Shalom Fellow Warriors, 

Mega Blessings and Shalom to you!

As I sit here in the glory haze of His presence in the shahar blackness of the predawn hour I’m just overwhelmed at the wisdom of ABBA!  For more than two decades, we have been sounding the shofar (trumpet) throughout the Western secular nations to acquire His battle plan of wisdom and therefore be ready for momentous conflicts to be unfolding in these last days.  Well these days are now upon us and the casualty rate (due to indifference/stupidity) among those who call themselves believers has been very high.   And the most alarming aspect of this current battle we all are in is the scope of the indifference and “fog of war” many believers are now walking in!   It is high time to wake up and be sober because the enemy is walking about as a stealth big cat predator looking for prey to devour!

“Be of sober spirit, be on the alert.  Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”  (I Peter 5:8 NASB)

Therefore, I will list one action response each week that one needs to do to keep from being unsuspecting prey and devoured by the stratagems of the enemy.  ABBA’s great desire is that He wants you to be humble warrior/hunters in this late hour and able to pull your own weight in the battle and thus be mature disciplined champions!  HE WANTS YOU TO STALK AND DESTROY THE ENEMY THAT IS STALKING YOU (Romans 16:19-20)!  ALL GLORY TO HIS NAME!!!

4)  Entitlement Driven “Friendships” Are Useless Friendships

Solomon prophesied in the Hebrew wisdom literature that “Wealth adds many friends” (Proverbs 19:4).  I have seen this firsthand the last 8 years as when miraculous financial provision has come in that suddenly it attracts “friendships” like bees to honey.  Nothing is more true to this statement than the way believers will try to snuggle up closer to you and charm you when what they really want is a large offering!  It is disgusting and covetousness on steroids!  It takes a lot of time and great discernment to really see thru the heart motivation that person is operating in.  Usually the best test is to see who hangs around you and is a true loyal friend when dry/lean times come (LOL)!

The predatory tactics of the enemy is to get you cornered into a situation/partnership/alliance with his wandering black clouds or “angels of light” (Jude).  If that doesn’t work then he looks for carnal, sin laden, backslidden believers who are in love with money more than anything else.  This greedy root of evil is the terror adversary’s main predatory staging ground to snare believers into his service.  The way he does this delusion is thru entitlement just like he did with Eve in the Garden.  She felt entitled to eat and know things that were forbidden to her!  The same holds true today of this love of self in a secular humanistic narcissism worldview that dominates our culture today.  People feel entitled to have what you have because their desire is only themselves!

In this late hour of wickedness it is paramount to divide your friendships into four categories just like Jesus our Commander and Chief did.  He had the 3, then the remaining 9 (of the 12), then the 70, and then the multitudes.  The multitudes he healed but did not trust them.  The 70 he equipped and sent out but not privy to his closeness.  The 12 were His second closet circle, then the inner circle was the 3 (Peter, James, John).

If you are wise in this hour you will audit your friendships in a like manner lest they become a snare for you and make you easy prey for the predatory stalks of the enemy.

IDF Special Operations Warriors stalking the enemy


Stay tuned in for part 5 next week…..

In His service for your faith,
PS,  ACTS OF KINDNESS OPEN EYES OF BLINDNESS!    We are getting requests this week from the special units we work with that they are in need of “items” to make their stay in Gaza more safe and comfortable as they destroy the underworld terror tunnel system of the enemy.  $294,000.00 would be a great beginning of getting these warriors the “items” needed ASAP!  We are ready to go shopping to purchase these “items” and hand deliver them in our 4×4 ministry vehicles at the front lines…..  See the link below for donations!   Mega Shalom to you’ll!
Also we have had requests on what else can partners do to bless this ministry.  Well the next thing we would like to do is pay off the mortgage on our USA office property and be debt free.  We owe only $169,669.78 on this office property and thank you for helping with this!

Here is our unit badge for the new team of Judges here in the ME!