Shalom Fellow Warriors, 

Mega Blessings and Shalom to you!

As I sit here in the glory haze of His presence in the shahar blackness of the predawn hour I’m just overwhelmed at the wisdom of ABBA!  For more than two decades, we have been sounding the shofar (trumpet) throughout the Western secular nations to acquire His battle plan of wisdom and therefore be ready for momentous conflicts to be unfolding in these last days.  Well these days are now upon us and the casualty rate (due to indifference/stupidity) among those who call themselves believers has been very high.   And the most alarming aspect of this current battle we all are in is the scope of the indifference and “fog of war” many believers are now walking in!   It is high time to wake up and be sober because the enemy is walking about as a stealth big cat predator looking for prey to devour!

“Be of sober spirit, be on the alert.  Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”  (I Peter 5:8 NASB)

Therefore, I will list one action response each week that one needs to do to keep from being unsuspecting prey and devoured by the stratagems of the enemy.  ABBA’s great desire is that He wants you to be humble warrior/hunters in this late hour and able to pull your own weight in the battle and thus be mature disciplined champions!  HE WANTS YOU TO STALK AND DESTROY THE ENEMY THAT IS STALKING YOU (Romans 16:19-20)!  ALL GLORY TO HIS NAME!!!

3)  Ask For The Heads Of The Little Foxes

As you emerge from your early morning waiting times in His Nearness, realize that the enemy is on the run already (whether you don’t feel or see it), and his only recourse to stop a praying obedient believer out of the Secret Place is now to DELAY you in your daily mission.

Keep on the alert and very sensitive to the inner witness (green light velvety peaceful feeling inside) to which projects, people, emails, chores, errands, etc…, that you are about to engage in.  Why?  Because that “somebody” suddenly calling you could be a plant of the enemy to DISTRACT you onto a fruitless path/endeavor!  The enemy is fiercely working behind the scenes to get you divided, distracted, disorganized.  Notice the prefix here “di”, which means two.  All he has to do is get you in “two” paths simultaneously and thus slow you down and waste time that could be used for ABBA’s perfect operational plan for your day!  Pay sober attention to this and listen to the Holy Spirit within!

Look at this text from the bridal chamber Secret Place of the Master and His Bride.

“Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that are ruining the vineyards.  While our vineyards are in blossom.”  (Song of Solomon 2:15 NASB)

You have spent the first fruits of the morning with Him in His Secret Place and now you are beginning your day of earthly activity…don’t get distracted by the little foxes who have come to prey on your new blossoming love for HIM!!!

Ask for the heads of these wiley foxes and steamroll forward to only follow HIS voice!

IDF Special Operations Warriors stalking the enemy

Stay tuned in for part 4 next week…..

In His service for your faith,Scott