the scope of the indifference and “fog of war” many believers are now walking in!   It is high time to wake up and be sober because the enemy is walking about as a stealth big cat predator looking for prey to devour!

“Be of sober spirit, be on the alert.  Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”  (I Peter 5:8 NASB)

Therefore, I will list one action response each week that one needs to do to keep from being unsuspecting prey and devoured by the stratagems of the enemy.  ABBA’s great desire is that He wants you to be humble warrior/hunters in this late hour and able to pull your own weight in the battle and thus be mature disciplined champions!  HE WANTS YOU TO STALK AND DESTROY THE ENEMY THAT IS STALKING YOU (Romans 16:19-20)!  ALL GLORY TO HIS NAME!!!

1)  Get up early in the predawn blackness of the morning and worship!

This is not the time to pull out your grocery lists of prayer requests and seek His hand of provision.  This is the first fruits offering of the day to receive His stealth resurrection power by seeking His FACE and dying to self!   Then once your positioned in the preliminary atmospherics of Gethsemane death of His secret place and receive His fresh manna of approval (i.e fresh oil), then you can move forward into supplication and prayer.  How will you know you have the fresh oil of His approval?  YOU WILL KNOW…..It is that simple and if you are truly a lover of truth you already know His touch!

IDF Special Operations Warriors stalking the enemy


Of course your grocery lists of prayer requests will now be a lot shorter because some of those things will be no longer be important due to seeing how carnal (self serving) those requests really were in this His new light of death to self!  Then once you are all cleaned up in your brain from these carnal drives and requests …now is the appointed time to open up the Scriptures and read until He starts reading you!  And then STOP!  As soon as His text starts reading you (whether it be correction or encouragement), then stop and meditate on it (not analyze it logically) for the purpose of ACTION (stepping out of the boat onto the water)!  You don’t have to finish the whole Bible chapter out rote or curiosity for more information like reading the newspaper.  This is not informational reading but devotional reading!  So don’t let that mustard seed rhema He just highlighted to your soul like a still small voice be evaporated by curiosity of what the remainder of the chapter says!  Park on that resurrected Word and don’t move!  Ponder on it all day as your work and do your errands!

This Word that looked like just black ink on rice paper is now your sword of The Spirit for the upcoming battle just around the corner (Eph. 6:17)!   Now you are ready for the heavy artillery of effective intercession and warfare for later in the day!

Stay tuned in for Part 2 next week…..

In His service for your faith,